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Spanish Wines - August 31st - Ms Abbie

Spanish Wines - August 31st, 2011 - Ms Abbie
"Salud!" Lets toast to the end of summer with Spanish Wines. If attending, please bring 1 bottle of Spanish wine, it can be white, red, sparkling, etc, but try to ensure the bottle is of a single varietal (or grape) and not a blend.
Wikipedia: Spanish Wines - the country has an abundance of native grape varieties, with over 400 varieties planted throughout Spain (though 80% of the country's wine production is from 20 grapes, including: Tempranillo, Albarino, Garnacha, Palomino, Airen, Macabeo, Parellada, Xarel-lo, Carinena, and Monastrell.)
Pairings: tba

Tasting Notes:
Welcome wine (prior to the tasting): 2001 Anciano Tempranillo Gran Reserva Valdepenas DOC - $7.99 at CostCo 13% alcohol
Tasting Notes were compiled from ALL members, we also used a "fun" tasting sheet this time, that had humorous options on it, so read and enjoy!

1) 2009 Unis Old Vine Macabeo Viura Calatayud DOC - $10.99 at Hop City 13.5% alcohol
White Wine - some subtle legs, goldish straw color, translucent, lightly oaky, some pear on the nose,
comment: "smells like an office cubical" and "alcohol" not as crisp as some white wines, pineapple, granny smith apple on palate
Color: Looks like wine
Clarity: can shine light through it
Nose: Simple but inoffensive
Body: both skinny and flabby
Flavor: Oenophilic Ick
Finish: Premature gustation
Impression: Very light up front, no distinct flavors, bitter shallow, unbalanced, thin
Color: Looks like wine
Clarity: satisfyingly translucent
Nose: simple but inoffensive
Body: Lean and sinewy
Flavor: excessively sweet
Finish: Premature gustation
Impression: Meh - would pay nine bucks
Tasting Companions: Freaks!
Food Pairing: Orts!

2) 2009 Martin Codax Albarino, Rias Biaxas DOC - $10.99 CostCo - 12.5% alcohol
White Wine - lemongrass color, clearer, more clear than the first wine. "smells like a perm", "funky fresh", peach , "fermented veggies" or "cigar box" on the nose. "oaky cabbage or sauerkraut", light, refreshing, off dry, apples and young strawberry (not ripe) on the palate
Color: faded and jaded
Clarity: can shine light through it
Nose: Medley of vinegar
Body: Both skinny and flabby
Flavor: excessively sweet
Finish: Premature gustation
smells like perm, funky, ends suddenly
Color: faded and jaded
clarity: murky as a polluted lake
Nose: medley of vinegar
Body: Both skinny and flabby
Flavor: amply acidic
finish: Premature gustation
Impression: not my thing, maybe too old.

3) 2009 Montebuena Rioja (blend) Cosecha Burgo Viejo - $10.99 at Total Wine - 13.5% alcohol - 90 pts, purpley-red color, berries, chocolate, raisin on the nose, chocolate, cherries, hint of peat on the palate,
tart, lingering finish. deep raisins
Label: true piece of art
color: brilliantly hued
Clarity: murky as a polluted lake
Nose: simple but inoffensive
Body: height-weight proportionate
Flavor: Amply acidic
Impression: Tasty, would drink again.

4) 2004 Anzil Toro DOC Finca - $15.00 from
dark garnet color, scents of toasted coconut, figs, would pair well with a cigar, pairs with chocolate, complex, interesting, love the finish FAVE so far, dry, dark, complex, yummy, long finish,
Color: looks like wine
clarity: can shine light through it
nose: impressively powerful
body: lean and sinewy
flavor: precariously balanced
finish: stamina to spare
impressions: delicious

5) 2009 El Pensador (The Thinker) Tempranillo Campo de Borja DOC - $11 or $12.99 at Kroger (regularly $14.99 without Kroger Plus card) - 13.5% alcohol
grapey scent, purply dark color (reminds me of a MollyDooker), lingering legs, dark fruit, raspberry, tastes of higher alcohol content, spice, plum, notes of strawberry and red cherry. more bitter.
color: looks like wine
clarity: satisfyingly translucent
nose: impressively powerful
flavor: amply acidic
body: both skinny and flabby
finish: premature gustation
impression: pretty good, maybe a little young

Food we enjoyed:
  • 3 varieties of olives
  • Manchego
  • Goat Cheese & Crackers
  • Soy Chorizo
  • Chips and homemade Salsa
  • Hummus
  • Variety of Chocolate bites (some with toffee some without)
  • Almonds
  • Fresh Cherries

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