Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Spanish Red Wines - Wednesday October 22nd, 2014 - hosted by Ms.Abbie & Mr. Matt

Spanish Red Wines - Wednesday October 22nd, 2014 - hosted by Ms. Abbie & Mr. Matt

Theme: Spanish Red Wines
Bring:  A bottle of red wine from Spain. This can be a blend, or a single varietal.  We will do our usual blind tasting format for this evening.
Price range: Up to $20/bottle for Singles, between $20 - $40/bottle for Couples
Information: Spanish Varietals.  Spain oaks their wine more than any other country, and Spain is one of the oldest wine producers in the world.
  • Joven (Ho-ven) - no age
  • Crianza (Cree-an-tha) - barrel aged 12 months, then bottle aged 12 months
  • Reserva - barrel aged 12 months, bottle aged 24 months
  • Gran Reserva - barrel aged 36 months, bottle aged 36 months

Tasting Notes:  
Welcome Wine:  2013 Morgadio Rias Baixas Albarino ~ $19.99 @ Le Caveau Fine Wines
12.5% alcohol
light, delightful, tart, slightly viscous finish, dry, great structure, from Western Spain

1) 2008 Dinestia Vivanco, Rioja, Crianza ~ $20-22 @ Le Caveau Fine Wines
13.5% alcohol
deep red fruits, has some heat on it, big oak, vanilla, slight hint of dill, creamy, slightly bitter, dry, that's some big one, almost sweet, sour cherry sweet, cassis, thick, syrupy, luscious, pairs with short ribs well

2) 2004 Casado Morales Gran Reserva Rioja Alvesa $35 @ Total Wine
90% Tempranillo, 10% Graciano, 12.5% alcohol
chill on the oak, more peppery, tart, hits back of the mouth, tar, relaxed, fresher, lighter, burnt caramel, slight acidity, dark cocoa powder, not sweet, palate is more fruity, toasted almonds, RH guesses French oak, says the oak is more subtle.

3) 2009 Vina Sastre, Ribera del Duero, Crianza ~ $30-35 @ Le Caveau Fine Wines
14.5% Alcohol
dark color, port-like, dark, deep and mysterious, Matt says closely related to the first wine but not as long lasting of a finish, French Oak perhaps?  Harsher nose, easy drinking, dry, olive/bitter end notes, brinier, maybe coastal wine? more rustic, not as complex, has some spice

4) 2009 Clos Pissarra, Monsant & Priorat, $29.99 @ Le Caveau Fine Wines
14% alcohol
a bit of perm solution, ammonia, similar to #2, dry, higher alcohol, hits back of the mouth, cherry mouth water on the tongue, the colors are all so deep, this one lets you down a little, the beginning of the palate is nice, soft on tongue, may need food with it? Rh & Deb says it's not ready, not as as well as the others, Matt says it's a good Football game wine, Abbie loves the nose, not going to dump it, Jaffet says it's a great date wine,
Side note: the winemaker is the first American somm to pass the master sommelier on the first try (he did this 15 yrs ago).

5) 2010 Faustino VII Rioja - $8.98 (on sale) @ Kroger
13% alcohol
smells French, a big stinking pile of barnyard, takes my breath away, I could smell it across the room as he was pouring it, maybe Pyrenees terroir?  stinky fart, what the dickens is this? softer, watery in a good way, could drink too easily, vanishes too fast, geosimin? very tart, puckers, I could drink it (more than #4).

Attendees voted that #1 and #2 were our favorites, but Jaffet liked #4 the best.