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Pinot Noir - May 26th, 2010 - Ms. Deborah

Pinot Noir - May 26th, 2010 - Ms. Deborah

Wikipedia: Pinot Noir is a red wine varietal.
Pairings: Although Pinot Noir harmonizes well with a wide variety of foods, the best matches are grilled salmon, plain roast beef, any dish featuring mushrooms as the main flavor, braised lamb, pheasant, duck, grilled meaty fish. Classic French cooking has creations based on Pinot Noir such as Coq au Vin, Boeuf Bourginon, and Cassoulet. See more here.
About: Pinot Noir is also featured in the movie Sideways. In this interesting review the characters Miles and Maya have a conversation about why they like wines. Miles says he likes pinot because "it's a hard grape to grow - thin skinned, it ripens early, it's not a survivor. It needs constant care and attention, and can only really grow in these specific tucked away corners of the world." In the end he's talking about himself, really. Maya on the other hand, talks about how a wine is actually alive, constantly growing and evolving, even in the bottle.
Pinot Noir is often found in Burgundy region, Russian River Valley, Oregon, etc. Its thin skins attribute to low tannins, yet the cool region gives it a lively acidity.

Tasting Notes:
1) 2008 Vin Dillon Pinot Noir, Williamette Valley Oregon, $17.99 at Total Wine
12.6% Alcohol
Nose is smokhy, light leather, jasmine
Color is ruby/red, hazy but still see-through.
Palate berry, cranberry, lite granny smith apple flavor, clean short finish.

2) 2006 Mission Point Pinot Noir $8.99 Trader Joes (Produced in Eugene Oregon, Santa Barbara, CA)
13.6% Alcohol
Darker color, almost garnet.
Nose is perfumey, play-dough/must scent, gardenias, rubbing alchohol, vanilla
smooth, fuller, lingering finish, pomegranate/cranberry onthe palate

3) 2007 Kupelweiser Alto Adige Pino Nero $11.99 Total Wine
Italian - 13% Alcohol
Sweet/smoky smell, nose is earthy, darker color - garnet, tastes of candide flowers, musty,
full body, lingering finish also.

4) 2008 De Loach Russian River Valley Pinot Noir $17.99 at Costco
Burgundy techniques used, Produced in Santa Rosa, CA 14.5% alcohol
Darkest color,
nose has dark cherry, pungent must
cola, spice, bing cherry (specifically the Washington State Dark Cherry), jammy
smooth, full bodied,
would be great with lamb or other gamey meat

5) 2009 Pinot Evil Pinot Noir - $4.99 Total Wine
French import, 12.5% alcohol
Dark but hazy, not opaque, nose of chocolate, garden/herb spearmint - palate is tart, very dry, cotton ball finish
almost a salty fruit flavor, like grapefruit, smooth, velvety finish.

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