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Upcoming TWITs Events:  

Thursday September 21st - Lesser Known Italian Wines @ Brookhaven Wines

Early October - TBD - Tasting with Olivier Savoye
Other fun news:

We once hosted a tasting for "I don't always drink white wine, but when I do I drink this one..." and every guest brought their fave white wine and had to explain why it was their fave. During that evening, Lynn and Brian brought us an infographic to look at, it showed 20 White Wines and the various qualities of each. You can see it here:

So I wrote the artist, Sean Seidell, directly and asked if he also had one for RED wine too. he actually replied to me today! he has an iPhone app coming out soon, and he will be doing the Red Wine Infographic for the holiday season. I am so excited. He does Infographics on more than just Wine items, which is also pretty darn cool. Follow his Facebook page here:

TWITs away from home:
We have a wonderful TWIT living the dream in Napa Valley California.  Ping us if you'd like more information.

We, unfortunately, no longer have a Sister Club based in Orlando, Florida called the TWOTS (The Winos Of The South). However, we do know several fantastic honorary TWITs who live there, ping us if you are traveling to the area and need a fellow wino contact.

Wines TWITs have tried so far:

January - Bodega Renacer Wine Tasting & Barrel Painting - hosted at Vino Venue
February - Burgundy - hosted by Val and Rheinallt
March - City Wine & Spirits Tasting with Deb & Jaffet
April - Earth Day Wine Tasting hosted by Ms. Vicki & Ms. Lane
May - Wines from Women Wine Producers hosted by Abbie & Matt
June - TWITs takeover Southbound - hosted by Big Mike
July - Skipped
August - Arizona Wines & Blood Into Wine Documentary Viewing - hosted by Abbie & Matt Lane
September - Lesser Known Italian Wines - Brookhaven Wines
October - 
November - 
December - 

---------------------------------------------------------   PREVIOUS YEARS  -------------------------------------------------------------------------

January - ?
February - ?
March - ?
April - Malbec - hosted by Ms. Shannon
May - Grenache - hosted by Ms. Abbie
June - Pinot Grigio - hosted by Ms. Amanda
July - Chianti - hosted by Ms. Jane
August - Reisling - hosted by Ms. Mina
September - Monastrell - hosted by Ms. Sarah
October - Rioja - hosted by Ms. Abbie
November - Petite Sirah - hosted by Ms. Jennifer
December - no wine club this month

January - Champagne - hosted by Ms. Jane
February - Organic Red Wines with No Sulfites Added - hosted by Ms. Abbie
March - ISAW Wines - hosted by Ms. Mina
April - Pinot Noir from Willamette Valley Oregon - hosted by Ms. Elizabeth K.
May - Sauvignon Blanc - hosted by Ms. Elizabeth
June - Nero D'Avola - hosted by Ms. Shannon
July - no wine club this month
August - Viognier - hosted by Ms. Deb & Ms. Jennifer
September - Tempranillo - hosted by Ms. Elizabeth K.
October - Barbera - hosted by Ms. Mina
November - Gamay/Beaujolais - hosted by Ms. Abbie
December - Holiday Sparkling Wines - hosted by Ms. Sarah

January - Wine & Cheese Pairings - hosted by Ms. Jane
February - ISAW Foundation Tasting at Emily Amy Gallery - hosted by ISAW, EAG, and the TWITS
March - no wine club this month
April - Chilean Wines - hosted by Ms. Abbie
May - Pinot Noir - hosted by Ms. Deborah & Ms. Jennifer
June - Pinot Grigio - hosted by Ms Marilyn
July - no wine club this month
August - Rose - hosted by Ms Abbie
September - cancelled

October - Prosecco - hosted by Ms Kat
November - no wine club this month
December - Sparkling Wines - hosted by Ms Abbie

January - no wine club this month
February - South African Wines - hosted by Ms Abbie
March - North Georgia Winery Tour
April - no wine club this month
May - no wine club this month
June - Le Caveau tasting 6/4/11
July - Le Caveau tasting 7/3/11
August - Spanish Wines - hosted by Ms. Abbie
September - no wine club this month
October - no wine club this month
November - French Red Wines - hosted by Ms. Abbie
December - Australian or South African Shiraz/Syrah - hosted by Ms. Marilyn

January - Tempranillo - hosted by Ms. Ardela
February - Tuscan Wines - hosted at Le Caveau
March - Garnacha - hosted by Ms. Leslie
April - Georgia Mountain Wineries Bus Tour - TWITs Event
May - Bottleshock Movie Night - hosted by Mr. Janssen
June - Arizona Wines & Blood Into Wine Documentary Viewing - hosted by Le Caveau & Prime Wine & Spirits
July -Rose - hosted by Mr. Janssen
August - Wine to Water Charity Event - hosted by Ms. Deb
September - Chianti - hosted by Ms. Susan
October - ISAW Foundation Wines - hosted by Ms Ardela
November - Gamay & Beaujolais Nouveau - hosted by Ms. Marilyn
December -Christmas Cabernet - hosted by Ms. Abbie & Mr. Matt

January - Le Caveau and Joe Herrig - New Wines for 2013
February - Vino Venue - Try the Enomatic Wine Tasting System
March - Bordeaux Wines - hosted by Ms. Val and Mr. Rheinallt
April - Pinot Noir - hosted by Ms. Kathy and Mr. Jamie
May - Italian Wines - hosted by Ms. Deb and Mr. Jaffett
June - I Don't Always Drink White Wine, but When I Do, I Drink This - hosted by Ms Abbie and Mr Matt
July - Le Caveau Blind Tasting of Natural Wines - hosted by Ms Melissa and Mr Les
August - Argentine Wines - hosted by Ms Abbie and Mr Matt
September - Holiday Dinner Wine Pairings - hosted by Ms. Kim and Mr. Alan
October - TWITs GA Winery Tour - TWITs event
November - Cabernet Franc - hosted by Ms Marilyn
December - Languedoc Wines - hosted by Mr Matt and Ms Abbie

January - Syrah - hosted by Ms Jacki & Mr Santi
February - A Red Wine You Love - hosted by Ms Abbie & Mr Matt
March - we ended up postponing February's tasting into March, so we covered both months already.
April - Tomfoolery Tasting - hosted by Ms Jackie & Mr Santiago
May - Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa or Sonoma & Pool Party - hosted by Ms Lynn & Mr Brian
June - La Dolce Vita!  Favorite Italian Wines hosted by Ms Kathy & Mr Jamie
July - German & Austrian Wines - hosted at Le Caveau 
August - Chardonnay - hosted by Ms. Ardella
September - TWITs Takeover Southbound - hosted by Southbound Restaurant
October - Spanish Red Wines - hosted by Ms. Abbie & Mr. Matt
November - Rhone Wines - hosted by Ms. Valerie and Mr. Rheinallt
December - Sparkling Wines- hosted by Ms. Marilyn

January -Winter White Wines - hosted by Ms Abbie & Mr Matt
February - we skipped February
March - Volcanic Wines - hosted by Ms. Karin and Mr. Joshua
April - Eastern European Wines - hosted by Mr Matt and Ms Abbie
May - Loire Valley Wines - hosted by Mr. Rheinallt and Ms. Val
June - Rose - hosted by Mr. Janssen
July - Australian Wines - hosted by Ms Kat and Ms Angela
August - Basque Wines and a Game - hosted by Ms Deb and Mr Jaffet at Le Caveau
September -Red Wines of the Piedmont - hosted by Abbie & Matt
October - we skipped but Abbie had a Serendipitous Encounter with Jancis Robinson!
November - Au Rendezvous Bistro - hosted by Abbie & Matt
December - Oregon "Pick Your Pinot" - hosted by Ms. Marilyn

January - Farewell to Marnie @ Kaleidoscope
February - Greek Wines - hosted by Abbie & Matt
March - White Burgundy Wines - hosted at Le Caveau Fine Wines
April - Uruguay and Brasil: the Overlooked South American Wine Country - co-hosted by Joshua & Karin and Deb & Jaffet
May - Pet-Nat Wines - hosted by Ms. Lauren
June - skipped June
July - Shining Stars Charity Wine Tasting - hosted by Marilyn with Randall & Karen of Marietta Wine Market
August - Albarino - hosted by Abbie & Matt
September - Georgia Mountain Winery Bus Tours - hosted by Marietta Wine Market
October - Spooky-good-to-be-true Bargain Bin Wines - hosted by Deb & Jaffet @ Le Caveau Fine Wines
November - Zinfandel on the Porch Tasting - hosted by Ms. Kathy & Mr. Jamie
December - Naughty or Nice Nebbiolo - hosted by Ms Abbie & Mr Matt

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Lesser Known Italian Wines at Brookhaven Wines

Lesser Known Italian Wines 
at Brookhaven Wines

When:  Thursday, September 21st, 2017 - 7:00pm

Bring:  TWITs should bring $20/person (they do accept debit/credit, etc), and a potluck side dish to go with the wine (please let us know what you are bringing)

Theme:  Lesser Known Italian Wines - Eddie from Brookhaven Wines will be curating the wines for us

Menu thus far:
Lamb Bolognese
Gluten-Free Baguette
Bruschetta Spread
Italian Cheese
Heirloom tomato salad with basil, onion, and balsamic vinegar dressing
Italian Olives
Arancini with spicy tomato sauce

Tasting Notes:

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Arizona Wines & Blood Into Wine Documentary Viewing - Thursday August 17th, 2017

Arizona Wines & Blood Into Wine Documentary Viewing

When:  Thursday August 17th, 2017  @ 7:00 pm ET

Theme:  Arizona Wine Tasting & Blood Into Wine Documentary Viewing - Take a look inside the life of one of Rock music's most mysterious and interesting figures. With winemaking in his blood, multi-platinum recording artist Maynard James Keenan (Puscifer, A Perfect Circle, & TOOL) sets out to bring notoriety to Arizona's burgeoning wine regions.  Amidst industry prejudice and the harsh desert terrain, the transition from Rock Star to farmer is an amazing journey.

BRING: Due to the difficulty in procuring these wines, please bring $30/person (cash, check, PayPal or Venmo) for the wine tasting.

Welcome Wine:  Gruet Brut New Mexico

1) 2014 Merkin Vineyards Chupacabra Blanca, 
Chupacabra Blanca is our white Shape Shifter Kitchen sink blend
Varietals: 55% Riesling, 45% Sauvignon Blanc
Vineyard: Buhl Memorial Vineyard in the Kansas Settlement of Cochise County, AZ
Elevation: 4200 feet
Handling: Whole cluster pressed; barrel fermented @ 52 degrees
Aged: Stainless steel
Winemaker: M.J. Keenan      
Alcohol: 13.5%
Impressions: A good showing of Arizona Riesling. Floral and lime zest nose. Tart like kiwi fruit or a key lime merangue pie, minus the cloying sweetness. A seeming natural effervescence. Would pair well with a butter leaf lettuce salad or mildly spicy cuisine.

2) 2014 Merkin Vineyards The Diddler, 
White Blend, Rich seductive palate suitable for hanky panky. Enjoy with a friend.
Varietals: 55% Viognier, 45% Pinot Grigio
Vineyard: Buhl Memorial Vineyard in the Kansas Settlement of Cochise County, AZ
Elevation: 4200 feet
Handling: Whole cluster pressed; stainless fermented @ 52 degrees. Aged in stainless.
Alcohol: 12.6%
Winemaker: M.J. Keenan
Impressions: The Pinot Grigio here is well balanced with the Viognier. Meyer lemon and orange zest, with mango, mineral and spice. Creamy/velvety with a long finish, Clouds parading across a blue autumn sky. Another day to cherish - snapshot this moment.

3) 2015 Merkin Vineyards Chupacabra Rosa,
Chupacabra Rosa is our pink Shape Shifter Kitchen sink blend
Varietals: 40% Grenache, 30% Syrah, 30% Mourvèdre
Vineyard: Buhl Memorial Vineyard, Cochise County, AZ
Soil: Sandy loam, gravely and sandy clay & silt loam Elevation: 4200ft
Process: Whole cluster pressed, barrel fermented, aged in stainless & new and neutral French oak.
Alcohol: 13.7%
Winemaker: MJ Keenan
Impressions: The bottle to open when you're not sure what will pair best with lunch or dinner. Great freshness, with tangerine and apricot notes that almost tingle your tongue, and rich, almost like a creamy flan. A stony, crystalline-crisp finish. There are no rules here…enjoy gulping this down to your heart's delight!

4) 2015 Merkin Vineyards Chupacabra,
Chupacabra is our Shape Shifter Kitchen sink blend. This red blend changes from year to year depending on where our Alchemistic inclinations lead us but is usually rooted in French/Alsatian varietals.
Varietals: 45% Grenache, 40% Syrah, 15% Mourvèdre
Vineyard: Buhl Memorial Vineyard in the Kansas Settlement of Cochise County, AZ
Elevation: 4200ft
Process: Hand picked and sorted; open top and submerged cap fermentation; barrique aged 11 months, new and neutral French oak.
Winemaker: MJ Keenan
Alcohol: 13.5%
Impressions: Immediately enticing with scents of desert campfire smoke, leather & spice. Hints of plums and figs, dried apricots, tobacco, creasote and iron. Like a rich visceral and meaty tomato sauce followed later by cherry fruit rollups. Did I mention that it's fun to drink?

5) 2013 Merkin Vineyards Shinola,
Our ITALIAN Red Blend, Currently this bright acid-driven Red is made from Italian clones, including but not limited to Sangiovese, Refosco, Aglianico, Montepulciano, Dolcetto, Barbera depending on the vintage. Recognize the difference.
Varietals: 44% Sangiovese, 26% Montepulciano, 16% Dolcetto, 7% Refosco, 7% Primitivo
Vineyard: Luna Rosa Vineyard, Luna County, NM
Elevation: 4300ft
Process: Hand picked and sorted; barrique aged 12 months, new and neutral French oak.
Alcohol: 13.9%
Winemaker: MJ Keenan & J Bechard
Impressions: Medium bodied, easy drinking aromatic blend of Italian varietals. Recalls many aromatic memories: pine and cedar forest floor, vanilla, cinnamon, licorice, cherries off the tree, a raspberry thicket, slate chalkboard, fresh bread in the oven. Pair with a chair and that personal journal you always wanted to keep.

6) 2014 Merkin Vineyards Tarzan Red
This is a big hairy old world Iberian beast of a blend. Mostly Tempranillo with a dash of something Iberian depending on the year.
Varietals: 85% Tempranillo, 15% Graciano
Vineyard: Buhl Memorial Vineyard in the Kansas Settlement of Cochise County, AZ
Elevation: 4200ft
Process: Hand picked and sorted; open top & submerged cap fermentation, barrique aged 11 months, new and neutral French oak.
Winemaker: MJ Keenan
Alcohol: 13.5%
Impressions: Violets spring from fallen tree trunks holding leather saddles deep in a shady forest. Campfire smoke; meat on a charcoal grill; savory spices and black olives…comfort. Watching grazing horses in the distance, the first sip brings your palate back to the fore. Mexican chocolate, and cherry pie with a hint of vanilla add to a lingering finish.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

TWITs takeover Southbound - June 22nd, 2017 7pm ET

TWITs takeover Southbound - June  22nd, 2017 7pm ET

When:  Thursday, June 22nd, 2017 -  7:00pm ET

Theme:  Southbound's Big Mike and Olivier Savoye will be curating the wines for us.  Olivier chose the Beaujolais region of France, this is where he grew up.  Who better to curate the wines for us? Beaujolais is the land of Gamay, a red grape.  Gamay is a cross between Pinot Noir and the ancient white variety Gouais.  Most bottles can be purchased between $19 - $29.99 each.
It is an easy, joyful, unpretentious wine.  It is good to share with friends, for eating and drinking a lot.  It would pair well with blood sausage, boeuf bourguignon, mushrooms, charcuterie, etc.
In the early 1980s, Beaujolais began pumping out one-dimensional, over-commercialized bottlings made by large cooperative wineries using carbonic maceration. On top of that, Beaujolais Nouveau began its widespread marketing campaign across the globe. The result was a market that was flooded with these soulless, mass-produced wines.
      But then there was a resistance!  
Jules Chauvet, a man whom for many was the leader of the resistance in Beaujolais. Chauvet was a winemaker, a researcher, a chemist, and a viticultural prophet. It was he who, upon the advent of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in the 1950s, first spoke out for “natural wine,” harkening back to the traditional methods of the Beaujolais.  Chauvet advocated traditional methods such as employing old vines, not using synthetic herbicides or pesticides, harvesting late, keeping only the healthiest grapes, adding minimal or no sulfur dioxide, and refusing to chaptalize and filter. This approach allows the wine to fully express the Morgon terroir and the result is fruit-driven wines with floral and mineral notes backed by solid structure.
  Joined by local vignerons Guy Breton, Jean-Paul Thévenet, and Jean Foillard, Marcel Lapierre spearheaded a group that soon took up the torch of this movement. Kermit Lynch dubbed this clan the Gang of Four, and the name has stuck ever since. These rebels called for a return to the old practices of viticulture and vinification: starting with old vines, never using synthetic herbicides or pesticides, harvesting late, rigorously sorting to remove all but the healthiest grapes, adding minimal doses of sulfur dioxide or none at all, and disdaining chaptalization.

(Upstairs in "The Peabody")
5394 Peachtree Rd.
Chamblee, GA 30341

BRING: $20/pp for the wine tasting

Tasting Notes:
1) 2015 Domaine Jean-Paul Dubost Tracot, White Beaujolais
95% Chardonnay, 5% Viognier
12.5% alcohol

2) 2014 Domaine Robert-Denogent, Cuvee Jules Chauvet
Beaujolais Villages
12.5% alcohol

3) 2014 Regnie - Guy Breton
12% alcohol
soil is pink granite soil of Cru Beaujolais, old vine, semi-carbonic maceration, no filtration, natural yeast, certified organic, some biodynamic practices.  dark chocolate, cherry, raspberry

4) 2015 Jean-Paul Dubost Cru Morgon "La Balls Fiere"
12.5% alcohol
cardamom, nutmeg, later with age the gamay is more meaty

5) 2015 Domaine de la Voute des Crozes, Cote de Brouilly
(Scea Chanrion viteculteurs, woman winemaker)
13.5% alcohol
violet, spice, earthy, darker hue, full carbonic maceration, not certified but organic practices, very little sulfur, natural, black cherry

6) 2016 Domaine Diochon Cuvee Vielles Vignes Moulin-a-Vent (Windmill)
13% alcohol
can age for decades, sustainable farming, 50-60 yr old vines, 1 yr in Burgundy barrels.

---- EXTRA wines we tasted

7) 2016 M & C Lapierre a Villie Morgan
13% alcohol
Sarl Mercel Lapierre

8) 2014 Domaine Diochon Cuvee Vielles Vignes Moulin-a-Vent (Windmill)

9) ???? Cremant de Bourgogne Rose Brut










Thursday, May 25, 2017

Alvaro de la Vina Wine Tasting @ Le Caveau - Thursday May 25th, 2017

Alvaro de la Vina Wine Tasting @ Le Caveau - Thursday May 25th, 2017

Alvaro de la Viña, owner of the amazing Selections de la Viña import company, selected some of the most exciting Natural Wines coming out of Spain.  Here are the wines we tasted from his portfolio:

NV Via De La Plata Brut Nature Rosé Extremadura
2015 Cerro la Barca 'Vegas Altas' Blanco Extremadura
2015 Finca Parera 'Clar' Blanco Penedès
2014 Partida Creus 'SM' Sumoll Catalunya
2015 Albamar 'Fusco' Mencia Ribeira Sacra
2015 Còsmic Vinyaters 'Llibertat' Tinto Empordà

Extra wines we tasted, not on the original list:
2016 Bodega Cauzon Cabronicus
2015 Finca Parera FOSC Sant Llorenc d'Hortons

With a name like Álvaro de la Viña (Álvaro from the vines), one would assume Álvaro’s family history has always involved wine. Instead, Álvaro grew up the son of a citrus fruit importer. Originally from Seville, Álvaro’s family moved to Madrid, then Equatorial Guinea before moving to Philadelphia in 1989, where his uncle was living. At this time, it was the golden age of Spanish clementines, and Philadelphia was, and still is, the main port of entry for fresh produce. Álvaro’s father found a job importing citrus fruit from Valencia. After about three years, the family moved to Rye, NY but stayed in the citrus importing industry. Álvaro and his family moved back to Spain when Álvaro was a junior in high school.

The passion for wine came during Álvaro’s college years in Madrid. After college, Álvaro moved back to the states to follow his father’s footsteps and import citrus fruit from Spain. Agriculture was his career, but wine was his obsession. A cult follower of Jose Pastor Selections, Álvaro could taste the authenticity of the wines and appreciate the natural practice behind them: nothing added, nothing taken away. Alvaro saw the connection between citrus fruit picked right off of the tree and wines made from nothing but fermented grape juice. He began to think of wine as a product of agriculture “made by real farmers.” Everything started to make sense: Álvaro would stop importing clementines and start importing natural wines. Álvaro has chosen to focus on Spain, so he can keep blending his Spanish heritage with American culture.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017 - Wine from Women Wine Producers - hosted by Abbie & Matt

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017 - 7pm - Wine from Women Wine Producers - hosted by Abbie & Matt

Theme:  Wine from Women Wine Producers
The Wine industry has often been dominated by male producers, but the times are changing, and we are starting to see more and more female wine producers putting their names on the map, even in old world areas!  Although we aren't meeting exactly on National Wine Day (May 25th), let's honor our Women Wine Producers this month at TWITs.  You might be surprised what you learn.  I learned about Arianna Occhipinti (pictured above) for example.  We've had her wine many times but who knew the story behind it?  This may mean you have to ask your local wine shop owner for some help in picking out the wine, but that's okay, that's what they are there for!
(and for the record my husband came up with this theme, not me - isn't he great?)

13 Badass Female Winemakers

12 Outstanding Wines from Women Winemakers

What we bring:  TWITs brought a bottle of a wine made from a woman wine producer - within our usual price range (Up to $20/bottle for Single Attendee, between $20 - $40/bottle for Couples, couples only expected to bring 1 bottle per couple)



Tasting Notes:

Welcome Wine:  2014 Domaine Galevan "Libre Expression" Cotes du Rhone - $19.99 @ Le Caveau Fine Wines
80% Clairette, 10% Rousanne, 10% Marsanne - 13.5% alcohol
Coralie Goumarre is the winemaker.  Libre Expression means “Free Expression”
A wine that claims its originality between freshness and roundness.  Its pale young and shimmering color, its nose of white fruits and scrubland, slightly mineral, and its generous, lively and powerful mouth, underline all the vigneron's know-how and the expression so peculiar to the terroir.  AOP Côtes du Rhône  -- Free Expression Grape varieties: Clairette, Roussanne, Marsanne
Coralie Goumarre is the first woman to take the reigns of the family domain for 9 generations.
Coralie Goumarre is also a member of Femmes Vignes Rhone –
Created in April 2004, the Vignes Rhône women's association was created at the initiative of Anne Hugues, vine grower in the Luberon at the Domaine de La Royère, and INTER-RHÔNE, interprofession of the Rhone Valley who assures us of its support From the beginning.
The members are all wine professionals from the Rhone Valley and perform various functions in the sector, such as: winegrowers, oenologists, sommeliers, merchants, sales and marketing managers, communication officers, specialized journalists.
Les Vignes Rhône Women are committed to promoting the profession of winegrower in a traditionally masculine environment.
Present at many events, professional or general public, in France and abroad, they intend to develop communication and dissemination of the appellations of the Rhone Valley by cultivating a simple and friendly approach to wine.
With about 30 members, the association represents the Côtes du Rhône appellations, Côtes du Rhône Villages, Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Visan, Vacqueyras, Gigondas, Beaumes de Venise, Crozes-Hermitage, Hermitage, Cornas, Coteaux du Tricastin Ventoux, Côtes du Lubéron and Costières de Nîmes ....

1) NV Gloria Ferrer Blanc de Noirs, Russian River Valley Carneros - $18 @ Citi Wine & Spirits
100% Pinot Noir, 12.5% alcohol
light pink color, tasty, green apple and pear, herbacious, reminds me of gin, vinho verde
Gloria Ferrer built the first sparkling wine house in Carneros, the first to plant champagne clones, and the first to plant in Carneros.  Her family is also connected to Freixenet Cava.

2) 2015 Merry Edwards Sauvignon Blanc, Russian River Valley - $40 @ Total Wine
100% Sauvignon Blanc, 14.1% alcohol
peach, pineapple, olive note, peaches, calvedos, pithy, pear, nectarine, tropical fruit, citrus, smooth & creamy, loreal shampoo,
Merry Edwards was the first female winemaker in California.  Starting in the 1970s, she fought gender discrimination and persevered in her career.  She helped change the wine industry by doing a large scale study on lead in wine, ultimately causing the industry to stop producing and using lead capsules.  She was a pioneer in recognizing clonal variations of Pinot Noir long before anyone in CA was paying attention.  She has her own clone of Pinot Noir called Merry's Clone UCD 37, and is building her vineyard from the ground up.  They are nearly 100% estate-based now. In 2013, Merry’s 40th year as a winemaker, she was not only inducted into the Culinary Institute of America’s Vintners Hall of Fame, she also won the coveted James Beard Award for Best Wine, Beer or Spirits Professional in the United States, just the fourth woman to be so honored.

3) 2016 Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough New Zealand - $19.99 @ The Juice Box
100% Sauvignon Blanc, 13% alcohol
kiwi nose, fresh cut grass, passion fruit, citrus, stone fruits, st germain, champers, elderflower,
Erica Crawford and her husband Kim are the winemakers and founders of Kim Crawford Wines.  They did sell the company, but are still involved with some of the winemaking there.  Read about their fascinating history here.

4) 2015 Jean Medeville et Fils, Bordeaux Blanc - $19.99 @ PH Wine Merchant
40% Sémillon, 50% Sauvignon Blanc, 10% Muscadelle, 13% Alcohol
gravel, stone, fruit is green flesh, french, reminds me of a muscadet, jasmine, white flowers, unoaked Chardonnay, just a little green, oyster bed, grass
Jean Medeville is owned by 2 sisters now.

5) 2015 Mirassou Pinot Noir - $7.99 @ Minx
buttery nose, popcorn, old socks, caramel, butterscotch, raspberry, flimsy finish, flaccid, too sweet, too tart, not balanced, creamy texture, vanilla undertones.
The Mirassou's were the first to introduce Pinot Noir to California, and the first to realize the potential of the Central Coast.  The Mirassou family also led the way on several important innovations such as permanent vineyard irrigation and field pressing. Their contributions to the California wine industry are as much of a legacy as their wines! Henrietta Mirassou was left to run the company when her husband died at a young age.  She was imperative to keeping the company going and passing along to her sons.  Today Victoria Ferguson
is the head winemaker and continues their legacy.

6) 2013 HandCraft by Cheryl Indelicato - $13 @ Decatur Package Store
Pinot Noir with a touch of Sangiovese, 13.5% alcohol
more mature nose, black cherries, leather finish, it flogs the senses, mature pinot noir, bitter note on the finish, fruity start then evens out, a bit acidic, would pair well with pork chop, whipped neoprene, wet neoprene on a hot Caribbean dock,
Cheryl Indelicato is the Proprieter of Handcraft Artisan Collection Wines.  She is a health professional and vintner, so she makes wellness a top priority.  As part of her passion to make a positive difference, she created the program "HandCraft Cares" to support important causes with financial and in-kind donations.  Since 2012, HandCraft has contributed $220,000 to support breast cancer research, prevention, and awareness.

7) 2015 Cakebread Cellars, Anderson Valley, Napa California $60 @ The Juice Box
Pinot Noir, 14.7% alcohol
intense nose, vanilla currants, spice-pepper, black cherries, peppery finish, fresh cracked pepper, chocolatey,
Dolores Cakebread co-founded the winery in 1973 with Jack Cakebread.  Among her many accomplishments at the winery, including gardening flowers and veggies, she created The Cakebread Cellears Napa Valley Cookbook: Wine and Recipes to Celebrate Every Season's Harvest.  Each recipe is paired with a Cakebread Cellars wine making it possible to recreate the delicious and idyllic Napa Valley lifestyle at home.

8) 2013 Cambria Estate Benchbreak Pinot Noir, Santa Maria Valley - "minus $5" @ City Wine & Spirits (because he bought the T-shirt)
Pinot Noir, 13.5% alcohol
plum mouth, prune nose, the de-aging wine, the Benjamin Button wine, thin, flimsy finish,
Barbara Banke & Jess Jackson's Daughters: Julie & Katie grew up among these vines.  These women have shaped Cambria into who they are today. Cambria Winery stands not only for quality, but community. As a female-owned and operated winery, they know that when strong women work together, they can change the world!  Seeds of Empowerment Program is a $100,000 annual grantmaking program that celebrates remarkable women leaders and charitable organizations. From supporting the winery’s Santa Maria Valley community, to honoring women making a difference on the other side of the world, Cambria created Seeds of Empowerment to recognize and inspire leadership in women across the USA and around the globe

9) 2014 Domaine Galevan "Paroles de Femme" Cotes du Rhone - $17.99 @ Le Caveau Fine Wines
60% Grenache, 20% Mourvedre, 10% Cinsault, 10% Carignan - 14% alcohol
Paroles de Femme means "Words of woman"
chalky, bubble gum, cinnamon, big red on the palate, flower, lilacs on the nose, goldschlagger, black licorice, tobacco, fireball, cough drops, halls, leathers, ash, a Monday wine, hyacinth, cloves
Coralie Goumarre is the winemaker - we wrote about her for the welcome wine, see above.

10) 2013 Susana Balbo Malbec, Valle de Uco, Argentina - $25 @ Hintons Wine
94% Malbec, 6% Petit Verdot - 14.5% alcohol
chocolate, red fruits, earthy, artichokes on the palate, inky, dense, smooth, its good, I'd bring this on a date, tobacco leaf, certainly quaffable, intense, better than the wine I brought, ageable, fresh cut grass, "a big boy"
Known as the "Queen of Torrontes", Susana Balbo was the first female in Argentina to get her degree in enology.  She was in charge of developing and stylizing the Torrontes varietal. In 2012 she was recognized as one of the "Most Influential women Wine-makers" by the Drink Business Magazine, and in 2015 she was awarded by the same magazine as "Woman of the year".  She is the first Argentinean woman hired as a consultant to wineries worldwide. She now has her own winery and is creating her own wines.

11) 2011 Chateau Haut-Bages Liberal Bordeaux Pauillac, France - $42 @ Total Wine
Bordeaux Blend, 13% alcohol
perfume nose, sexy nose, raspberry, flavored cigarillos, rose, tobacco, cherry cavendish, wonderful nose, cloves,
One of the 18 5th growth (crus) vineyards of 1855 in Bordeaux.
Claire Villars Lurton (winemaker) was born into a family of winemakers.  She was a doctorate student in Physics and chemistry applied to archeology in Paris. When her parents died in an accident, she returned to Bordeaux to help manage the family estates.  While juggling this, she studied viticulture and oenology at the Faculty of Oenology in Bordeaux, and was trained by her grandfather Jacques Merlaut.  At the young age of 25 she took over management of Chateaux Ferriere, Haut-Bages Liberal, and La Gurgue.  Read more about this amazing woman here:

12) 2015 Katherine Goldschmidt, Crazy Creek, Alexander Valley - $20 @ The Juice Box
100% Cabernet Sauvignon, 14.5% alcohol
sexy wine, smooth, higher alcohol content, Syrah perhaps, its a big bold red, how about that? nose black tea, cherry, mocha, dark spices.
Katherine Goldschmidt is the daughter of Nick Goldschmidt, owner/vintner and winemaker.  His expertise is being passed down to his 5 children as evidenced by the wines released under their names (Chelsea, Hilary, and Katherine).
*We also tasted a 2014 of this same wine.  Delicious!

13) 2014 Cambria Tepusquet Vineyard Syrah - $30 for Club Members
100% Syrah, 14.5% alcohol
chocolate, cranberry, black currants, earthiness if you stick your nose in it really far, burnt tar, pavement, toasted toffee, smores, caramel taste, grip!
This wine was made by Denise Shurtleff, who joined Cambria Winery in 1999.  Read more about Cambria above.

14) Gallo Pinot Noir Magnum - $7.99 @ Minx
Pinot Noir, 12.5% alcohol
Early pine sol vintage, we're not snobs it's just awful, toothpaste & grape jelly, glue paste, juicy juice, juicy juice is better than this wine, all the grapes in welches together, Methodist communion wine.
Gina Gallo is heiress to the Gallo estate.

15) Myx Fusions Moscato - 6-pack is $
Moscato wine & Peach flavoring, 5.5% alcohol
Um no!
Nicki Minaj's product.

Overall we learned that Women Winemakers appear to care more about sustainability in winemaking, and about helping other women in the wine industry.




Saturday, April 22, 2017

Earth Day Wine Tasting - April 22, 2017 - hosted by Ms. Vicki & Ms.Lane

Earth Day Wine Tasting - April 22, 2017 - hosted by Ms. Vicki & Ms.Lane

Theme:  Biodynamic or Organic, Sustainable Wines
Biodynamic wine - The concept of Biodynamics started in the 1920s with an Austrian Philosopher named Rudolph Steiner.  It is a holistic, homeopathic manner of farming that, of course, also includes viticulture.  It is the oldest, anti-chemical agrigultural movement that predates the creation of organic farming by about 20 years. - Wine Folly
A wine made from biodynamic grapes means that a vintner uses biodynamically grown grapes, but followed a less strict list of rules in winemaking. sustainability refers to a range of practices that are not only ecologically sound, but also economically viable and socially responsible. 

Organic wine is wine made from grapes grown in accordance with principles of organic farming, which typically excludes the use of artificial chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. There are an estimated 1500–2000 organic wine producers globally,including negociant labels, with more than 885 of these organic domaines in France alone. The legal definition of organic wine varies from country to country. The primary difference in the way that organic wine is defined relates to the use (or non use) of preservatives during the wine-making process.
In the USA, strict rules govern the organic winemaking process at all stages of production including harvesting, the types of yeast that can be used during fermentation as well as storage conditions. These rules are applied for all imported and domestic wines that acquire USDA certification. In the USA, the total sulfite level must be less than 20 parts per million in order to receive organic certification. Organic certification in the UK is more simple as based on the fact that the grapes are grown organically.

Bring:  TWITs should bring a bottle of an Organic or Biodynamic Sustainable Wine - within our usual price range (Up to $20/bottle for Single Attendee, between $20 - $40/bottle for Couples, couples only expected to bring 1 bottle per couple)
Be prepared to tell us why you selected that bottle to bring.  We want to hear your story.

Lane & Vicki served organic food for the tasting. it was DELICIOUS!



Tasting Notes:
1) 2010 IGT Saladini Pilastri (Vendemmia) Pregio del Conte Rosso - $16.49 @ Total Wine
blend of 50% Montepulciano and 50% Aglianico
13.5% alcohol
unfiltered, dark tart fruits, tastes French, dark garnet, dry, lovely nose, strawberry, cranberry, spicy, lively, drinkable

2) 2015 Nicolas Carmarans "Maximus" Aveyron, Languedoc-Rousillon - $29.99 @ Le Caveau
100% Fer Servadou
11.5% alcohol 
smells of Jura, funky, day drinking, effervescent, floral, fizz from tip of your tongue down, refreshing, fun in your mouth, needs more chill, there's a creaminess to it.

3) 2014 Elizabeth Rose Pinot Noir, Yountville, CA - $21.99 @ Total Wine
100% Pinot Noir
13.9% alcohol
funky, death in the fridge, French, I know this wine, this is different, peppery, celery, the Bloody Mary, well-balanced, peppery finish, soooo peppery, "tastes like it was made from grape", cherry nose, maraschino cherry, 

4) 2011 Les Champs de l'Abbaye Monthelie Les Sous Roches, Cote de Beaune, France - $50 @ Le Caveau  100% Pinot Noir
12% alcohol
funky nose, dry, bold, least favorite, simple wine for simple drinking, flat, I would drink this, a house wine, Irish Springs Soap, acidic, terrible finish, flaccid, pair carefully, unattractive sweet tart, the nose is promising but the palate doesn't deliver, a bad date, it doesn't have a flavor, where's the dumping thing? it feels like it will never open up, it's not going places, you're fired.

5) 2013 Domaine Olivier Pithon "Cuvee Lais" Languedoc-Rousillon - $26 @ Le Caveau (with case discount).  Blend of Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre, Carignan
13.6% alcohol
funk-bomb, barnyard, cow pasture in outer space, the mouth is nice, tastes better than it smells, like cheese, serious tannins going on, grippy-ness on your molars, mohair socks on your molars.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Citi Wine & Spirits Tasting on Sunday March 19th, 2017

Citi Wine & Spirits Tasting on Sunday March 19th, 2017 4-7pm ET

Bring:  TWITs should bring $20/person for the cost of the tasting
Theme:  Sparkling Wines

Tasting Notes:

1) Benvolio Prosecco NV ~ $14.99
11% alcohol from Fruili-Venezia Giulia, Italy

2) Gerard Bertrand Thomas Jefferson Cremant de Limoux Brut  ~ $14.99
12% alcohol from Languedoc-Roussillon

3) Segura Viudas Brut (Cava) ~ $12.99
11.5% alcohol, Penedes, Spain
50% Macabeo, 35% Parellada, 15% Xarello

4) Bodegas Naveran Brut Cava 2013 ~ $14-$18
11.5% alcohol, Penedes, Spain
50% Xarello, 30% Macabeo, 20% Parellada.

5) Scharffenberger Brut Excellence NV ~ $17.99
12% alcohol, Anderson Valley in Mendocino County, California
60% Chardonnay, 40% Pinot Noir

6) Perrier-Jouet Grand Brut ~ $46.99
12% alcohol, Champagne France

7) Heidsieck & Co. Monopole Blue Top Brut NV ~ $34.99
12% alcohol, Champagne, France

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Burgundy - hosted by Rheinallt and Valerie - February 25th

Burgundy Tasting - hosted by Rheinallt and Valerie.

WHEN?  Saturday February 25th, 7:30 pm

THEME:  Burgundy - a region in France
Bourgogne is the French word for Burgundy.

BRING:  The wines were curated for us, each person only needed to bring $30/person to cover the cost of the wines. Burgundy wines are often at a higher price point than our usual tasting regions, but we feel this tasting was much too special to miss.

Image Credit - Wine Folly

Burgundy Made Simple:
(Note: we focused on the Cote d'Or (The golden slopes) region. Cote d'Or is made up of 2 smaller regions Cote de Nuits and Cote de Beaune).

If it's a White Wine from Burgundy, it's a Chardonnay.
If it's a Red Wine from Burgundy, it's a Pinot Noir.

Burgundy Wine Classification:
1) Grand Cru (2%)
2) Premier Cru (18%)
3) Village appellation (30%)
4) AOC Bourgogne (50%)

There are over 2000 years of wine making in the Burgundy region.  First the Celts, then the Monks, the Dukes, etc.  Burgundy has survived 2 World Wars, and still the wine is being perfected.

There is a limestone escapement (or ridge) in Burgundy, that aids in the composition of the soil in the area.  The quality or composition of the soil determines the field (or climate - pronounced Klee-matt)'s classification.  (see diagram below).  This soil is perfect for growing Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, which is why those are the main two varietals in Burgundy's Cote d'Or region.

In Burgundy, when a father died, he would pass his vines onto his sons, equally.  And when they died, they passed the vines onto their sons, and so forth.  Thus, it is possible that within a given field, there are different owners per row, or per few rows.  The wine is then made by that owner (aka producer or vintner) from their row or rows of grapes.  This is why wine in Burgundy can be so much more expensive than other regions in France.  Also this is why you see so many different wine labels from the same area.  Each label has the vintage, producer, climate, etc.  Rheinallt did a great job of explaining how to read the labels.

Tasting Notes:
Welcome Wine:  2012 Domaine Alain Chavy Bourgogne $17.99 @ Le Caveau
13% alcohol, 100% Chardonnay, AOC classification

1) 2012 Jean Michel Gaunaux Meursalt $74.99 @ Le Caveau
13% alcohol, 100% Chardonnay, Village classification
Jean Michel was the producer, Gaunaux Meursalt is the climate.
peach, apricots, fruity, honeysuckle, salty, good salinity, oak, white melon, good minerality, not quite licorice maybe fennel and dill on the finish, "I'm so happy right now", "It's like really expensive pound cake", would pair well with oysters, mussels, escargot, sea bass.

2) 2013 Bruno Colin 'En Remilly' Chassagne-Montrachet 1er Cru Blanc $117.99 @ Le Caveau
13.5% alcohol, 100% Chardonnay, Premier Cru Classification
Bruno Colin is the producer, Chassagne-Montrachet is the climate. He has 8 rows of vines in this climate.  perfumey, orchids, effervescence, floral, lily of the valley, perfection! honey, thicker, acidic, early Saturday night wine, nectar of the Gods!

COMPARISON TASTINGs from different region
2.25) 2013 Lynmar Estate, Russian River Valley California, Quail Hill $60 @ Lynmar Estate
14.4% alcohol, 100% Chardonnay,
funky nose, saline, briny, oaky, tarragon notes.

2.5) 2012 Robert Mondavi Chardonnay - gift from a non-wino friend
Rheinallt wanted us to just smell this one, just to get the nose.
It was very different, not pleasant at all.

2.75) 2011 Demessey Bourgogne $15 @ Le Caveau (bargain bin section)
13% alcohol, 100% Chardonnay, AOC classification
light, quaffable, delightful,

3) 2013 Bruno Colin Santenay 1er Cru 'Les Gravieres' $68.99
13% alcohol 100% Pinot Noir, Premier Cru classification
nose of pinot, licorice, leather, haunting, cocoa bean chocolate, gentle perfume, strawberries, very ripe strawberries on the finish

4) 2014 Francois Lumpp 'A Vigne Rouge' Givry 1er Cru Rouge $48.99 @ Le Caveau
13% alcohol, 100% Pinot Noir, Premier Cru classification
Francois Lumpp (loooomp) is the producer, Givry is the climate.
more body, perfumey nose, white flowers, toasted marshmallow, more depth

5) 2013 Michel Guillard 'Reniard' Gevrey-Chambertin Vieilles Vignes Rouge $46.99 @ Le Caveau
13% alcohol, 100% Pinot Noir, Village Classification
Michel Guillard is the producer, Gevrey-Chambertin is the climate, Vieilles Vignes means Old Vines
strawberries, perfumey, richer, the finish lingers on your tongue, lilac on the nose, more ancient, earthy, more body.

6) 2013 Joseph Voillot Volnay Vieilles Vignes $68.99 @ Le Caveau
13% alcohol, 100% Pinot Noir, Village Classification
Joseph Voillot (vwah-loh) is the producer, Volnay is the climate, Vieilles Vignes means Old Vines
oaked, chewy, delicious, delightful

COMPARISON TASTING from different region
6.5) 2013 Lynmar Estate Pinot Noir - Quail Hill - $55 @ Lynmar Estate
14.4% alcohol, 100% Pinot Noir
pepper, chocolate, silky, graphite on the nose, acidic, strawberry, jammy (in a good way).

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Bodega Renacer Wine Tasting & Barrel Painting January 21st, 2017 atVino Venue

Bodega Renacer Wine Tasting & Barrel Painting  at  Vino Venue

When:  Saturday January 21st, 2016 @ 3 pm - 5pm

Theme:  Bodega Renacer Wine Tasting & Barrel Painting
Unleash your Inner Artist on Saturday, January 21st!   Founded by Patricio Reich, Bodega Renacer prides itself in bringing consumers the very best wines from South America’s unique terroirs. The combination of Patricio’s passion for Mendoza’s wines and his extensive business experience has resulted in a modern and sophisticated winery that produces well-crafted, enjoyable wines that not only offer tremendous value but have garnered praise worldwide. In addition, Renacer has received awards for their support of the local art community in Mendoza. To celebrate, local young artists gather at special events to paint barrels that link both art, culture and the Argentine passion for wine. These special barrels are often gifted to distributors and importers.
In Spanish, Renacer means to be reborn.
Join us for a one-of-a-kind tasting featuring five Renacer wines and lite bites while two artists bring new life to used wine barrels. Best of all, you'll be entered in a raffle to take home one of these unique artwork pieces! And because we believe everyone's a winner, each attendee will receive a Renacer adult coloring book, the latest craze, to help you unleash your inner artist.

Bring:  Yourself - please purchase tickets Tickets are $20 in advance or $25 at the door.

Vino Venue - 4478 Chamblee Dunwoody Rd, Dunwoody, GA 30338 - 770-668-0435
*Vino Venue is located in the Georgetown Kroger Shopping Center, near where I-285 and Chamblee Dunwoody Rd intersect.

RSVP:  Please go to the Vino Venue website and purchase tickets.  Tickets are $20 in advance or $25 at the door.

Wines we will be tasting:

  • Punto Final Malbec Clasico
  • Milamore
  • Punto Final Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Punto Final Malbec Reserva
  • Renacer