Friday, July 30, 2010

ISAW Foundation Media Project Fundraiser

ISAW 1K 4C: 1,000 People for $100
Take the challenge! This spring, thousands of people across the country were introduced to the ISAW Foundation and our mission of using wine to create economic opportunity for Africans through our Drink Well Do Good Campaign. This summer, we spent seven weeks in South Africa on the M’hudi Estate working on research and media development. With the help of our media partner Clear Films, we captured over 100 hours of footage in what is the most comprehensive collection of film that has ever been dedicated to the subject of black vintners, farmers, and black empowerment viticultural projects.

ISAW will use this media to help black entrepreneurs get their product to the US market, and engage Foundations, donors, and corporations for the financial support needed to develop the ISAW Training Center on the M’hudi Estate—South Africa’s first black‐owned vineyard. We need your help to develop the media and the school! As an incentive, if you help our Foundation, we’ll help you start your wine cellar! Here’s how:
1. Raise $100: It’s that simple! Please note that this is not asking you to personally give $100, we just need you to pledge your support to help raise it. Tell your friends, family, and co‐workers
that you have taken the challenge and that you need their help. $10, $20, $50, anything…once
you reach $100 you get a free bottle of delicious South African wine on us! Share it with
those who helped you raise it!
2. Recruit one more; win more wine! Each new donor you get, you will receive a new bottle
How to Donate
• Collect payments from your collaborators
• Submit your contribution via check to ISAW Foundation PO BOX 5502 Atlanta, GA 31107 OR
• Submit your payment online at and clicking the icon that says SUPPORT
• If you are mailing a check, make sure you include your name, address, email, and phone number so we can get you your wine.

To help kickstart the initative, Emory University will match our donations until August 1st.

Also, check out this awesome profile of Mhudi on CBS
Thank you a million times over for all of your support. Thank you thank you thank you! I hope that you can see from all of our progress that we couldn't do it without you!

Also here is the Drink Well Do Good Trailer

Drink Well, Do Good,
Stephen A. Satterfield
ISAW Founder

The TWITs and friends raised $200 for ISAW Foundation before August 1st!

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