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Australian Shiraz - December 14th, 2011 - Ms. Marilyn

Australian or South African Shiraz/Syrah - December 14th, 2011 - Ms. Marilyn
Wikipedia: Syrah/Shiraz Syrah or Shiraz (Not to be confused with Petite Sirah which is a different varietal.) is a dark-skinned grape grown throughout the world and used primarily to produce powerful red wines.
Pairings: Shiraz is great for grilled meats or veggies, wild game, richly flavored red meats, beef stew and meat lover's pizza. Cheese Pairing ideas.

Tasting Notes:
The Welcome Wine - Chook Chinook Shiraz - $5.99 @ Trader Joes

1) 2009 Shotfire Shiraz, Austrailia, Barossa Valley, Thorne-Clarke - $17.99 @ Total Wine
14.8% alcohol
Color: dark purple-red, mostly opaque, nice thick legs
Nose: dark fruit, plum, sweetness, reminds me of Port, high alcohol on nose
Palate: a bit of pepper, some blackberry, tart, very dense, tannic
Other comments: the name Shotfire originated from the hazerdous job of lighting charges in the mines. On the bottle it says it has chocolate and plum with oak and vanilla flavors
*this was one of my favorites of the evening.

2) 2010 Jam Jar Sweet Shiraz, South Africa, Western Cape - $9.99 @ the Liquor Store on corner of 17th & Northside Drive by IKEA.
12.5% alcohol
Color: clear ruby red, light, translucent, almost no legs
Nose: earthy (graphite/caulky),
sweeter, cherry wine, cola, tastes like a lighter Port, jelly/jam, cherry jam soda, like a red white zin,
Other: Pairs well with spicy food, but can't drink an entire bottle alone, too sweet, Leslie correctly guessed this was Jam Jar, summertime-dessert wine, on bottle says juicy-berry with hints of dark chocolate

3) 2006 Torbreck, Woodcutters Shiraz, Barossa Valley - $20.00 @ small liquor store on Terrell Mill
14.5% alcohol
Color: dark purple red, opaque
Nose: nice and pleasant at first, then tinge of kitty litter or dirty socks. Olive perhaps? earthy, no fruit, smells of pine or evergreen bark.
Palate: smooth, medium bodied, slight bitterness, some citrus notes, licorice/fennel
Other: bottle says to pair with hearty meal
*this was one of my favorites of the evening.

4) 2010 Layer Cake Shiraz - South Australia - $15.98 @ Kroger in Sandy Springs
14.1% alcohol
Color: Midnight Purple, almost black, long legs
Nose: perfumey
Palate: smooth, faintly sweet, jammy, dry finish, slightly tart, a sweet jam then pucker, savory
Other: would pair well with game, recommend the 2008 Layer Cake (supposedly tastes better than the 2010), bottle says it has fruit/mocha/chocolate - spice - rich.

5) 2010 Terra Barossa Shiraz - Thorne & Clarke - $12.99 @ Total Wine
14.5% alcohol
Color: red purple, jam, dark, slow legs
Nose: herb/earth, peaty, damp spice, musty
Palate: tart, pucker, pepper, cranberry, dry finish, a bit of alcohol burn going down.
Other: This is apparently the #2 selling Shiraz at Total Wine. Bottle says plum, soft tannins, appealing spiciness

6) 2007 Le Pousseur Syrah- Bonny Dune vineyards - Santa Cruz California ~$16.00 @ CostCo (?)
13.5% alcohol
Color: lighter, clearer, magenta, more pink,
Nose: layered nose, pepper, vanilla-clove-coffee
Palate: smooth, full flavor but surprisingly light finish

7) 2010 Lindemans Bin 50 Shiraz, Southeast Australia - $7.99 @ Trader Joes
13.5% alcohol
Color: clear-ish, claret-red
Nose: dark cherry, dark chocolate, alcohol, cocoa powder, caramel
Palate: approachable, drinkable, almost too easy to drink, butterscotch,
Other: pairs well with chocolate, definitely needs food with it. bottle says plum and spice and to pair with pasta or red meat.
My fave quote of the evening was from Aubrey "You can feel this in your teeth, and some of them aren't even mine!"

8) 2009 Villa San Juliette - Petite Sirah - Paso Robles, San Miguel, California ~ $17.00 @ Costco or Le Caveau (she couldn't remember which)
Color: dark violet
Nose: violets, oak
Palate: jammy, lingering then abrupt dry finish, "it's good but...not?"
Other: Leslie says this is the wine from the makers of American Idol. bottle says "Blueberry motor oil" and mocha, pairs well with meats and cajun cuisine. Another recommendation from same winemaker is Chorum

9) 2010 MollyDooker - Shiraz - The Boxer - McLaren Vale Australia - $21.99 @ CostCo
16% alcohol
Color: dark purple/red, high alcohol
Nose: red fruit, chocolate, caramel, vanilla, butter
Palate: dry, deep cranberry, pepper at the end, oak, full-bodied
Other: This is Abbie's favorite Australian Winemaker, she tried it for the first time at Morrell's Wine Bar in NYC Rockafeller Center. Matt remarked on his first look "It has legs like a Rockette up in here!" The legs are so lovely, lingering, and slow, they practically stain the glass.
**NOTE: Sometimes you can find this for $19.99 at Kroger, but it goes fast so you have to snatch it up quick**
MollyDooker is slang for "Left-Hander"
Another recommendation is MollyDooker - Shiraz- Blue Eyed Boy, but this one runs about $45/bottle. however it is worth it if you can splurge.

Other notes:
Recommended - 2002 The Prisoner by Orin Swift Cellars (label photo is lovely):

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