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Holiday TWITs & Blanc Elephant Gift Exchange - Thursday, December 5th, 2019 - hosted by Abbie & Matt
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Wines TWITs have tried so far:

2019 (11 years of TWITs)
January - no host
February - rescheduled
March - The World of Alternative White Wines - hosted by Crissy & Steve
April - no host
May - no host
June - no host
July - Closed TWITs
August - TWITs (Almost) Farewell Party - hosted by Abbie & Matt
September - paused - going to a quarterly format
October - We Aren't Done Yet - hosted by Vicki
November - paused - going to a quarterly format
December - Holiday TWITs & Blanc Elephant Gift Exchange - hosted by Abbie & Matt

---------------------------------------------------------   PREVIOUS YEARS  -------------------------------------------------------------------------

January - ?
February - ?
March - ?
April - Malbec - hosted by Ms. Shannon
May - Grenache - hosted by Ms. Abbie
June - Pinot Grigio - hosted by Ms. Amanda
July - Chianti - hosted by Ms. Jane
August - Reisling - hosted by Ms. Mina
September - Monastrell - hosted by Ms. Sarah
October - Rioja - hosted by Ms. Abbie
November - Petite Sirah - hosted by Ms. Jennifer
December - no wine club this month

January - Champagne - hosted by Ms. Jane
February - Organic Red Wines with No Sulfites Added - hosted by Ms. Abbie
March - ISAW Wines - hosted by Ms. Mina
April - Pinot Noir from Willamette Valley Oregon - hosted by Ms. Elizabeth K.
May - Sauvignon Blanc - hosted by Ms. Elizabeth
June - Nero D'Avola - hosted by Ms. Shannon
July - no wine club this month
August - Viognier - hosted by Ms. Deb & Ms. Jennifer
September - Tempranillo - hosted by Ms. Elizabeth K.
October - Barbera - hosted by Ms. Mina
November - Gamay/Beaujolais - hosted by Ms. Abbie
December - Holiday Sparkling Wines - hosted by Ms. Sarah

January - Wine & Cheese Pairings - hosted by Ms. Jane
February - ISAW Foundation Tasting at Emily Amy Gallery - hosted by ISAW, EAG, and the TWITS
March - no wine club this month
April - Chilean Wines - hosted by Ms. Abbie
May - Pinot Noir - hosted by Ms. Deborah & Ms. Jennifer
June - Pinot Grigio - hosted by Ms Marilyn
July - no wine club this month
August - Rose - hosted by Ms Abbie
September - cancelled

October - Prosecco - hosted by Ms Kat
November - no wine club this month
December - Sparkling Wines - hosted by Ms Abbie

January - no wine club this month
February - South African Wines - hosted by Ms Abbie
March - North Georgia Winery Tour
April - no wine club this month
May - no wine club this month
June - Le Caveau tasting 6/4/11
July - Le Caveau tasting 7/3/11
August - Spanish Wines - hosted by Ms. Abbie
September - no wine club this month
October - no wine club this month
November - French Red Wines - hosted by Ms. Abbie
December - Australian or South African Shiraz/Syrah - hosted by Ms. Marilyn

January - Tempranillo - hosted by Ms. Ardela
February - Tuscan Wines - hosted at Le Caveau
March - Garnacha - hosted by Ms. Leslie
April - Georgia Mountain Wineries Bus Tour - TWITs Event
May - Bottleshock Movie Night - hosted by Mr. Janssen
June - Arizona Wines & Blood Into Wine Documentary Viewing - hosted by Le Caveau & Prime Wine & Spirits
July -Rose - hosted by Mr. Janssen
August - Wine to Water Charity Event - hosted by Ms. Deb
September - Chianti - hosted by Ms. Susan
October - ISAW Foundation Wines - hosted by Ms Ardela
November - Gamay & Beaujolais Nouveau - hosted by Ms. Marilyn
December -Christmas Cabernet - hosted by Ms. Abbie & Mr. Matt

January - Le Caveau and Joe Herrig - New Wines for 2013
February - Vino Venue - Try the Enomatic Wine Tasting System
March - Bordeaux Wines - hosted by Ms. Val and Mr. Rheinallt
April - Pinot Noir - hosted by Ms. Kathy and Mr. Jamie
May - Italian Wines - hosted by Ms. Deb and Mr. Jaffett
June - I Don't Always Drink White Wine, but When I Do, I Drink This - hosted by Ms Abbie and Mr Matt
July - Le Caveau Blind Tasting of Natural Wines - hosted by Ms Melissa and Mr Les
August - Argentine Wines - hosted by Ms Abbie and Mr Matt
September - Holiday Dinner Wine Pairings - hosted by Ms. Kim and Mr. Alan
October - TWITs GA Winery Tour - TWITs event
November - Cabernet Franc - hosted by Ms Marilyn
December - Languedoc Wines - hosted by Mr Matt and Ms Abbie

January - Syrah - hosted by Ms Jacki & Mr Santi
February - A Red Wine You Love - hosted by Ms Abbie & Mr Matt
March - we ended up postponing February's tasting into March, so we covered both months already.
April - Tomfoolery Tasting - hosted by Ms Jackie & Mr Santiago
May - Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa or Sonoma & Pool Party - hosted by Ms Lynn & Mr Brian
June - La Dolce Vita!  Favorite Italian Wines hosted by Ms Kathy & Mr Jamie
July - German & Austrian Wines - hosted at Le Caveau 
August - Chardonnay - hosted by Ms. Ardella
September - TWITs Takeover Southbound - hosted by Southbound Restaurant
October - Spanish Red Wines - hosted by Ms. Abbie & Mr. Matt
November - Rhone Wines - hosted by Ms. Valerie and Mr. Rheinallt
December - Sparkling Wines- hosted by Ms. Marilyn

January -Winter White Wines - hosted by Ms Abbie & Mr Matt
February - we skipped February
March - Volcanic Wines - hosted by Ms. Karin and Mr. Joshua
April - Eastern European Wines - hosted by Mr Matt and Ms Abbie
May - Loire Valley Wines - hosted by Mr. Rheinallt and Ms. Val
June - Rose - hosted by Mr. Janssen
July - Australian Wines - hosted by Ms Kat and Ms Angela
August - Basque Wines and a Game - hosted by Ms Deb and Mr Jaffet at Le Caveau
September -Red Wines of the Piedmont - hosted by Abbie & Matt
October - we skipped but Abbie had a Serendipitous Encounter with Jancis Robinson!
November - Au Rendezvous Bistro - hosted by Abbie & Matt
December - Oregon "Pick Your Pinot" - hosted by Ms. Marilyn

January - Farewell to Marnie @ Kaleidoscope
February - Greek Wines - hosted by Abbie & Matt
March - White Burgundy Wines - hosted at Le Caveau Fine Wines
April - Uruguay and Brasil: the Overlooked South American Wine Country - co-hosted by Joshua & Karin and Deb & Jaffet
May - Pet-Nat Wines - hosted by Ms. Lauren
June - skipped June
July - Shining Stars Charity Wine Tasting - hosted by Marilyn with Randall & Karen of Marietta Wine Market
August - Albarino - hosted by Abbie & Matt
September - Georgia Mountain Winery Bus Tours - hosted by Marietta Wine Market
October - Spooky-good-to-be-true Bargain Bin Wines - hosted by Deb & Jaffet @ Le Caveau Fine Wines
November - Zinfandel on the Porch Tasting - hosted by Ms. Kathy & Mr. Jamie
December - Naughty or Nice Nebbiolo - hosted by Ms Abbie & Mr Matt

January - Bodega Renacer Wine Tasting & Barrel Painting - hosted at Vino Venue
February - Burgundy - hosted by Val and Rheinallt
March - City Wine & Spirits Tasting with Deb & Jaffet
April - Earth Day Wine Tasting hosted by Ms. Vicki & Ms. Lane
May - Wines from Women Wine Producers hosted by Abbie & Matt
June - TWITs takeover Southbound - hosted by Big Mike
July - Skipped
August - Arizona Wines & Blood Into Wine Documentary Viewing - hosted by Abbie & Matt Lane
September - Lesser Known Italian Wines - Brookhaven Wines
October - Skipped
November - Tempranillo & Tapas - hosted by Rachel & Chris
December - Benefit for Vineyards Damaged in California Wildfires - hosted by Abbie & Matt Lane

2018 (celebrating a decade of TWITs!)
January - skipped
February - Wine & Chocolate - hosted by Steve & Crissy
March - TWITs 10 year Anniversary - hosted by Abbie & Matt
April - Chianti - hosted by Vicki & Lane
May - The Judgement of Paris - hosted by Chad & Christy
June - Pool Party and Cookout - hosted by Ms. Crystal
July - skipped
August - Chardonnay Showdown - hosted by Matt & Abbie
September - skipped
October - Autumn Reds - hosted by Rachel & Chris
November - Bring Your Favorite Holiday Wine - hosted by Kathy & Jamie
December - Wines of Portugal & Blanc Elephant Exchange - hosted by Matt & Abbie

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Holiday TWITs and Annual Blanc Elephant Gift Exchange - 2019

Holiday TWITs and Annual Blanc Elephant Gift Exchange - 2019
hosted by Mr Matt & Ms Abbie
Thursday, December 5th, 2019

TWITs should bring $20/pp to cover the cost of the wines.


Tasting Notes:

Friday, October 11, 2019

TWITs - We Aren't Done Yet - Red Wines from Washington State - October 12th, 2019

TWITs - "We Aren't Done Yet" - Red Wines from Washington State - October 12th, 2019

Hosted by Ms. Vicki

  • Turkey Chili
  • Spicy Cornbread & Regular Cornbread
  • Baked Brie
  • Pate & Crackers
  • Manchego & Crackers
  • Foie Gras with Cranberry bread
  • Roasted Carrots with Balsamic glaze
  • Braised Oxtail Lasagna
  • Apple Pie Bites
  • Salted Chocolate Bites

Tasting Notes: 
Welcome Wine:  NV Domaine Ste. Michelle Brut - Columbia Valley ~ $13
Varietals:  Blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier,
12.3% alcohol

1) 2016 Andrew Will Merlot - Vashon, Washington, Columbia Valley - $38 @ Ansley Wine Merchant,  100% Merlot,
14.5% alcohol
powdered chocolate, herbacious, baking chocolate, smooth, rustic rough edges, touch of tannins, good starter wine, goes w lasagna perfectly, sage

2) 2014 J. Bookwalter "Readers" Merlot ~ $20 @ Hinton Wine Store
80% Merlot, 12% Cabernet Sauvignon, 6% Cabernet Franc, 2% Syrah,
14.8% alcohol,
spicy, peppery, slides across the tongue, dark chocolate, good viscosity, pairs with cheese

3) 2015 Double Canyon Cabernet Sauvignon - $25 @ Toco Giant
14% alcohol
light, fruity, sweetness, fruits, bitter finish, cherries, chocolate, soft, needs food pairing

4) 2015 Sineann Cabernet Sauvignon - Columbia Valley ~$34 @ Ansley Wine Merchant
14.2% alcohol
green chile nose, licorice, toasted coconut, like sun tanning oil, sea oats, volcanic ash on after-taste, burnt, charred wood, graphite, minerality,

5) 2017 Stormchaser - Wild Ride Red Blend - $7 @ Aldi's
13.2% alcohol
no nose, cherry pie, manure, bitter, luscious, soft

6) 2014 Hedges Family Estate - Descendants Leigeois Dupont - Red Mountain Syrah - $28.99 @ Brookhaven Wines
14.5% alcohol
fruit forward, opens up with caramel chocolate, some spice, not too much, delicious, pairs with the turkey chili and cornbread

Saturday, August 10, 2019

TWITs (almost) Farewell Party - August 10th, 2019

TWITs (almost) Farewell Party

Cheese & Honey 
Caprese Salad 
Shrimp cocktail in filo cups 
Baked Tomatoes & Bell Peppers
Winey Briny Pickles
Stuffed mushrooms 
Tuscan Rubbed Pork Butt 
Strawberries dipped in chocolate 
La Béte Noir (flourless chocolate cake)

NV Gruet Brut 12%
2016 Schramsberg Blanc de Blancs 12.3%
2018 Lynmar Estate Rosé of Pinot Noir 14.1%
NV Albino Armani Extra Dry Rosé 11%
2018 Winesmith Grenache Dry Rosé Santa Cruz Mountains Bates Ranch 12.9%
2016 Anne Amie Amrita Cuvée Williamette Valley 12.7%
2012 Ambyth Estate Syrah Paso Robles 12.8%
2016 Tenuta Di Ghizzano “Il Ghizzano” 13.5%
2012 Schweiger Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Spring mountain Napa 14.9%
2013 Joel Gott “Gott 13” Cabernet Sauvignon 14.1%
2016 Big Six Bourbon Barrel Aged Zinfandel 15.6%
2016 Storyteller “Got Away” Cabernet Sauvignon 14.1%
2017 White Hall Vineyards “Edichi” Monticello dessert wine 17%

Cheese & Honey paired with the 2016 Schramsberg Blanc de Blancs and 2018 Lynmar Estate Rosé of Pinot Noir
Ceviche paired with NV Gruet Brut
Winey Briny Pickles paired with NV Albino Armani Extra Dry Rosé
Stuffed mushrooms paired with 2018 Winesmith Grenache Dry Rosé
Shrimp cocktail in filo cups paired with 2016 Anne Amie Amrita Cuvée
Caprese Salad paired with 2012 Ambyth Estate Syrah Paso Robles
Baked Tomatoes & Bell Peppers paired with 2016 Tenuta Di Ghizzano “Il Ghizzano” 
Tuscan Rubbed Pork Butt paired with 2012 Schweiger Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon
Strawberries dipped in chocolate paired with 2013 Joel Gott “Gott 13” Cabernet Sauvignon and
2016 Big Six Bourbon Barrel Aged Zinfandel
La Béte Noir (flourless chocolate cake) paired with 2017 White Hall Vineyards “Edichi” Monticello

Saturday, March 16, 2019

The World of Alternative White Wines - Saturday March 16th, 2019

The World of Alternative White Wines - Saturday March 16th, 2019
Hosted by Crissy & Steve

We learned about white wines other than Sauvignon Blancs, Chardonnays, and Pinot Grigio.
The wines were curated for the occasion.  TWITs brough $20/pp to cover the cost of the wines.

Tasting Notes:
Welcome Wine:  NV Borrasca Cava Brut ~ $9
12% alcohol, faint nose, dry, light, delicious.
appetizers: strawberries chips, cheese bites, salamis, crackers.

1) 2017 Boutari Santorini Assyrtiko, Greek ~ $20 @ Total Wine Brookhaven
13.5% alcohol, 100% Assyrtiko
very faint nose, not acidic, melon, thick viscosity, full bodied, very clean, great summer wine.
Food pairing:  Salmon and mango with cream cheese on a cracker.  DELICIOUS!

2) 2016 Sandgrube 13 Chremisa, Gruner Veltliner, Austria ~ $20 @ Total Wine
13.5% alcohol, Gruner Veltliner is the varietal
dry, high acid, very green, medium viscosity, 
Food Pairing:  Homemade Mac n Cheese, garnish with tomatoes or onions and bacon. YUM!

3) 2015 Le Salse Belisario, Verdicchio di Matelia, Italy ~ $20 @ Whole Foods
12.5% alcohol, Verdicchio is the varietal
viscous, green, fresh, almost like a French Chardonnay, moldy cheese like bleu, briny, some bitterness, minerality, woody notes, a nice harshness, a little more grippyness (?) more jagged on your tongue.
Food Pairing:  Pho with a dumpling - FanTASTIC!  I would never have thought to pair an Italian wine with Pho but it works, the basil in the pho really compliments the wine!

4) 2016 Marcel Servin Chablis, France ~$25 @ CostCo
12.5% alcohol, Chardonnay is the varietal (yeah yeah we know we said no Chardonnay but just taste it!)
white burgundy, dried fruit, honey, low acidity, creamy mouth feel.
Food Pairing:  Prosciutto wrapped asparagus

5) 2016 Susana Balbo Crios Torrontes, Argentina ~$15 @ Total Wine
13/5% alcohol, Torrontes is the varietal
smells like almost bad wet laundry but not bad yet, funky, muscadine, spicy, pithy, Hing spice ?
Food Pairing:  Jerk Shrimp. WOW!

6) 2016 Conundrum, California ~ $20
13.2% alcohol, white blend (winery secret)
citrus notes, dry then sweet finish,
Food Pairing:  Chick pea, Coconut, Basil salad.  delicious!!!

7) NV Skyriver Sweet Mead, Washington State ~ $18.99
10.5% alcohol
sweet honey wine, the sacred drink of the gods, descended from heaven then by bees, etc.
bubblegum nose, strawberry flavored lip gloss from Claire's.
Food Pairing:  Tortilla Espanol (potato tortilla with berbere spice - an Ethiopian spice)

Salmon and mango with cream cheese on a cracker

The Mac n Cheese with garnishes of Tomatoes or onions & bacon.  YUM!

Chick pea, Coconut, Basil salad 
Tortilla Espanol (potato tortilla with Berbere (an Ethiopian spice)

Prosciutto wrapped asparagus

Jerk Shrimp

All the yummy foods!

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Wines of Portugal and Blanc Elephant Gift Exchange - December 1st - hosted by Abbie & Matt

Wines of Portugal and Blanc Elephant Gift Exchange - December 1st - hosted by Abbie & MattWHEN:  Saturday, December 1st - 7 pm

THEME:  Wines of Portugal

BRING:  1) TWITs should bring $20/pp cash (or Venmo, Paypal, etc) to cover the cost of the wine.  AND 2) Each person attending should bring 1 wrapped gift under $15 for the Blanc Elephant Gift Exchange.  The gift does not need to be wine related.  We had some hilarious ones last year.

Portugal is a European country and part of the Iberian Peninsula.  Portuguese wine is the result of traditions introduced to the region by ancient civilizations, such as the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Greeks, and mostly the Romans. Portugal started to export its wines to Rome during the Roman Empire. Modern exports developed with trade to England after the Methuen Treaty in 1703. From this commerce a wide variety of wines started to be grown in Portugal. 

While there are 250 varietals in Portugal and many wine regions, we will focus on a sampling of these.  Tonight we will taste wines from Vinho Verde, Alentejo, and Porto e Douro.

The appellation system of the Douro region was created nearly two hundred years before that of France, in order to protect its superior wines from inferior ones. The quality and great variety of wines in Portugal are due to noble castas, microclimates, soils and proper technology.

QWPSR or VQPRD  - Quality Wine Produced in a Specific Region (QWPSR) or VQPRD - Vinho de Qualidade Produzido em Região Demarcada
These are the most protected wine and indicates a specific vineyard, such as Port Wine, Vinhos Verdes, and Alentejo Wines. These wines are labeled D.O.C. (Denominação de Origem Controlada) which secures a superior quality.
IPR - Wines that have more regulations placed upon them but are not in a DOC region fall under the category of Indicação de Proveniência Regulamentada (IPR, Indication of Regulated Provenance)
Regional Wine - Vinho Regional Carries with it a specific region within Portugal.
Table Wines - Vinho de Mesa carries with it only the producer and the designation that it's from Portugal.

Tasting Notes
Welcome wine:  NV Broadbent Vinho Verde $10.99 @ Brookhaven Wines
WINEMAKERS: Bartholomew Broadbent in collaboration with partners in Portugal.  The way to make a proper Vinho Verde is to suppress the malolactic fermentation and inject carbon dioxide at bottling to give the wine its characteristic spritz. We use pneumatic presses for gentle pressing to extract the free run juice and fermentation is around 16°C, which gives a slow fermentation that protects the character of the Loureiro grape. We use a special yeast QA21 which was developed in our vineyards and is now used all over the world. It gives a special character to our wines, which are produced at Quinta de Azevedo.  Bursting with tongue-tingling, spritzy, lemon zest & white peaches
GRAPES: 50% Loureiro, 40% Trajadura, & 10% Pedernã
REGION:  Vinho Verde - This region is mainly in the Minho province and is in the extreme north-west of Portugal. Vinho Verde derived its name from the fact that the grapes used are 'green' meaning slightly under-ripe. Vinho Verde wines are now largely exported, and the most exported Portuguese wines after the Port Wine. The most popular variety in Portugal and abroad are the white wines, but there are also red and more rarely rosé wines.
PAIRINGS: Creamy rice with hunks of cod or monkfish, or shrimp. White Vinho Verde is high in acidity, which makes it ideal for pairing with all forms of seafood, particularly when complimented by a rich sauce or a coating of fried breadcrumbs; pork and potato dishes would also work, etc.

2) 2014 Terra d'Alter Alfrocheiro (Alentejano) $17.99 @ Brookhaven Wines
WINEMAKER:  Peter Bright
GRAPES:  Alfrocheiro is sometimes called the Pinot Noir of Portugal for its smooth, red cherry flavors and sometimes earthy character. Those attributes are found in this cherry-flavored wine with its bright acidity and fruitiness. The whole effect is spoiled by a green edge that shows tight tannins at the end.
REGION:  Alentejo – This region’s wine is produced from grapes planted in vast vineyards extending over rolling plains under the sun which shines on the grapes and ripens them for the production. Some producers of this region still do wine in great potteries as in Roman times
PAIRINGS:  accompanies red meats, roast beef and grilled meats

3) 2013 Terra d’Alter Reserva Tinto $21.99 @ Brookhaven Wines
WINEMAKER:  Peter Bright
GRAPES:  30% Trincadeira, 30% Tinta Caiada, 20% Aragonez, 15% Alicante Bouschet and 5% Petit Verdot.
REGION:  Produced from grapes from the highest region of Alto Alentejo
PAIRINGS:  Beef, Venison, etc.

4) 2013 Quinta Das Carvalhas Douro Tinto $14.99 @ Total Wine
WINEMAKER:  Real Companhia Velha (the oldest wine company of Portugal)
GRAPES:  60% Touriga Nacional, 20% Touriga Franca, 20% Tinta Roriz (Single Estate Varietals, vines are post-phylloxera and a century old).  Decant before drinking
REGION:  Douro (left bank of the Douro River, in Pinhao)
PAIRINGS:  Cold cuts, cheeses

5) NV Porto Kopke Fine Tawny Port $19.99 @ Brookhaven Wines
WINEMAKER:  Pedro Sa, Kopke existed even before there was a Demarcated Region of the Douro. Established in 1638, the oldest Port wine house built an impeccable reputation based on the highest quality. A leader in the production of Port Tawny Colheita wines, including white port, Kopke has a remarkable range of special category Ports, also producing excellent DOC Douro wines.
GRAPES:  Tinta Roriz, Tinta Barroca, Tinto Cão, Touriga Franca
ALCOHOL:  19.5% 
REGION:  Douro.  Port wine vines need to grow in schist rich soil and require a specific micro-climate. It is produced through a unique vinification method. The red varietals are the most common. The wine is produced in the beautiful landscape of the Douro Valley in Alto Douro region, a region that is classified as World Heritage by UNESCO. The wine is exported from the city of Porto, thus acquiring the name Porto (or "Port" in English-speaking countries). There are several varieties of Port wine: some of the most popular are the Tawny, White, Ruby, and Late Bottled Vintage (L.B.V.).
PAIRINGS:  blue cheeses, desserts with caramel, coffee, apricots and dried fruits. caramelized nuts, tiramisu, hazelnut meringue pie and brie cheese.

To pair with the Port (dried fruits, buttermilk blue cheese)