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Upcoming TWITs Events:  

Wednesday, December 6th, 2017 - Benefit for Vineyards Damaged by California Wildfires - hosted by Abbie & Matt (we will do our annual "Blanc Elephant" gift exchange also)
Other fun news:

We once hosted a tasting for "I don't always drink white wine, but when I do I drink this one..." and every guest brought their fave white wine and had to explain why it was their fave. During that evening, Lynn and Brian brought us an infographic to look at, it showed 20 White Wines and the various qualities of each. You can see it here:

So I wrote the artist, Sean Seidell, directly and asked if he also had one for RED wine too. he actually replied to me today! he has an iPhone app coming out soon, and he will be doing the Red Wine Infographic for the holiday season. I am so excited. He does Infographics on more than just Wine items, which is also pretty darn cool. Follow his Facebook page here:

TWITs away from home:
We have a wonderful TWIT living the dream in Napa Valley California.  Ping us if you'd like more information.

We, unfortunately, no longer have a Sister Club based in Orlando, Florida called the TWOTS (The Winos Of The South). However, we do know several fantastic honorary TWITs who live there, ping us if you are traveling to the area and need a fellow wino contact.

Wines TWITs have tried so far:

January - Bodega Renacer Wine Tasting & Barrel Painting - hosted at Vino Venue
February - Burgundy - hosted by Val and Rheinallt
March - City Wine & Spirits Tasting with Deb & Jaffet
April - Earth Day Wine Tasting hosted by Ms. Vicki & Ms. Lane
May - Wines from Women Wine Producers hosted by Abbie & Matt
June - TWITs takeover Southbound - hosted by Big Mike
July - Skipped
August - Arizona Wines & Blood Into Wine Documentary Viewing - hosted by Abbie & Matt Lane
September - Lesser Known Italian Wines - Brookhaven Wines
October - Skipped
November - Tempranillo & Tapas - hosted by Rachel & Chris
December - Benefit for Vineyards Damaged in California Wildfires - hosted by Abbie & Matt Lane

2018 (celebrating a decade of TWITs!)
January - TBD
February - TBD
March - TBD
April - TBD
May - TBD
June - TBD
July - TBD
August - TBD
September - TBD
October - TBD
November - TBD

December - TBD

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January - ?
February - ?
March - ?
April - Malbec - hosted by Ms. Shannon
May - Grenache - hosted by Ms. Abbie
June - Pinot Grigio - hosted by Ms. Amanda
July - Chianti - hosted by Ms. Jane
August - Reisling - hosted by Ms. Mina
September - Monastrell - hosted by Ms. Sarah
October - Rioja - hosted by Ms. Abbie
November - Petite Sirah - hosted by Ms. Jennifer
December - no wine club this month

January - Champagne - hosted by Ms. Jane
February - Organic Red Wines with No Sulfites Added - hosted by Ms. Abbie
March - ISAW Wines - hosted by Ms. Mina
April - Pinot Noir from Willamette Valley Oregon - hosted by Ms. Elizabeth K.
May - Sauvignon Blanc - hosted by Ms. Elizabeth
June - Nero D'Avola - hosted by Ms. Shannon
July - no wine club this month
August - Viognier - hosted by Ms. Deb & Ms. Jennifer
September - Tempranillo - hosted by Ms. Elizabeth K.
October - Barbera - hosted by Ms. Mina
November - Gamay/Beaujolais - hosted by Ms. Abbie
December - Holiday Sparkling Wines - hosted by Ms. Sarah

January - Wine & Cheese Pairings - hosted by Ms. Jane
February - ISAW Foundation Tasting at Emily Amy Gallery - hosted by ISAW, EAG, and the TWITS
March - no wine club this month
April - Chilean Wines - hosted by Ms. Abbie
May - Pinot Noir - hosted by Ms. Deborah & Ms. Jennifer
June - Pinot Grigio - hosted by Ms Marilyn
July - no wine club this month
August - Rose - hosted by Ms Abbie
September - cancelled

October - Prosecco - hosted by Ms Kat
November - no wine club this month
December - Sparkling Wines - hosted by Ms Abbie

January - no wine club this month
February - South African Wines - hosted by Ms Abbie
March - North Georgia Winery Tour
April - no wine club this month
May - no wine club this month
June - Le Caveau tasting 6/4/11
July - Le Caveau tasting 7/3/11
August - Spanish Wines - hosted by Ms. Abbie
September - no wine club this month
October - no wine club this month
November - French Red Wines - hosted by Ms. Abbie
December - Australian or South African Shiraz/Syrah - hosted by Ms. Marilyn

January - Tempranillo - hosted by Ms. Ardela
February - Tuscan Wines - hosted at Le Caveau
March - Garnacha - hosted by Ms. Leslie
April - Georgia Mountain Wineries Bus Tour - TWITs Event
May - Bottleshock Movie Night - hosted by Mr. Janssen
June - Arizona Wines & Blood Into Wine Documentary Viewing - hosted by Le Caveau & Prime Wine & Spirits
July -Rose - hosted by Mr. Janssen
August - Wine to Water Charity Event - hosted by Ms. Deb
September - Chianti - hosted by Ms. Susan
October - ISAW Foundation Wines - hosted by Ms Ardela
November - Gamay & Beaujolais Nouveau - hosted by Ms. Marilyn
December -Christmas Cabernet - hosted by Ms. Abbie & Mr. Matt

January - Le Caveau and Joe Herrig - New Wines for 2013
February - Vino Venue - Try the Enomatic Wine Tasting System
March - Bordeaux Wines - hosted by Ms. Val and Mr. Rheinallt
April - Pinot Noir - hosted by Ms. Kathy and Mr. Jamie
May - Italian Wines - hosted by Ms. Deb and Mr. Jaffett
June - I Don't Always Drink White Wine, but When I Do, I Drink This - hosted by Ms Abbie and Mr Matt
July - Le Caveau Blind Tasting of Natural Wines - hosted by Ms Melissa and Mr Les
August - Argentine Wines - hosted by Ms Abbie and Mr Matt
September - Holiday Dinner Wine Pairings - hosted by Ms. Kim and Mr. Alan
October - TWITs GA Winery Tour - TWITs event
November - Cabernet Franc - hosted by Ms Marilyn
December - Languedoc Wines - hosted by Mr Matt and Ms Abbie

January - Syrah - hosted by Ms Jacki & Mr Santi
February - A Red Wine You Love - hosted by Ms Abbie & Mr Matt
March - we ended up postponing February's tasting into March, so we covered both months already.
April - Tomfoolery Tasting - hosted by Ms Jackie & Mr Santiago
May - Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa or Sonoma & Pool Party - hosted by Ms Lynn & Mr Brian
June - La Dolce Vita!  Favorite Italian Wines hosted by Ms Kathy & Mr Jamie
July - German & Austrian Wines - hosted at Le Caveau 
August - Chardonnay - hosted by Ms. Ardella
September - TWITs Takeover Southbound - hosted by Southbound Restaurant
October - Spanish Red Wines - hosted by Ms. Abbie & Mr. Matt
November - Rhone Wines - hosted by Ms. Valerie and Mr. Rheinallt
December - Sparkling Wines- hosted by Ms. Marilyn

January -Winter White Wines - hosted by Ms Abbie & Mr Matt
February - we skipped February
March - Volcanic Wines - hosted by Ms. Karin and Mr. Joshua
April - Eastern European Wines - hosted by Mr Matt and Ms Abbie
May - Loire Valley Wines - hosted by Mr. Rheinallt and Ms. Val
June - Rose - hosted by Mr. Janssen
July - Australian Wines - hosted by Ms Kat and Ms Angela
August - Basque Wines and a Game - hosted by Ms Deb and Mr Jaffet at Le Caveau
September -Red Wines of the Piedmont - hosted by Abbie & Matt
October - we skipped but Abbie had a Serendipitous Encounter with Jancis Robinson!
November - Au Rendezvous Bistro - hosted by Abbie & Matt
December - Oregon "Pick Your Pinot" - hosted by Ms. Marilyn

January - Farewell to Marnie @ Kaleidoscope
February - Greek Wines - hosted by Abbie & Matt
March - White Burgundy Wines - hosted at Le Caveau Fine Wines
April - Uruguay and Brasil: the Overlooked South American Wine Country - co-hosted by Joshua & Karin and Deb & Jaffet
May - Pet-Nat Wines - hosted by Ms. Lauren
June - skipped June
July - Shining Stars Charity Wine Tasting - hosted by Marilyn with Randall & Karen of Marietta Wine Market
August - Albarino - hosted by Abbie & Matt
September - Georgia Mountain Winery Bus Tours - hosted by Marietta Wine Market
October - Spooky-good-to-be-true Bargain Bin Wines - hosted by Deb & Jaffet @ Le Caveau Fine Wines
November - Zinfandel on the Porch Tasting - hosted by Ms. Kathy & Mr. Jamie
December - Naughty or Nice Nebbiolo - hosted by Ms Abbie & Mr Matt

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

December - Benefit for Vineyards Damaged by California Wildfires - hosted by Matt & Abbie

December - Benefit for Vineyards Damaged by California Wildfires  - hosted by Matt & Abbie

When:  Wednesday, December 6th, 2017 7:00pm ET

Theme: Benefit for Vineyards Damaged by California Wildfires

Bring:  TWITs should bring 2 items:
1) A wine from a vineyard damaged by the 2017 California Wildfires - within our usual price range (Up to $20/bottle for Single Attendee, between $20 - $40/bottle for Couples, couples only expected to bring 1 bottle per couple)
2) AND wrapped gift for our Annual Blanc Elephant Exchange ($15 suggested price range).

We will take up a collection if anyone wishes to help.  Tax Deductible Donations will go to Habitat For Humanity of Sonoma County (501c3), project "Rebuilding Sonoma County from Wildfire Disaster" - Abbie's employer will match up to $1000 of our donations.

Here is the list of vineyards damaged in the fires: 
Napa County wineries:
Signorello Vineyard
Stags’ Leap Winery
White Rock Vineyards
William Hill Estate Winery
Hagafen Cellars
Helena View Johnston Vineyards
Segassia Vineyard

Sonoma County wineries:
Paradise Ridge Winery
Ancient Oak Cellars
Sky Vineyards
Nicholson Ranch
Chateau St. Jean
Mayo Family Wineries
Gundlach Bundschu Winery

Mendocino County wineries:
Frey Vineyards Winery
Oster Wine Cellars
Golden Vineyards

Tasting Notes:

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

November TWITs - Tempranillo & Tapas - hosted by Rachel & Chris

November TWITs - Tempranillo & Tapas - hosted by Rachel & Chris

Date:  Saturday, November 4th, 2017 - 7pm ET

Theme:  Tempranillo & Tapas
"Wine is sunlight held together by water" - Galileo Galilei
Pronunciation: “Temp-rah-NEE-yo” - Tempranillo is derived from the word temprano, which in Spanish means “early.” Among red varieties in Spain, it’s considered an early ripener. Tempranillo is an easy to find and wildly diverse food-pairing wine that also happens to have great a great flavor profile for its value.

Tempranillo Characteristics: 
  • Fruit: Cherry, plum, tomato, and dried fig 
  • Other: Cedar, leather, tobacco, vanilla, dill, and clove 
  • Oak: Yes; typically aged 6-18 months in American or French Oak 
  • Tannin: Medium-plus tannin 
  • Acidity: Medium-minus acidity 
  • ABV: 13-14.5%

A Brief History of Tempranillo
  • Proof of wine in ancient Spain was discovered in 1972, when archaeologists unearthed a mosaic of the wine god Bacchus at Baños de Valdearados in north-central Spain. Tempranillo may well have been the wine shown in the mosaic because it has been in Spain since 800 BC. 
  • The Phoenicians brought wine to Southern Spain. Tempranillo originated from this area, so it’s quite possible that Tempranillo is related to the ancient Phoenician species in Lebanon.

"Beer is made by men, wine by God" - Martin Luther

Tempranillo Wine Profile: 
Major Regions: Spain (over 80% of vineyards worldwide), Portugal, Argentina, Australia, USA 575,000 acres / 232,700 hectares (2010) 
Common Synonyms:  Tinto del Toro, Tinta Fina, and Tinto del Pais (Spain); Tinta Roriz and Aragonez (Portugal) Other Names Rioja, Valdepeñas, Ribera del Duero

"Wine is the most healthful and most hygienic of beverages" - Louis Pasteur

Tempranillo is known by other names in certain regions:  Albillo Negro, Aldepenas, Aragon, Aragones, Aragonez, Aragonez 51, Aragonez da Ferra, Aragonez de Elvas, Arganda, Arinto Tinto, Cencibel, Cencibera, Chinchillana, Chinchillano, Chinchilyano, Cupani, De Por Aca, Escobera, Garnacho Fono, Grenache de Logrono, Jacibera, Jacibiera, Jacivera, Juan Garcia, Negra de Mesa, Negretto, Ojo de Liebre, Olho de Lebre, Pinuela, Sensibel, Tempranilla, Tempranillo de la Rioja, Tempranillo de Perralta, Tempranillo de Rioja, Tempranillo de Rioza, Tempranillo Rioja, Tinta Aragones, Tinta Corriente, Tinta de Madrid, Tinta de Santiago, Tinta de Toro, Tinta do Inacio, Tinta do Pais, Tinta Fina, Tinta Madrid, Tinta Monteira, Tinta Monteiro, Tinta Roris, Tinta Roriz, Tinta Santiago, Tinto Aragon, Tinto Aragonez, Tinto de la Ribera, Tinto de Madrid, Tinto de Rioja, Tinto de Toro, Tinto del Pais, Tinto del Toro, Tinto Fino, Tinto Madrid, Tinto Pais, Tinto Ribiera, Tinto Riojano, Ull de Liebre, Ull de Llebre, Valdepenas, Verdiell, Vid de Aranda.

"I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food" - W.C. Fields

What does Tempranillo taste like?  Spanish Tempranillo delivers contrasting flavors of leather and cherries. The finer the wine, the more balance there is between earth and fruit. The finish is typically smooth and lingers with the taste of tannin on both sides of your mouth. Tempranillo wines from New World regions, including Argentina, Mexico, and the United States, generally offer more fruit flavors like cherry and tomato-sauce, followed by chunky tannins and less earthy notes. Tempranillo can be characterized as either a medium- to full-bodied, with red fruit characteristics. If you’ve never tried Tempranillo before, you may find it has a similar taste profile to both Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Tempranillo Food Pairing:  Tempranillo pairs well with all types of food because of its savory qualities. Regional Spanish cuisine, which includes roasted vegetables and cured meats, like the lusty Jamón Iberico de Bellota creates an exceptional pairing. However, the wine is diverse and not only pairs with local Spanish food, but it also works well foods from all over the globe. 
▸ Lasagna, pizza and dishes with tomato-based sauces 
▸ Barbecue grilled-meats, smoky dishes 
▸ Grits, polenta, and dishes with corn as a major ingredient 
▸ Mexican food such as tacos, nachos, burritos, and chile rellenos

"Wine is bottled poetry" - Robert Louis Stevenson

▸ Tasting Notes: Sour Cherry, Plum, Spicy Black Pepper and Bay Leaf 
▸ Average cost: $10–20 USD 
▸ Regions: Rioja Crianza, Ribera del Duero Roble and Crianza, Valdepeñas, Tinto de Toro, La Mancha, CastillaLeón, Extremadura 
▸ A juicy and spicy style of Tempranillo that typically receives less than a year of aging. Because wines are not aged long, they are spicy, fleshy and tart. Most value-driven Tempranillo tastes this way and the most well-known example of it is Rioja Crianza. In Central Spain, there are sub-$10 wines which are ideal for traditional Spanish Sangria

"Wine can of their wits the wise beguile, make the sage frolic, and the serious smile." - Homer

Reserva & Gran Reserva:  
▸ Tasting Notes: Cherry, Dried Fig, Vanilla and Cedar 
▸ Average cost: $25–35 USD 
▸ Regions: Rioja Reserva, Ribera del Duero Reserva, Toro Reserva, Aged Castilla-León 
▸ Bold high tannin wines that embellish Tempranillo’s best qualities that are aged for several years in oak and bottle. The aging of Tempranillo softens the variety’s spiciness and flavors become almost sweet and dried. The extended cost of aging explains why this style typically costs more. Keep your eyes peeled for wines labeled with Reserva and Gran Reserva.

*** This year International Tempranillo Day is November 9th, 2017!!! ***

Tasting Notes:
Welcome Wine:  2015 Estylo Puro Albarino ~ $18-19 @ Brookhaven Wines
12% alcohol, 100% Albarino
refreshing, tasted light, great beach wine.

1) 2015 Storyteller Sonoma Cabernet Sauvignon  - $ purchased @ the winery
13.5% alcohol, 100% Cabernet Sauvignon
OOPS this isn't a Tempranillo, but we didn't know that when we tasted it blind.
tomato, dry, cedar note, mineral, chalkiness, "let's just move on"

2) 2008 Dehasa la Granja - $18.99 @ Brookhaven Wines
14% alcohol, 100% Tempranillo
chocolate, perfumey nose, oaky, lighter, leather, velvet pepper finish, cherry, a lot more fruit, graphite,

3) 2012 Gomez Cruzado Haro Rioja Crianza - $20 @ H&F Bottleshop
14% alcohol, 100% Tempranillo
sweeter nose, a lot of pepper, younger than the last one, lighter, clay, high tannin

4) 2010 Vina Alberdi Reserva ~ $20 @ Brookhaven Wines
13.5% alcohol, 100% Tempranillo
leather, tobacco, cherry, pepper, I need this in a perfume, a study filled with books, acidic yet smooth, it has a really good feel in the mouth, velvety,

5) 2015 Campo Viejo Rioja - $12.99 @ Publix
15.5% alcohol, 100% Tempranillo
different nose, smells of cassis, lots of pepper, star anise, licorice, the nose keeps disappearing, tobacco-y, no flavor, it's flat, non-descript, nothing about it finishes, it's a wedding wine - approachable, a stereotypical tempranillo, not amazing.

6) 2010 Gran Reserve Cune ~ $35 @ Total Wine
13.5% alcohol, 100% Tempranillo
black cherry, smooth, mmm, bright red fruit, not as much tannin, apricot, spice @ finish, smooth, fuller taste, rounded, (if you said this was Sangiovese), pairs well with nachos, vanilla on the end, love it on the front but not on the finish, flat on the finish, one of my faves, orange rinds, a bit bitter.

7) 2006 Gran Reserva El Puntido - $40 @ CostCo Brookhaven
14% alcohol, 100% Tempranillo
got grip, tomatoey, peppery, dark, old musty leaves under a rotting log, tomato sauce and plum, got some age, wise old grandmother

8) 2011 Muga Rioja - $35 @ Savvy Provisions
14% alcohol, 100% Tempranillo
peppery, hot nose, very dry, sweet?, cherry bomb, luxardo, got grip, chewy, musty cherry vanilla,

9) 2014 Tinto Pesquera Crianza  - $36.99 @ Brookhaven Wines
14.5% alcohol, 100% Tempranillo
a smack in the face, serious pepper, urine odor, dry, tannic, grass, makes you pucker, I like the taste better than the smell, tart, dip-sticks candy, raisiny, port-thing going on, an olympic swimming pool of tannins, pairs with pepperoncini, green pepper, a pairing wine, needs food.

10) 2012 Ercavio Tempranillo Roble - $12.99 @ Jackie's Bottle Shop
14% alcohol, 100% Tempranillo
orange rind on the nose, vanilla, chocolate, spicy, cinnamon chocolae, cocoa, cherry.

11) 2014 Tridente Tempranillo ~ $15.99
15.5% alcohol, 100% Tempranillo
wow, holy crap, dark mellow fruit, noms, interesting, chewy, got grip, raisins, fruit salad, sangria

Food Pairings:
Patatas Bravas, romesco sauce, jamon, quesos, olives, jamon stuffed rolls, banderillas veggie skewers


Thursday, September 21, 2017

Lesser Known Italian Wines at Brookhaven Wines

Lesser Known Italian Wines 
at Brookhaven Wines

When:  Thursday, September 21st, 2017 - 7:00pm

Bring:  TWITs paid $20/person and everyone brought a potluck side dish to go with the wine

Theme:  Lesser Known Italian Wines - Eddie from Brookhaven Wines curated the wines for us

Lamb Bolognese
Gluten-Free Baguette
Bruschetta Spread
Italian Cheese
Heirloom tomato salad with basil, onion, and balsamic vinegar dressing
Italian Olives
Arancini with spicy tomato sauce

Tasting Notes:
1) NV Cinzia Sommariva Prosecco di Conegliano-Valdobbiadene Superiore
100% Prosecco (Glera), 11.5% alcohol

2) 2014 Benanti Etna Biano
100% Carricante, 12% alcohol
Carricante, grown as alberello (free standing bush). This indigenous vine is cultivated only on Etna. Its name seems to be attributed by the vine-growers of Viagrande because of its characteristics of allowing a good, constant production over the years. The bunches, at ripeness are of average length, usually scattered; the grape is medium-sized with very pruinose skin and a green-yellowish color. 
The pulp is juicy and the taste is simple and sweet.

3) 2015 La Miraja Grignolino D'Asti
100% Grignolino, 13% alcohol
Grignolino is a red-wine grape from the Monferrato hills of Piedmont. The pale red wine that Grignolino grapes produce is a local curiosity (particularly in eastern Piedmont), and its lack of depth and charm means it has very few fans outside the region. The name Grignolino derives from the Piedmontese dialectal term grignolo, which means "pip". It serves as a warning that the variety produces grapes abundant in pips, and therefore tannins. The name does not, however, give any hint as to the grapes' searing acidity. Naturally high levels of tannin and acidity might suggest that Grignolino could rank alongside Piedmont's two most successful red varieties, Nebbiolo and Barbera, whose tannin and acid structure is a key element in their success. But this has not proven to be the case. The absence of warmth and intrigue in Grignolino wines has left the variety as a kind of back-up; it performs a similar role to Dolcetto (a fill-in wine to provide something to drink while the "proper" wines develop in barrel and bottle). If Grignolino had Dolcetto's depth, or if Dolcetto had Grignolino's acidity, things might be quite different, but fate has consigned these two grape varieties to the lower echelons of Piedmont's red wine grapes.  Despite the current lack of demand for Grignolino wines in general, there are two DOC titles devoted to the grape: Grignolino d'Asti and Grignolino del Monferrato Casalese.

4) 2013 Lechthaler Teroldego Rotaliano
100% Teroldego 13% alcohol
Intense ruby red. Bright nose of ripe black cherry, distinct sweet earth and tobacco. Smooth texture with notes of cherries, black raspberry, earth, and a touch of spice with ample acidity and medium tannins. Pairs well with vegetarian dishes, fish, poultry, pork and beef

5) 2008 Isole e Olena Syrah Collezione Privata, IGT
100% Syrah, 13.5% alcohol
"The 2008 Syrah Collezione Privata jumps from the glass with expressive, pungent aromatics and waves of super-expressive dark red/black stone fruits. Mint, sage, tobacco, rosemary and plums all develop in the glass, adding further dimensions of complexity. An intensely floral, savory finish laced with lavender, violets, rose petals and spices rounds things out. At six years of age, the 2008 Syrah remains fresh, vibrant and impeccable in its purity. In particular, the interplay of dense fruit and cooler, varietal Syrah notes is compelling. 94 points"
–Sept 2014, Antonio Galloni - Vinous Media

6) 2010 Tenuta Castelbuono 'Carapace', Sagrantino di Montefalco DOCG, Italy
100% Sagrantino, 15% alcohol
"Intense, slightly mature garnet. Pleasurable nose of black berry fruits, orange peel and fine spices. Robust, full palate that is still fairly reticent and supported by a robust structure. Vegetal presence marks the finish. Promising. " Gilbert & Gaillard

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Arizona Wines & Blood Into Wine Documentary Viewing - Thursday August 17th, 2017

Arizona Wines & Blood Into Wine Documentary Viewing

When:  Thursday August 17th, 2017  @ 7:00 pm ET

Theme:  Arizona Wine Tasting & Blood Into Wine Documentary Viewing - Take a look inside the life of one of Rock music's most mysterious and interesting figures. With winemaking in his blood, multi-platinum recording artist Maynard James Keenan (Puscifer, A Perfect Circle, & TOOL) sets out to bring notoriety to Arizona's burgeoning wine regions.  Amidst industry prejudice and the harsh desert terrain, the transition from Rock Star to farmer is an amazing journey.

BRING: Due to the difficulty in procuring these wines, please bring $30/person (cash, check, PayPal or Venmo) for the wine tasting.

Welcome Wine:  Gruet Brut New Mexico

1) 2014 Merkin Vineyards Chupacabra Blanca, 
Chupacabra Blanca is our white Shape Shifter Kitchen sink blend
Varietals: 55% Riesling, 45% Sauvignon Blanc
Vineyard: Buhl Memorial Vineyard in the Kansas Settlement of Cochise County, AZ
Elevation: 4200 feet
Handling: Whole cluster pressed; barrel fermented @ 52 degrees
Aged: Stainless steel
Winemaker: M.J. Keenan      
Alcohol: 13.5%
Impressions: A good showing of Arizona Riesling. Floral and lime zest nose. Tart like kiwi fruit or a key lime merangue pie, minus the cloying sweetness. A seeming natural effervescence. Would pair well with a butter leaf lettuce salad or mildly spicy cuisine.

2) 2014 Merkin Vineyards The Diddler, 
White Blend, Rich seductive palate suitable for hanky panky. Enjoy with a friend.
Varietals: 55% Viognier, 45% Pinot Grigio
Vineyard: Buhl Memorial Vineyard in the Kansas Settlement of Cochise County, AZ
Elevation: 4200 feet
Handling: Whole cluster pressed; stainless fermented @ 52 degrees. Aged in stainless.
Alcohol: 12.6%
Winemaker: M.J. Keenan
Impressions: The Pinot Grigio here is well balanced with the Viognier. Meyer lemon and orange zest, with mango, mineral and spice. Creamy/velvety with a long finish, Clouds parading across a blue autumn sky. Another day to cherish - snapshot this moment.

3) 2015 Merkin Vineyards Chupacabra Rosa,
Chupacabra Rosa is our pink Shape Shifter Kitchen sink blend
Varietals: 40% Grenache, 30% Syrah, 30% Mourvèdre
Vineyard: Buhl Memorial Vineyard, Cochise County, AZ
Soil: Sandy loam, gravely and sandy clay & silt loam Elevation: 4200ft
Process: Whole cluster pressed, barrel fermented, aged in stainless & new and neutral French oak.
Alcohol: 13.7%
Winemaker: MJ Keenan
Impressions: The bottle to open when you're not sure what will pair best with lunch or dinner. Great freshness, with tangerine and apricot notes that almost tingle your tongue, and rich, almost like a creamy flan. A stony, crystalline-crisp finish. There are no rules here…enjoy gulping this down to your heart's delight!

4) 2015 Merkin Vineyards Chupacabra,
Chupacabra is our Shape Shifter Kitchen sink blend. This red blend changes from year to year depending on where our Alchemistic inclinations lead us but is usually rooted in French/Alsatian varietals.
Varietals: 45% Grenache, 40% Syrah, 15% Mourvèdre
Vineyard: Buhl Memorial Vineyard in the Kansas Settlement of Cochise County, AZ
Elevation: 4200ft
Process: Hand picked and sorted; open top and submerged cap fermentation; barrique aged 11 months, new and neutral French oak.
Winemaker: MJ Keenan
Alcohol: 13.5%
Impressions: Immediately enticing with scents of desert campfire smoke, leather & spice. Hints of plums and figs, dried apricots, tobacco, creasote and iron. Like a rich visceral and meaty tomato sauce followed later by cherry fruit rollups. Did I mention that it's fun to drink?

5) 2013 Merkin Vineyards Shinola,
Our ITALIAN Red Blend, Currently this bright acid-driven Red is made from Italian clones, including but not limited to Sangiovese, Refosco, Aglianico, Montepulciano, Dolcetto, Barbera depending on the vintage. Recognize the difference.
Varietals: 44% Sangiovese, 26% Montepulciano, 16% Dolcetto, 7% Refosco, 7% Primitivo
Vineyard: Luna Rosa Vineyard, Luna County, NM
Elevation: 4300ft
Process: Hand picked and sorted; barrique aged 12 months, new and neutral French oak.
Alcohol: 13.9%
Winemaker: MJ Keenan & J Bechard
Impressions: Medium bodied, easy drinking aromatic blend of Italian varietals. Recalls many aromatic memories: pine and cedar forest floor, vanilla, cinnamon, licorice, cherries off the tree, a raspberry thicket, slate chalkboard, fresh bread in the oven. Pair with a chair and that personal journal you always wanted to keep.

6) 2014 Merkin Vineyards Tarzan Red
This is a big hairy old world Iberian beast of a blend. Mostly Tempranillo with a dash of something Iberian depending on the year.
Varietals: 85% Tempranillo, 15% Graciano
Vineyard: Buhl Memorial Vineyard in the Kansas Settlement of Cochise County, AZ
Elevation: 4200ft
Process: Hand picked and sorted; open top & submerged cap fermentation, barrique aged 11 months, new and neutral French oak.
Winemaker: MJ Keenan
Alcohol: 13.5%
Impressions: Violets spring from fallen tree trunks holding leather saddles deep in a shady forest. Campfire smoke; meat on a charcoal grill; savory spices and black olives…comfort. Watching grazing horses in the distance, the first sip brings your palate back to the fore. Mexican chocolate, and cherry pie with a hint of vanilla add to a lingering finish.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

TWITs takeover Southbound - June 22nd, 2017 7pm ET

TWITs takeover Southbound - June  22nd, 2017 7pm ET

When:  Thursday, June 22nd, 2017 -  7:00pm ET

Theme:  Southbound's Big Mike and Olivier Savoye will be curating the wines for us.  Olivier chose the Beaujolais region of France, this is where he grew up.  Who better to curate the wines for us? Beaujolais is the land of Gamay, a red grape.  Gamay is a cross between Pinot Noir and the ancient white variety Gouais.  Most bottles can be purchased between $19 - $29.99 each.
It is an easy, joyful, unpretentious wine.  It is good to share with friends, for eating and drinking a lot.  It would pair well with blood sausage, boeuf bourguignon, mushrooms, charcuterie, etc.
In the early 1980s, Beaujolais began pumping out one-dimensional, over-commercialized bottlings made by large cooperative wineries using carbonic maceration. On top of that, Beaujolais Nouveau began its widespread marketing campaign across the globe. The result was a market that was flooded with these soulless, mass-produced wines.
      But then there was a resistance!  
Jules Chauvet, a man whom for many was the leader of the resistance in Beaujolais. Chauvet was a winemaker, a researcher, a chemist, and a viticultural prophet. It was he who, upon the advent of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in the 1950s, first spoke out for “natural wine,” harkening back to the traditional methods of the Beaujolais.  Chauvet advocated traditional methods such as employing old vines, not using synthetic herbicides or pesticides, harvesting late, keeping only the healthiest grapes, adding minimal or no sulfur dioxide, and refusing to chaptalize and filter. This approach allows the wine to fully express the Morgon terroir and the result is fruit-driven wines with floral and mineral notes backed by solid structure.
  Joined by local vignerons Guy Breton, Jean-Paul Thévenet, and Jean Foillard, Marcel Lapierre spearheaded a group that soon took up the torch of this movement. Kermit Lynch dubbed this clan the Gang of Four, and the name has stuck ever since. These rebels called for a return to the old practices of viticulture and vinification: starting with old vines, never using synthetic herbicides or pesticides, harvesting late, rigorously sorting to remove all but the healthiest grapes, adding minimal doses of sulfur dioxide or none at all, and disdaining chaptalization.

(Upstairs in "The Peabody")
5394 Peachtree Rd.
Chamblee, GA 30341

BRING: $20/pp for the wine tasting

Tasting Notes:
1) 2015 Domaine Jean-Paul Dubost Tracot, White Beaujolais
95% Chardonnay, 5% Viognier
12.5% alcohol

2) 2014 Domaine Robert-Denogent, Cuvee Jules Chauvet
Beaujolais Villages
12.5% alcohol

3) 2014 Regnie - Guy Breton
12% alcohol
soil is pink granite soil of Cru Beaujolais, old vine, semi-carbonic maceration, no filtration, natural yeast, certified organic, some biodynamic practices.  dark chocolate, cherry, raspberry

4) 2015 Jean-Paul Dubost Cru Morgon "La Balls Fiere"
12.5% alcohol
cardamom, nutmeg, later with age the gamay is more meaty

5) 2015 Domaine de la Voute des Crozes, Cote de Brouilly
(Scea Chanrion viteculteurs, woman winemaker)
13.5% alcohol
violet, spice, earthy, darker hue, full carbonic maceration, not certified but organic practices, very little sulfur, natural, black cherry

6) 2016 Domaine Diochon Cuvee Vielles Vignes Moulin-a-Vent (Windmill)
13% alcohol
can age for decades, sustainable farming, 50-60 yr old vines, 1 yr in Burgundy barrels.

---- EXTRA wines we tasted

7) 2016 M & C Lapierre a Villie Morgan
13% alcohol
Sarl Mercel Lapierre

8) 2014 Domaine Diochon Cuvee Vielles Vignes Moulin-a-Vent (Windmill)

9) ???? Cremant de Bourgogne Rose Brut