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Barbera - October 14th, 2009 - Ms. Mina

Barbera - October 14th, 2009 - Ms. Mina

Wikipedia: Barbera - A red wine.
Pairings: tomato or mushroom sauces, barbeque, cheeseburger, roast beef, etc.
About: Italian wine from Piedmont region. d'Alba, d'Asti etc. Varietal is resistant to disease, has higher acidity, grows well even in warmer climates, purplish-black grape, early browning. Vanilla,smoke, toasty oak. Great as a blend, notes of red and blackberry,cherry, and sometimes oak. best if it breathes for 1-1.5 hrs.

Abbie's Tasting Notes:
1) 2008 Barbera d'Alba La Loggia - Trader Joes $7.99
acidic smell, tart yet light at the end, cherry, lighter purple/red color, a bit see-through, summery flavor

2) 2008 Barbera d'Alba Oltrepo Pavese Pozzi - Total Wine $12.99
mustier spice smell, with hint of yogurt scent. dry, more mature red grape taste, lingering dryness, cranberry flavor,
perfumey tasty (Sarah's comment)

3) 2006 Barbera d'Alba Ruvei Marchesi Di Barolo - Total Wine $16.99
alcohol, cedar, clove nose. almost tart but smoother cherry/raspberry flavor, dry, sticks to tongue, smoothness is almost like dark chocolate, Deb said bubblegum.

4) 2006 Barbera d'Alba Rocca Felice - Total Wine $14.99
"light cabernet" feel, quick nose, oaky, dried apricot. musty vanilla, leather scent. heavy vanilla taste, more complex than the others

5) same as #2, 2008 Barbera d'Alba Oltrepo Pavese Pozzi - Total Wine $12.99
clean smell (almost no nose). bright tart cherry taste, blueberry, cranberry hints. puckery, dry, pleasant FAVE.

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