Thursday, October 14, 2010

Prosecco - SOMEDAY in 2010 - Ms. Kat

Prosecco - hopefully SOMEDAY in 2010 - Ms. Kat (the Sept 15 and Oct 15 mtgs were cancelled due to low attendance)

Speaking of sparkling wines - read this article...

Wikipedia: Prosecco is an Italian wine, usually a sparkling white wine.
Pairings: Gorgonzola, Humboldt Fog, or Robiola due Latti cheeses, oysters, melon wrapped in proscuitto, honey, nuts, apples, citrus fruits, roasted pork, sage gnocchi, apple butter, salmon, horseradish relish, etc.
About: made from Prosecco grapes, primarily grown in Veneto region of Italy. Prosecco grapes can also be used to make spumante or frizzante. Prosecco is often used as a mixer for the Bellini or Poinsettia mixed-drink. Prosecco is similar to the French Champagne, but the name Prosecco can only be applied to wine that is made from Prosecco grapes grown in the Valdobbiadene/Conegliano regions of Italy. Dalmation Prosecco is made from dried grapes not fresh ones and is a sweeter wine akin to sherry.

Tasting Notes:
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