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TWITs Naughty or Nice Nebbiolo Tasting and "Blanc" Elephant GiftExchange - hosted by Ms. Abbie & Mr. Matt

TWITs Naughty or Nice Nebbiolo Tasting and "Blanc" Elephant Gift Exchange - hosted by Ms. Abbie & Mr. Matt

When:  Friday December 9th, 2016 @ 7 pm

Theme:  Naughty or Nice Nebbiolo & our Annual "Blanc" Elephant gift exchange

Bring:  TWITs should bring:
1) A bottle of Nebbiolo within the price range (Up to $20/bottle for Single Attendee, between $20 - $40/bottle for Couples, couples only expected to bring 1 bottle per couple)
2)   A wrapped gift (under $15) for the "Blanc" Elephant Gift Exchange

Tasting Notes: 
Welcome Wine:  2013 Langhe Rosso Nebbiolo DOC ~ $14.99 @ Le Caveau
13% alcohol

1) 2012 Fontana Fredde "Ebbio" Langhe Nebbiolo - $20 @ Minx
13.5% alcohol
rusty red color, floral nose, spicy flowers, slow drippy legs, not a whore but not a church lady, mushroom, smooth tart @ the end, ash, tar, licorice, lavendar, ash on the after palate, hits the back of the palate.

2) 2009 Panebianco Musso "Pora" Barbaresco - $34.99 @ Toco Hills
14% alcohol
smells like Westworld, leathery, could open up more, very dry, bone dry, rubbing alcohol, gritty, light palate, grippy, perfume, dark chocolate. needed air, it mellowed some after being open for 2 hrs.

3) 2010 Vendemmia Travaglini Gattinara ~ $33 @ City Wine and Spirits
13.5% alcohol
perfumey, herby, violets, thinner, lighter, vanilla, marshmallow, sweeter on the nose, caramel, roasted marshmallow, licorice, buttery palate, Jess's fave so far, quaffable.

4) 2011 Rocche di Castigliano Falletto Monchiero Barolo - $39 on sale
14.5% alcohol
smooth and well balanced, love the nose, butterscotch, tannins, bark, so lovely, dry, dried oak, cassis after palate.

5) 2015 Cren del Gufo Langhe Nebbiolo - $11.99 @ Total Wine
12.5% alcohol
the palate is flaccid, grape jelly, communion wine, gas station wine, I wish they were doing a Nebbiolo at communion, whiff of almond extract, ash on back end, back end of nose, garlicky, if I were stranded on an island Id trink it, gasoline, this is the worst Nebbiolo I've had, like a non-wino brought me wine.

6) 2012 Castello di Verduna Langhe Nebbiolo  $24 @ an Integrity Wine Tasting
14% alcohol
cranberry, red, maroon, short finish, flat, fruity nose, welch's grape, it stops short, training wheels on, it's not ready, the cheese rounds commercial, tart, sangria, gas station wine, tangerine

7) 2014 Nada Fiorenzo Langhe Nebbiolo $24 @ Total Wine
14% alcohol
sea salt, butterscotch, dry, but lingering spice, caramel, chocolate, fuller on the palate, sour grapes, high tannins, "socks on your molars"

8) 2012 Damilano Lecinque Vigne - $42.99 @ Jackie's Fine Wines in East Cobb
14% alcohol
Matt's fave, smooth and velvet, alcohol, spice, white pepper, powdery chocolate, we all like it!

9) 2011 Pelissero Langhe Nebbiolo - $38 @ Merchant Package
14% alcohol
butterscotch, buttery, malty palate, ooh I like it, cassiss a little bit, smoother, smoky, velvet, white pepper on finish, I knew it when I nosed it, this is my style.

10) 2011 Franco Serra Barbaresco - $25
14% alcohol
put it in your mouth, dirt cherries, earthy, dark cherry, tobacco, grass, plums, sweeter palate, middle earth fruit, dirty plum, light flush, dirty socks, dark skinned fruit, I like it!

TRIVIA: Albiesa raised text on some of the bottles. Why?  The Albeisa, expression of a wine area:
The Albeisa bottle dates back to the beginning of the 18th century, when the Alba-area producers, proud of their own wines and desirous of distinguishing them from other wines, adopted a bottle with a distinctive shape and named it the Albeisa, or Alba bottle. With the invasion of Napoleon, however, this bottle was gradually replaced by two shapes typical of French wines, the Bordeaux and Burgundy bottles. These were more economical and they had a more regular profile, since the glass was blown into moulds that were perfectly cylindrical. In 1973, 16 producers decided to resurrect the venerable Albeisa bottle, adapting it to more modern demands and adding the name Albeisa in relief on the bottle.  The Unione Produttori Vini Albesi, the Union of Alba Wine Producers, was established, and an agreement was struck with Vetrerie Italiane di Dego, today Saint-Gobain Vetri, the only glassworks authorised to produce the Albeisa.  The purpose is to showcase and to distinguish even more the superb wines of the Langhe and Roero hills. In fact, only the wines from the official denominations of this area may be bottled in the Albeisa. The Unione Produttori Vini Albesi is a non-profit organisation whose primary mission is to more fully develop and promote the wine production of the Alba area by means of events, such as the "Nebbiolo Prima" (preview tasting for the world wine press), and by the creation of promotional materials, such as the new Riedel-Albeisa tasting glass. Very few wine bottles across the globe immediately identify a wine area and its wines, and the Albeisa, with its unique shape, is in that select few. Over 200 wineries producing 12 million bottles of wine per year make the Albeisa bottle without any doubt a resounding success and an eloquent expression of an unsurpassed terroir, that of the Langhe and Roero.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

TWITs - Zinfandel on the Porch - hosted by Ms. Kathy and Mr. Jamie

TWITs - Zinfandel on the Porch - hosted by Ms. Kathy and Mr. Jamie - November 19th, 2016

When:  Saturday November 19th, 2016 @ 6 pm

Theme:  Zinfandel on the Porch

Bring:  TWITs should bring a bottle of Zinfandel (a red wine) within the price range (Up to $20/bottle for Single Attendee, between $20 - $40/bottle for Couples, couples only expected to bring 1 bottle per couple)  NOTE:  Zinfandel is a red wine, not the same thing as White Zinfandel.

Tasting Notes: 
Welcome Wine 1) Trecini Zinfandel Brut, Rockpile Sonoma County ~ $40 from the winery's wine club, members only purchase.
this was a sparkling Zinfandel, 12.5% alcohol.

Welcome Wine 2) Francois Montand Brut Rose - $15 @ Roswell Provisions
this wine was not a zin, but it was delicious

1) 2013 Dashe Zinfandel, Dry Creek Valley - $36.99 @ Le Caveau
14.1% alcohol
black pepper, spicy, very dry, dark purple red, lighter zin, very nice, cherries, acidic, nice acidity, smooth, pinot-noir-ish, delicious.
Anecdote:  Abbie and Matt met the winemaker Anne Dashe at a wine tasting, they like to call her "Mrs. Dashe".  the label features a monkey riding a fish, the meaning behind this is that Anne is the fish, she grew up in a fishing village in France, and the monkey is her husband Michael, an American.  It represents two animals on a journey.

2) 2002 Biale Zinfandel, Silvarado Trail, Napa Valley - $39
16.7% alcohol
totally different, smells green, grassy, light, WOAH! spinach nose, spinach with no seasoning, bold palate, port-like, perfumey, licorice, chocolate, sweeter, earthy, it's seen some wood, tastes like almost an Australian Shiraz, dustiness, plastic-nose, inflatables, drier, hits back of the palate, too many grape seeds, bitter on the end, dusty, seen some oak, mulled wine, cinnamon, nutmet, christmasy
Anecdote:  Why is there a Black Chicken on the label of this wine?  In the times of the great depression, the Biale farm phone line was a party line so people could overhear you.  Aldo knew that in Italy the folkloric symbol for the wines from Chianti is the Gallo Nero — Black Rooster. That seemed an appropriate moniker for his secret wine, and a code name was born. Soon phone calls started coming over the party line with customers requesting, for example, “2 dozen eggs, some zucchini, prunes, walnuts and a Gallo Nero.” Aldo’s ranch was known for its legions of leghorn chickens so the code name quickly evolved from Gallo Nero (Black Rooster) to Gallina Nera — Black Chicken.
Anecdote #2:  Chris had a friend who had a rather bad tattoo of a Phoenix on his arm, they called it the black chicken, and thus his friend became known as the Black Chicken when they played tennis.

3) 2010 Nichelini Zinfandel Reserve Estate Bottle, Napa Valley ~ $30-$50 @ the winery
16.1% alcohol
deep dark, i love the nose on this one, spicy, lots of fruit, anise-nose, tart, caramel, not as dry, dill, chocolate, american oak, tobacco, in the middle range, classic zin, cran-orange, nutmeg, biscotti cookies.

4) Scherrer Zinfandel - Alexander Valley - $35 @ Le Caveau
14.5% alcohol
smells sweeter, fruity, bing cherry, nicely balanced, yummy, smooth, elegant, olive brine, herbacious, quaffable, privet bush, lime or lemon on the nose, lemon verbena, key lime, canned cranberry sauce, cucumber
Anecdote:  Several TWITs went to the Fred Scherrer Wine Dinner at Southbound in 2014.  Fred played guitar, and we stayed late into the night.  What a lovely time!

5) 2005 Di Arie Zinfandel, Shenandoah Valley - $39 @ Merchants Package
14.7% alcohol
perfumey, light, perfect zin, bitter and spice on the finish, would pair well with a cigar, smoky, cardamom, "I'm into it", very good with food, old dresser, brighter red fruits, cloves, "reeks of expensive flavors"

6) 2012 Frogs Leap Rutherford, Napa Valley - $29.99 @ Toco Giant
13.7% alcohol
delicious nose, vanilla, chocolate, bronze in color, dirt, cherry, nestle powdered chocolate, "Ew - can we go to #7?" long finish on a bad wine, citrus-zest, mmm, finish is long and flabby, Guessing Chalk Hill? requires cheese, sour grapes, what happened?  I feel like I picked up someone else's wine glass, I feel I could make the wine better, Brian said he has had this one at the winery and he thinks something is just wrong with this particular bottle.

7) 2013 St. Francis, Sonoma County - $20 @ Total Wine
15.2% alcohol
port-like, perfumey, better than the last one, syrup, chocolate, mens cologne, candy corn, blackberry, decorative hand soap in the shape of seashells, cigars,
Anecdote:  Chad and Christy got married at this winery.

8) 2013 Old Soul Old Vine Zinfandel, Lodi - $18 @ Marietta Wine Market
13.5% alcohol
thicker, milk chocolate, sweet, jammy, vanilla, lighter nose, nutmeg and cinnamon, rhubarb, nose of tart fruits, christmas, fragrant tart fruits, green apple, soft finish, easy-drinking zin, balanced, front of the palate, by far the softest, not an "in your face zin", sweet, sticky

9) 2009 d'Art Zinfandel, Lodi ~ $ 28 - $32
15% alcohol (Hungarian Oak)
funky nose, ooh that stinks, nose is bright, musty, cherry, cauliflower, robotussin palate, twizzlers, the good kind of robotussin, Robotussin D, it's all about the D, Lodi stank,

10) 2014 Sobon Estates, Plymouth, CA - $24 @ Total Wine
15.5% alcohol
Guessing Lodi? not as fruity, milder, nose not as pronounced, tar, asphalt, Lodi, thicker in the mouth, it's so fruit forward, tannins, going to stain my lips, that's a party in your mouth

Our lovely TWITs Ladies

Appetizers to  pair with the wine

Acquiring the Bouquet (smelling the wine)

On the Porch

Course 2 - smoked pork and roasted veggies

Lil' JPP and Bella playing

Start them Young?  lol 

Kathy always has the cutest napkins!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Evelyne de Pontbriand Tasting at Le Caveau

Wine Tasting with Winemaker Evelyne de Pontbriand of the legendary Domaine du Closel in Savennières.  

Domaine du Closel produces some of the worlds finest organic Chenin Blanc in the appellation of Savennières, the Grand Cru of the Loire Valley. The family has been has been producing wine at the Château des Vaults since 1495. We tasted through a selection of wines from the domaine including the Anjou red, the sparkling wine and the 2005 Clos du Papillon cellar selection which are available for the first time in Georgia! This is a rare opportunity to meet Evelyne who is one of the most delightful vigneronnes in the wine business!

NV Domaine du Closel 'Sauvage' Brut Non Dosé
2014 Domaine du Closel 'La Jalousie' Savennières
2005 Domaine du Closel 'Clos du Papillon' Savennières
2013 Domaine du Closel 'Clos du Papillon' Savennières
2012 Domaine du Closel 'Une Emotion' Rouge Anjou
2011 Domaine de L'Oubliée 'Tenue de Soirée' Bourgueil

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Peter Wasserman Tasting at Le Caveau - Oct 12th

Peter Wasserman (importer) Tasting at Le Caveau - Oct 12th

Nicole, Peter, and Abbie

Abbie, Nicole, Heidi

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Spooky-good-to-be-true Bargain Bin Wines - Saturday October 8th, 2016

Spooky-good-to-be-true Bargain Bin Wines - Saturday October 8th, 2016

Happy HalloWine!  

When:  Saturday October 8th, 2016 - 2 pm - 5pm ET   

Theme:  Spooky-good-to-be-true Bargain Bin Wines

Le Caveau Fine Wines
5256 Peachtree Rd. 
Suite 102
Atlanta, GA 30341

Recipe:   Chilled Creamy Cucumber Soup - Deb said she didn't need to add water to it.
All cheese purchased at CostCo, Whole Foods, Kroger (on Hammond in Sandy Springs)

Cheese to Wine Scale:
(Affinage is French term describing the aging and maturity level of cheeses)
Soft Cheeses  <------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> Hard Cheeses
Fresh, High water, milky                                                  Affinage                                     Moisture evaporates - leaves
delicate,                                                                                                                                        behind the fat and protein (flavors) 
                                                                                                                                                       older more rich and savory

Delicate Wines  <-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> Bold Wines
Young wines have primary                                                                                                      Time spent in cask or bottle knit
notes: fresh, spirited, lively aromas                                                                                       together and acquire nuance.
bright flavors of fruits, flowers, citrus,                                                                                  Secondary notes of oak, toast, 
herbs and spice                                                                                                                           earth, oxidation, minerals, umami
                                                                                                                                                        more complex and savory

Tasting Notes:
1) 2014 La Grange Tiphaine 'Noveau-Nez' Petillant Montlouis-sur-Loire - $28
13% alcohol,
100% Chenin Blanc farmed organically (certified ECOCERT in 2008) practicing biodynamic.  Damien and Coralie Delecheneau are based in Touraine-Amboise but work many vineyards in Montlouis.  This petillant naturel is made in the typical, minimal-intervention manner. The grapes were picked at a potential alcohol of 13.8%, Still in fermentation, the wine is bottled with 14 g/l of residual sugar after which secondary fermentation happens naturally in the bottle.  In the glass it has a vibrant gold with a fine yet plentiful bead.  There is a nose of grilled peaches and rose petals, peppered with nuances of marzipan and a touch of baked apple, yet despite this, it feels fresh with bright and powdery edges.
Cheese Pairing:  Blue Castello St. Agur

2) 2015 Chateau Ducasse Blanc Bordeaux  - $17
12% alcohol,
60% Semillon, 35% Sauvignon Blanc, 5% Muscadelle.
Made from 45+ year-old sustainably farmed vines planted within the Graves appellation of Bordeaux in limestone and clay soils, the wine is a blend of 60% Semillon, 35% Sauvignon Blanc, and 5% Muscadelle.  Aged entirely in stainless for 6 months before bottling, the wine displays fresh fruited, lively mineral character.  Fresh citrus, honeysuckle, and a bevy of tropical fruits, green mango, papaya, passion fruit, plantains.  The finish is long and oily lingering for some time.
Cheese Pairings:  Dubliner Aged Cheddar, Lancashire, Mahon, Derby, Brie

3) 2015 Domaine du Couron Rose Ardeche - $ 11
14% alcohol
100% Grenache
Jean_Luc and Marie-Lise Dorthe produce this dry rose exclusively from their 39-year old, sustainably farmed vines of Grenache.  The juice is rested on skins for precisely 8 1/2 hours to get this exact color and fresh-fruited aromas of strawberry, watermelon, and citrus.  With a rich, fresh-fruited palate and a slightly honeyed texture, it is easy to understand why this was handily our best-selling rose last summer, selling out in 3 weeks.
Cheese Pairings:  Oussau-Iraty, Azeitao, Tete des Moines, Gruyere, Cheshire

4) 2013 Bodega de Pinoso 'Flos de Pinoso' Alicante - $13
14% alcohol
100% Monastrell
Vinified from 100% organically farmed Monastrell entirely in stainless tanks, the 'Flos de Pinoso' boasts a remarkably perfumed, fresh-fruited nose.  Wild red and black berries along with dark spice, combine with integrated tannins and acidity on the palate.  Decidedly fresher and more toned than a lot of the chewy, dense Monastrell coming from this eastern Spanish region, the wine is an easy match with BBQ
Cheese Pairings:  Manchego

5) 2015 Domaine Duseigneur 'La Chapelle' Cotes du Rhone  - $14
14% alcohol
50/50% Grenache/Syrah Blend
composed of equal parts biodynamically farmed old-vine Grenache and Syrah, this delightful fruit-driven Rhone is easy to love.  The grapes are sourced from clay hills above the Rhone river, just across from Chateauneuf du Pape.  Fermented entirely in stainless, the wine has wonderful freshness. Founded in 1967, the domaine's principles of respecting soil and environment lead it to be among the first to embrace organic farming in the Rhone.
Cheese Pairings:  Dubliner Aged Cheddar, Cheshire, St. Nectaire, aged Gruyere, Manchego, Gouda

6) 2010 Quinta do Mondego 'Mondeco' Tinto Dao  - $11
13.5% alcohol
Blend of Tempranillo, Touriga Nacional, Alfrocheiro, Jaen & Baga
Made from hand-harvested Tinta Roriz (aka: Tempranillo), Touriga Nacional, Alfrocheiro, Jaen & Baga.  Fermentation in small stainless steel tanks, with 10% of the blend aged in French Oak casks for 12 months.  Intense, dark garnet color and elegant aromas of fresh dark fruits with a touch of mint and cigar box.  A full bodied palate of rich, ripe dark fruits is balanced with good acidity and firm tannins.  91 pts from wine enthusiast.
Cheese Pairings:  sharp cheddar, Azeitao, Mahon, Manchego

(not planned, but Marnie brought a bottle to share)
7) 2014 Cooper & Thief Cellarmasters Select Red Wine Blend  ~ $30
17% alcohol
Cooper & Thief is a dark and jammy red blend comprised of 38% Merlot, 37% Syrah, 11% Zinfandel, 7% Petite Sirah, 4% Cabernet Sauvignon, 3% other red varieties, and loaded with bourbon-inspired flavors and aromas. Aging for three months in ex-bourbon barrels gives way to soft velvety tannins, with a subtle heat. The combined result is a rich flavor with a long, lingering finish.
Reminded me of Orin Swift's The Prisoner but with more Port-like notes.
Cheese Pairings:  Blue cheese


Sunday, September 25, 2016

Georgia Mountain Winery Bus Tours

Georgia Mountain Winery Bus Tours: 

Marilyn, Vicki, Jaffet, & Deb @ Wolf Mountain Winery

We have a rare opportunity to join the Marietta Wine Market on a Georgia Mountain Winery Tour. This usually sells out fast.  The good news is that they have not announced it to the public yet, so we have a chance to get on board.  Time is of the essence if you are wanting to go.  So far, I believe 4 of our TWITs have already signed up for this trip.

WHAT:  Georgia Mountain Winery Bus Tour
WHEN:  Sunday September 25th, 2016 - all day event.
COST:  The cost is $95 per person and must be paid in full when reserving your seat.
WHO DO I CALL:  Call Marietta Wine Market at 770-919-1574, tell them you want to join the September 25th Winery Tour, and they will sign you up and take your payment information over the phone (you can use credit/debit, etc).
Join us for a day on the North GA Wine Trail.
We will meet at the Marietta Wine Market at 9:30am. and begin the day with pastries, coffee & mimosas.
Then off to Dahlonega, GA and our first stop the Wolf Mountain Winery.
There we will enjoy their  Fall Brunch and take a tour of their winery.
From there it’s off to visit The Cottage and Yonah Mountain Wineries.
Arrival back at the Marietta Wine Market expected 6:30pm.
Only 55 seats available Call 770-919-1574 for more information or to reserve a spot today.

ALSO - a 2nd trip is available on October 2nd.

WHAT:  Georgia Mountain Winery Bus Tour
WHEN:  Sunday October 2nd, 2016 - all day event.
COST:  The cost is $95 per person and must be paid in full when reserving your seat.
WHO DO I CALL:  Call Marietta Wine Market at 770-919-1574, tell them you want to join the October 2nd Winery Tour, and they will sign you up and take your payment information over the phone (you can use credit/debit, etc).

Join us for a day on the North GA Wine Trail. We will meet at the Marietta Wine Market at 9:30am. and begin the day with pastries, coffee & mimosas. Then off to Dahlonega, GA and our first stop the Monteluce Winery. There we will take a tour of their winery and have Lunch.  From there it’s off to visit Chateau Meichtry Winery where we will have a vineyard and winery tour. Arrival back at the Marietta Wine Market expected 6: 30pm.  Only 55 seats available Call 770-919-1574 for more information or to reserve a spot today. S

9:30 am – Begin the day with pastries, coffee & mimosas at the Marietta Wine Market
10:00 am – Depart to Dahlonega, GA and our first stop the Monteluce Winery.
11:30 am – There we will take a tour of their winery and enjoy lunch in their restaurant. 2:00 pm – Depart to  Chateau Meichtry Winery
3pm pm – Arrive at Chateau Meichtry for a tour of the Winery and Vineyards and tasting or get a glass of wine and relax on their deck and enjoy the views overlooking their vineyards and the North Georgia Mountains.
5:00 pm – Depart for return to Marietta Wine Market
6:30 pm – Arrive Back at Marietta Wine Market

Note:  Don’t delay we expect this trip to sell out fast.

Friday, August 26, 2016

TWITs Albarino - August 26th, 2016 - hosted by Abbie & Matt

TWITs Albarino - August 26th, 2016 - hosted by Abbie & Matt

When:  Friday August 26th, 2016 - 7:00pm ET

Theme:  Albarino, a white grape varietal

Bring:  TWITs should bring a bottle of Albarino within the specified price range (Up to $20/bottle for Singles, between $20 - $40/bottle for Couples)

Food Pairings:
Saffron Salmon, Mustard sauces, Cheeses (Dubliner aged cheddar, Manchego, Goat Cheese with honey), watermelon, goat cheese stuffed peppadews, olives, gluten-free crackers, rosemary crackers, Romaine and Tomato salad, Spicy Thai ice cream,

Tasting Notes:
Welcome Wine:  2015 Pazo de Senorans Camino del Peregrino Albarino - $7.99 @ Jett Ferry Kroger

1) 2015 Burgans Albarino - $12 at Toco Giant, others found it around town for $14-15.
12.5% alcohol
light nose, delicate floral palate, minerality, less citrusy, apple, pear, herbacious, laundry detergent, refreshing, easy, floral, diet sprite, more complex.

2) 2014 Eladio Peneiro Envidia Cochina - $24 @ Le Caveau Fine Wines
12% alcohol, means the slow is beautiful, has photo of a snail on the label, uniquely shaped bottle.
perfumey, white floral, beer, funk, some stank, darker yellow color, toasted butter, oaked, yeasty, cider nose, mead-like, chalky, pinot grigio - like, more sophisticated, leather, saline neutral, rough finish, bug spray, don't love it.

3) 2015 Lagrima Bagoa do Mino - $24 @ Total Wine
13% alcohol
fruity, laundry detergent, crisp granny smith apples, pear, stone fruits, viscosity, licorice, gala apples, super dry, vanilla ice cream, sort of effervescent, sour, smells like Val's face cream.

4) 2013 Peitan Albarino, Minho River Galicia Spain - $19 Marietta Wines or Naked Wines
13% alcohol
honey, licorice, magic marker, soapy, tart, peach, so deep it may never be there, freshly erased white board - specifically expo brand, pineapple, liquor - a thin liquor, oxidized, bitter leaves, vermouth, bitter but rich, charcoal, good hot tub wine, trying its best to be fruity but it's plasticy, latex, nose completely different than the palate, this terroir is near an ancient Celtic fortress.

5) 2015 Val do Sesego O'pucha Arbo - $14.99 @ Total Wine
12.5% alcohol
lighter in color, mineral and chalk, juicy fruit gum nose, light, crisp, honey, straight up pinot grigio, Mott's applesauce, nose is different than the palate, larger finish, thicker, nose of cheddar cheese, mild cheddar not sharp, it feels in my mouth like a silk wave, not a liquid, more thick, liquid-esque.

6) 2015 La Cana Albarino - $17 @ Whole Foods
13% alcohol
stone fruits, non-existant nose, biscotti, floral, flower, no scent, lavendar, the most different, effervescent, christmas, citrus, lemon grass, green things, cardamom, lime nose, white flowers, best of the night, pair with fish tacos or seafood.

7) 2015 Imagery Albarino (Sonoma California) ~ $24 @ the Imagery Estate Winery
14.1% alcohol
floral soap, depth, sweeter, not too sweet, stone fruits, floral, more complex, fried ripe plantains, banana with grass, pineapple, tropical, mango, pithy, LOVE IT! most complex, tropical fruit punch, more acidic, more alcohol, bitter, dry, showing very well,
TWITs anecdote:  Corinna and Daniel got engaged at Benziger (per Rheinallt's recommendation), then they announced their engagement at Imagery.   And then later, Rheinallt officiated their wedding.

8) 2015 Quinta da Aveleda (Portugal) - $12 @ Toco Giant
11% alcohol
70% Loureiro, 30% Alvarinho
lemon meringue pie, smooth, vanilla, desserty, graham cracker crust, citrusy, lemon, lite lemonade, 2 dumpers, sparkling wine, tart, almost too tart, 10 molar sulfuric acid, worst wine of the night by far, fermented Mt Dew by the pool in 90 degree weather, I wouldn't serve it to my worst enemy, fruit piss.

9) 2015 Quinta da Aveleda Alvarinho (Portugal) - $14 @ Toco Juice Box
12% alcohol - 100% Alvarinho
pineapple, oaky afterbirth, Vicki dumped hers (1st time she's ever dumped one), bouquet of Ty-D-Bol, it's too much, stone fruits, the taste is worse than the smell, 2 dumps, swipe left! it's not for everyone, watered down lemonade from Chick-Fil-A, too citrusy, like caviar you buy at the gas station and we only go to the best gas stations, meh, crisp and palatable, would pair with fish (shellfish or mild fish), very bright, wakes you up, maybe with the right food? prawns or oysters, it might be good? the penultimate.

10) 2013 Terra D'Alter (Portugal) - $15 @ Minks
12.5% alcohol
nice nose, fishy, rotten, apricot, paper, more fruits, stone fruits, pineapple with pear, herbacious, cilantro, Matt dumped it, burnt tires, doing a donut on I-285 - which you should never do, sulfur, like a volcano and asphalt, tar, barbie doll heads, pairs well with the manchego.

The Lineup

JPP our newest TWIT

Our Imagery Lovebirds

Christy, JPP, and Marilyn having fun

Lauren's home made, vegan, Spicy Thai Coconut ice cream

JPP's Daddy feeding JPP (not wine though, he isn't ready yet)