Saturday, November 22, 2014

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Upcoming TWITs Events:  

November 21st, 2014 - Rhone Wines - hosted by Mr Rheinallt and Ms. Valerie - bring $20/person for this tasting

December 2014 (date TBD) - Sparkling Wines - hosted by Ms. Marilyn - bring a bottle of sparkling wine  (from any country, any region, in the world) within the specified price range (Up to $20/bottle for Singles, between $20 - $40/bottle for Couples)

Other fun news:

We once hosted a tasting for "I don't always drink white wine, but when I do I drink this one..." and every guest brought their fave white wine and had to explain why it was their fave. During that evening, Lynn and Brian brought us an infographic to look at, it showed 20 White Wines and the various qualities of each. You can see it here:

So I wrote the artist, Sean Seidell, directly and asked if he also had one for RED wine too. he actually replied to me today! he has an iPhone app coming out soon, and he will be doing the Red Wine Infographic for the holiday season. I am so excited. He does Infographics on more than just Wine items, which is also pretty darn cool. Follow his Facebook page here:

TWITs away from home:
We have a wonderful TWIT living the dream in Napa Valley California.  Ping us if you'd like more information.

We, unfortunately, no longer have a Sister Club based in Orlando, Florida called the TWOTS (The Winos Of The South). However, we do know several fantastic honorary TWITs who live there, ping us if you are traveling to the area and need a fellow wino contact.

Wines TWITs have tried so far:

January - ?
February - ?
March - ?
April - Malbec - hosted by Ms. Shannon
May - Grenache - hosted by Ms. Abbie
June - Pinot Grigio - hosted by Ms. Amanda
July - Chianti - hosted by Ms. Jane
August - Reisling - hosted by Ms. Mina
September - Monastrell - hosted by Ms. Sarah
October - Rioja - hosted by Ms. Abbie
November - Petite Sirah - hosted by Ms. Jennifer
December - no wine club this month

January - Champagne - hosted by Ms. Jane
February - Organic Red Wines with No Sulfites Added - hosted by Ms. Abbie
March - ISAW Wines - hosted by Ms. Mina
April - Pinot Noir from Willamette Valley Oregon - hosted by Ms. Elizabeth K.
May - Sauvignon Blanc - hosted by Ms. Elizabeth
June - Nero D'Avola - hosted by Ms. Shannon
July - no wine club this month
August - Viognier - hosted by Ms. Deb & Ms. Jennifer
September - Tempranillo - hosted by Ms. Elizabeth K.
October - Barbera - hosted by Ms. Mina
November - Gamay/Beaujolais - hosted by Ms. Abbie
December - Holiday Sparkling Wines - hosted by Ms. Sarah
January - Wine & Cheese Pairings - hosted by Ms. Jane
February - ISAW Foundation Tasting at Emily Amy Gallery - hosted by ISAW, EAG, and the TWITS
March - no wine club this month
April - Chilean Wines - hosted by Ms. Abbie
May - Pinot Noir - hosted by Ms. Deborah & Ms. Jennifer
June - Pinot Grigio - hosted by Ms Marilyn
July - no wine club this month
August - Rose - hosted by Ms Abbie
September - cancelled

October - Prosecco - hosted by Ms Kat
November - no wine club this month
December - Sparkling Wines - hosted by Ms Abbie

January - no wine club this month
February - South African Wines - hosted by Ms Abbie
March - North Georgia Winery Tour
April - no wine club this month
May - no wine club this month
June - Le Caveau tasting 6/4/11
July - Le Caveau tasting 7/3/11
August - Spanish Wines - hosted by Ms. Abbie
September - no wine club this month
October - no wine club this month
November - French Red Wines - hosted by Ms. Abbie
December - Australian or South African Shiraz/Syrah - hosted by Ms. Marilyn

January - Tempranillo - hosted by Ms. Ardela
February - Tuscan Wines - hosted at Le Caveau
March - Garnacha - hosted by Ms. Leslie
April - Georgia Mountain Wineries Bus Tour - TWITs Event
May - Bottleshock Movie Night - hosted by Mr. Janssen
June - Arizona Wines & Blood Into Wine Documentary Viewing - hosted by Le Caveau & Prime Wine & Spirits
July -Rose - hosted by Mr. Janssen
August - Wine to Water Charity Event - hosted by Ms. Deb
September - Chianti - hosted by Ms. Susan
October - ISAW Foundation Wines - hosted by Ms Ardela
November - Gamay & Beaujolais Nouveau - hosted by Ms. Marilyn
December -Christmas Cabernet - hosted by Ms. Abbie & Mr. Matt

January - Le Caveau and Joe Herrig - New Wines for 2013
February - Vino Venue - Try the Enomatic Wine Tasting System
March - Bordeaux Wines - hosted by Ms. Val and Mr. Rheinallt
April - Pinot Noir - hosted by Ms. Kathy and Mr. Jamie
May - Italian Wines - hosted by Ms. Deb and Mr. Jaffett
June - I Don't Always Drink White Wine, but When I Do, I Drink This - hosted by Ms Abbie and Mr Matt
July - Le Caveau Blind Tasting of Natural Wines - hosted by Ms Melissa and Mr Les
August - Argentine Wines - hosted by Ms Abbie and Mr Matt
September - Holiday Dinner Wine Pairings - hosted by Ms. Kim and Mr. Alan
October - TWITs GA Winery Tour - TWITs event
November - Cabernet Franc - hosted by Ms Marilyn
December - Languedoc Wines - hosted by Mr Matt and Ms Abbie

January - Syrah - hosted by Ms Jacki & Mr Santi
February - A Red Wine You Love - hosted by Ms Abbie & Mr Matt
March - we ended up postponing February's tasting into March, so we covered both months already.
April - Tomfoolery Tasting - hosted by Ms Jackie & Mr Santiago
May - Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa or Sonoma & Pool Party - hosted by Ms Lynn & Mr Brian
June - La Dolce Vita!  Favorite Italian Wines hosted by Ms Kathy & Mr Jamie
July - German & Austrian Wines - hosted at Le Caveau 
August - Chardonnay - hosted by Ms. Ardella
September - TWITs Takeover Southbound - hosted by Southbound Restaurant
October - Spanish Red Wines - hosted by Ms. Abbie & Mr. Matt
November - Rhone Wines - hosted by Ms. Valerie and Mr. Rheinallt
December - Sparkling Wines- hosted by Ms. Marilyn

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February - 
March -
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July - 
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December - 

Friday, November 21, 2014

Rhone Wines - Friday November 21st, 2014 - Hosted by Ms. Val and Mr. Rheinallt

Rhone Wines - Friday November 21st, 2014 - Hosted by Ms. Val and Mr. Rheinallt

Theme: Rhone Wines
Bring:  TWITs should bring $20 / person to cover the cost of the wines.  Our host and hostess will be hand-selecting the wines for us.
Information: The Rhône wine region in Southern France is situated in the Rhône river valley and produces numerous wines under various Appellation d'origine contrôlée (AOC) designations. The region's major appellation in production volume is Côtes du Rhône AOC.

Tasting Notes:

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Spanish Red Wines - Wednesday October 22nd, 2014 - hosted by Ms.Abbie & Mr. Matt

Spanish Red Wines - Wednesday October 22nd, 2014 - hosted by Ms. Abbie & Mr. Matt

Theme: Spanish Red Wines
Bring:  A bottle of red wine from Spain. This can be a blend, or a single varietal.  We will do our usual blind tasting format for this evening.
Price range: Up to $20/bottle for Singles, between $20 - $40/bottle for Couples
Information: Spanish Varietals.  Spain oaks their wine more than any other country, and Spain is one of the oldest wine producers in the world.
  • Joven (Ho-ven) - no age
  • Crianza (Cree-an-tha) - barrel aged 12 months, then bottle aged 12 months
  • Reserva - barrel aged 12 months, bottle aged 24 months
  • Gran Reserva - barrel aged 36 months, bottle aged 36 months

Tasting Notes:  
Welcome Wine:  2013 Morgadio Rias Baixas Albarino ~ $19.99 @ Le Caveau Fine Wines
12.5% alcohol
light, delightful, tart, slightly viscous finish, dry, great structure, from Western Spain

1) 2008 Dinestia Vivanco, Rioja, Crianza ~ $20-22 @ Le Caveau Fine Wines
13.5% alcohol
deep red fruits, has some heat on it, big oak, vanilla, slight hint of dill, creamy, slightly bitter, dry, that's some big one, almost sweet, sour cherry sweet, cassis, thick, syrupy, luscious, pairs with short ribs well

2) 2004 Casado Morales Gran Reserva Rioja Alvesa $35 @ Total Wine
90% Tempranillo, 10% Graciano, 12.5% alcohol
chill on the oak, more peppery, tart, hits back of the mouth, tar, relaxed, fresher, lighter, burnt caramel, slight acidity, dark cocoa powder, not sweet, palate is more fruity, toasted almonds, RH guesses French oak, says the oak is more subtle.

3) 2009 Vina Sastre, Ribera del Duero, Crianza ~ $30-35 @ Le Caveau Fine Wines
14.5% Alcohol
dark color, port-like, dark, deep and mysterious, Matt says closely related to the first wine but not as long lasting of a finish, French Oak perhaps?  Harsher nose, easy drinking, dry, olive/bitter end notes, brinier, maybe coastal wine? more rustic, not as complex, has some spice

4) 2009 Clos Pissarra, Monsant & Priorat, $29.99 @ Le Caveau Fine Wines
14% alcohol
a bit of perm solution, ammonia, similar to #2, dry, higher alcohol, hits back of the mouth, cherry mouth water on the tongue, the colors are all so deep, this one lets you down a little, the beginning of the palate is nice, soft on tongue, may need food with it? Rh & Deb says it's not ready, not as as well as the others, Matt says it's a good Football game wine, Abbie loves the nose, not going to dump it, Jaffet says it's a great date wine,
Side note: the winemaker is the first American somm to pass the master sommelier on the first try (he did this 15 yrs ago).

5) 2010 Faustino VII Rioja - $8.98 (on sale) @ Kroger
13% alcohol
smells French, a big stinking pile of barnyard, takes my breath away, I could smell it across the room as he was pouring it, maybe Pyrenees terroir?  stinky fart, what the dickens is this? softer, watery in a good way, could drink too easily, vanishes too fast, geosimin? very tart, puckers, I could drink it (more than #4).

Attendees voted that #1 and #2 were our favorites, but Jaffet liked #4 the best.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

TWITs Takeover Southbound - Thursday Sept. 4th, 2014

TWITs Takeover Southbound - hosted by Southbound restaurant in Chamblee

Date:  Thursday, September 4th, 2014 7:30 pm ET

Bring:  TWITs attendees should bring $20/person to cover the cost of the wines.  The Southbound Menu will also be available if you would like to purchase any food.

Theme:  Transition into Autumn

Tasting Notes:

1) 2012 Domaine Mosse 'Magic of Ju Ju' Chenin Blanc
13.5% alcohol
Acidic, hint of freshly grated Parmesan cheese, fruity notes of pear and apple. Hints of live yoghurt. Resembles a Jura wine.  natural wine

2) 2010 Bodegas Gerardo Mendez Albariño Do Ferreiro Rias Biaxis, Galicia Spain
13% alcohol 
Citrus nose, honeydew melon, parm chz, sour cherry, Goes Great w spicy chicken, pickle, Good viscosity,  Matt says Chardonnay from burgundy Sancerre?
Melissa guessed Albariño 

3) 2012 Negretta La Roc Fronton "La Falle Noire d'Ambat" , France near Cahors
13% alcohol 
Funky nose, Maybe a tannat or cab Sauv, stinky oregon pinot? Better on palate than nose, Thick on the mouth, some acidity, spice, Opens up, heat on the nose, Grenache? Syrah? Mourvèdre, Dark syrupy, dirty, earthy, Priorat? From the boot? Cab franc blend, tannat, Hermitage, Sangiovese, Barbera ?

4) 2001 Tempranillo, R Lopez De Heredia, Vina Tondonia Reserva, Rioja Spain 
Thanksgiving, cinnamon, nutmeg, a sweet potato, nice balance, skins of sweet potato, old cabinet, cigar box,
Roasted just out of the oven, a lot of butter, Italian Nebbiolo, dryer than it smells, fruity, dark, love the nose,
Cherries, leather, fruit forward, heat on the nose, it's got grip on the tongue, dill, black olives,  Sangiovese, Italian, Tempranillo, cab?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Chardonnay hosted by Ms. Ardela - Wednesday August 20th, 2014

Chardonnay hosted by Ms. Ardela - Wednesday August 20th, 2014

Theme:  Chardonnay  (can be from any region or country, oaked or unoaked).  We will sort the wines into oaked and unoaked groupings, then blind taste them and unveil each grouping as we go.
Price range: up to $20/bottle for Singles, up to $40/bottle for Couples
For an extra Challenge:  Try to bring a Chardonnay that is not from California.

Ms. Ardela hosted a lovely TWITs, and she even hired a fanTAStic caterer:  Milton L Johnson Jr of  MJ's Exquisite Events! Check out his website for photos of his events, and for hiring information.  Milton did a superb job and the food was delicious!

Tasting Notes:
Welcome Wine:  2010 Tuck Beckstoffer Semper "Ulises" Chardonnay - $35/ bottle
14.8% alcohol 100% Chardonnay
Sonoma Coast, small producer., apple, aged cheese tones, vanilla

1) 2012 Domaine Guillot-Broux, Macon-Villages, Jenny & Francois - $19.99 @ Le Caveau
12% alcohol
The first organic vineyard in Burgundy!
different nose, cloudy, greenish-hues, meek, rather stinky like a cheese, unoaked? French?, unfiltered, organic, guessing Le Caveau, Burgundy style, sharp, guessing its a younger wine, marshmallow on the palate, limestone soil, chalky, light viscosity, late and long legs, soft, acidic and tart at the end, has turbidity, tactile, low priced young Burgundy, easy drinking, almost no flavor, quaffable.

2) 2011 Tapiz Alta Collection Chardonnay, Mendoza Argentina, Jean-Claude Berrouet - $19.99
13.9% alcohol
lighter, citrus nose, honeysuckle, light floral, this actually has a nose!, nice, higher end Burgundy? beautiful, white flowers, some chalkiness, squirt of lemon & lime, tastes of tropical fruit (pineapple), top heavy, bitter after-palate, great summer wine, meadow of flowers, more mature wine, "The turbidity is quaffable" - quote of the day.
the label said: "creamed pear and kiwi"

3) 2012 Chablis, Bel-Air et Clardy, Domaine Alice & Olivier de Moor - $42.99 @ Le Caveau
12.8% alcohol
drier, hits the back of the mouth, a hard left turn (from the last wine), lighter, bigger - woah!, hint of citrus, butter & shortbread, fresh churned amish butter, buttery, viscous, all-around lovely, dry-tart finish, pucker, suggest serving with scallops, tastes like expensive restaurant wine, "perfectly unobtrusive", French but not Burgundy, combo of savory, citrus, bitter, acidity, no oak!  complex, has seen some wood, it's all over the mouth,
"I can smell it in the glass after it's gone," lilac or dill nose in the glass,
We later learned this is Eric's new favorite Chardonnay and it's totally organic, imported by Louis Dressner

4) 2012 Liquid Farm "White Hill" Chardonnay - $42.99 @ Le Caveau
13.8% alcohol, 10% oaked, 100% Chardonnay blended from 7 vineyards: Bent Rock, Zotovich, Kessler-Haak, Rita's Crown, Huber, Radian & Clos Pepe.
lighter, clear, pale straw, diluted ammonia, old lady perfume, Grandma's house, honeydew melon, pineapple, everything is strong, oak-bomb, soft, Sonoma, American Oak? beautifully done oak, very nice, caramelly, toasty, tipicity, recommend pairing with flaky white fish and cream sauce and capers,
Sidenote:  There was some debate about what the label had on it.  Was it a beet?  A kholrabi? a turnip?
go here to read about it.

5)  2007 Côtes du Jura, Les Gaudrettes, Bornard - $33.99 @ Le Caveau
12.5% alcohol, natural wine, some oak (18 mos)
golden, unfiltered, turbidity, aged, urine, petroleum, parmesan cheese, like a Riesling, drier, bubbly fuzzy sweet tarts, essence of menthol on the finish, effervescent for 1 second, a baby crib, ricola, anise, lactic-acid fermented, cough drop, eucalyptus, this is going to be a journey, kefir, natural wine, when there's floaties in the glass it might be unfiltered, "oh Pierre, there you are", fuzzy navel, live yogurt culture, ash, florals, if you closed your eyes and tasted it, it might be a red wine or rose, most complex all evening, similar to #3, French but not Burgundy, layers upon layers, "it's cray-cray", lingering layers, almost a rose.