Thursday, April 1, 2010

New Wine Movie?

Blood Into Wine - a documentary on Tool/Puscifer front man Maynard James Keenan and his vineyard (Caduceus Cellars) partner Eric Glomski's mission to bring notoriety and respect to Northern Arizona's burgeoning wine industry.

My fave review on their website: "Wine Review for 2004 Nagual del SENSEI by Filmaker Kris Pothier & some guy named Joe: At the time of this tasting, this wine is tight. At the very beginning we noted fresh stain on a church pew, tar and Flintstones vitamins. But as the wine opened, it began inducing slow pelvic thrusts in at least one, if not two, of your lab rats. At one point, a taster exclaimed: "it makes me want to break my glass and slit my throat so I can pour it down faster." Like the Naga, this complex wine has at least two distinct sides. Someone dubbed it "Asian agent orange." In addition to fig/plum, cocoa, anise, and brown sugar it took us out of the country. Orange-candied ginger, miso, Indian milk cakes, it could go well with red coconut milk curry. It also has something piquant in the mouth. The tannins give this wine an almost silty texture, adding to the milk cake and cocoa powder impression. They'll probably mellow with a little time. It's rich, young, still a little green. Oaky, but not over-bearing. Notable quotes... "It smells like the baking aisle at Bashas." and "This shit gives me the sweats."

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