Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May 14th, 2013 - Italian wines - hosted by Ms. Deb & Mr. Jaffett

May 14th, 2013 - Italian wines - hosted by Ms. Deb & Mr. Jaffett at Sherlocks Wine Merchant 

Theme:  Italian Wines, these wines were selected by Tyler himself, TWITs attendees just need to bring $20/person, and ensure they are RSVP'd so we can be certain to have enough wine for everyone. Also, this event starts at 6:30pm ET, not our usual 7pm, so please keep that in mind.

TWITs Tasting Notes:
Welcome Wine:  NV Borgo del Col Alto - Prosecco - $10.99
11% alcohol
light, nutty, beautifully viscous, almonds, clear/pale straw color

1) 2010 Mormoraia Vernaccia (San Gimagnano) - $12.99
12.5% alcohol - 100% Vernaccia
Mormoraia started making wine in the 1970s.  Stretches out over 90 hectares of land, 30 of which are cultivated as vineyards in the heart of Tuscany in San Gimagnano (San Jimmy-NA-no) in stainless steel.  Straw yellow in color, this vino offers intense fresh fruity aromas, with hints of hawthorn and apples.  On the palate it remains harmonious, balanced, and persistent with a pleasantly sour finish.

2) 2011 Pra Soave (Veneto) - $14.99
13% alcohol - 100% Garganega (Gar-ga-NAY-ga)
Pra has been making (biodynamic) wines since the early 1980s.  Sitting on white soils deriving from chalky rock, ancient clay, ,and marine sand.  La Morandina is located on rubble and schist that envelops the fine from the trunks to the roots as they burrow down in their search for water.  Water preserves the plant and gives it the essential minerals needed for making wines with elegance and complexity in their aromas.  100% Garganega, the wine is fermented and matured in stainless steel vats.  Aromas of hawthorn and jasmine are particularly prominent, as are exotic yellow and white fruits, such as peach and apricots.  On the palate, the wine is medium bodied and flavorsome, full of fruit, with clear mineral notes.

3) 2009 Barberani Orvieto (Umbria) - $13.99
13% alcohol - Varietals:  Trebbiano Procanico, Grechetto, Verdello, Malvasia, Drupeggio
The Barberani family started making wine in 1961.  This is the area of production of the wine also named Orvieto, one of the oldest and most prestigious wines, also called "Classic".  There are 100 hectares, 55 of which are made of vineyards.  the soil combination: volcanic, sedimentary, and limestone-argilaceous soils.  Produced by an accurate quality selection in our vineyards, it expresses all the potential of an area extremely suitable for grape production.  GRAPES:  Trebbiano Procanico, Grechetto, Verdello, Malvasia, Drupeggio brilliant.  Straw-yellow color, fruity, with an intense and complex bouquet mineral and persistent.  It has natural drinkability and structure.

4) 2008 Mormoraia Chianti (Tuscany, San Gimagnan) - $12.99
13.5% alcohol - 100% Sangiovese
Mormoria intense ruby color.  Aromas of ripe fruit, spices, plum, and tobacco.  Ample Sangiovese flavors with soft tannins and a persistent and satisfying finish.  Best with grilled meat, meat stews, soup, cold cuts, and aged cheeses.

5) 1998 Sant'Elena Ros di Rol (Fruili) - $21.99
13% alcohol - 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 50% Merlot
Sant'Elena was founded in the late 19th century.  Dominic Nocerino purchased the estate in the 1980s.  The Sant'Elena estate has a surface of approximately 40 hectares in a single plot.  Our wines are made with tremendous care and a dedication to quality that starts in the vineyards with the cultivation and maintenance of the grapes.  Sant'Elena is situated at the intersection of the cold continental air flows from the east and the Sirocco (Mediterranean) winds from the south.  This climatic alteration proves positive in terms of thermal variation, while the Giulie Alps mountain range protects the vineyards from the icy winds of the north.  50% Cabernet Sauvignon 50% Merlot, done in French oak for 18 months.

6) 2003 Fattoria Paradiso Barbarossa (Emilia-Romagna) - $29.99
14% alcohol - 100% Barbarossa
The estate dates back to the 15th century.  The current family purchased the estate in the 1990s and changed the name.  There's a total of 80 hectares. all of which are vines.  The wine is 100% Barbarossa, only to be founded on the Fattoria Paradiso Estates.  Its aged 3 years in Slavonian oak, 6 months in barrique, 12 months in the bottle.  Intense and persistent, reminiscent of wilted rose and sweet violet.  Dry, frank, and generous, firm structure in a soft, velvet texture, full of character on the palatte. Discovered in 1955, the ancient vineyard had been out of production for 150 years.  The name honors the red-bearded German Emperor Frederick.