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Le Caveau - Meet the Winemaker: Paulo Demarie - 02/04/12

Abbie with Paulo Demarie
Le Caveau - Meet the Winemaker: Paulo Demarie
- 02/04/12
This was truly an experience, as we got to meet the winemaker, the distribution folks, and Paulo autographed the wine bottles I purchased. What a rare treat!
1) 2009 Demarie Roero Arneis DOCG - $19.99
Varietal: Arneis, white grape from the Piedmont region
12.5% alcohol
Arneis is one of the great white wines of Piedmont with a full, intense aroma. Elegant floral and fruity flavors bring to mind hints of peach, apricot, chamomile, and small spring blossoms. Fresh and lingering on the tongue, with a wonderful slightly almond-flavored finish. Charming, enchanting, and fresh-like with a light summer meal.
Maturation: The wine is held in stainless steel tanks until bottling.
Food Pairing: Mushroom ragu, roasted chicken with rosemary, pasta with butter-sage-Asiago cheese.
2) 2007 Demarie Barbera D'Alba DOC Superiore - $22.99
Varietal: Barbera (red)
13.5% alcohol
Barbera is a time honored expression of Piedmont. This classic Barbera is easy to drink due to its good acid structure and low astringency. Revelations of brilliant ruby hues deepend to garnet with age. Intense scents of prune and mulberry accompany the full-bodied flavor.
Maturation: 6 months in 2500 L Slavonian Oak Casks.
Food Pairing: Filet Mignon, lasagna, veal scaloppini, and Piave Cheese.
3) 2007 Demarie Nebbiolo D'Alba DOC - $26.99
Varietal: Nebbiolo
13.5% alcohol
With a spectrum of brilliant ruby red to enticing burgundy with maturity, the Nebbiolo bouquet opens slowly to release delightful impressions of wild violet and ripened Morello cherries. The palate expression is intense and fragrant with mellow tones of cherry, raspberry, and wild strawberry jam, with a lingering of spicy licorice and a sophisticated finish. Taste the tannins!
Maturation: 8 months in 2500 L Slavonian oak casks
Food Pairing: Pork Loin, Porcini mushroom risotto, spaghetti Carbonara, and Grana Padano Cheese
4) 2006 Demarie Barbaresco DOC - $54.99
Varietal: Nebbiolo
14.5% alcohol
"The Queen of Wines" palate expression is intense with notes of red fruits and rose petal. It reveals a majestic garnet red color, with a mystifying orange reflection in the glass and strong tannins. This wine is truly elegant on the finish.
Maturation: 2 years in 5000 L Slavonian oak barrels, then bottle aged for 3-4 months.
Food Pairing: Grilled steak, rack of lamb, wild boar ragu, and Taleggio cheese
5) NV Demarie Brachetto Birbet - $18.99
Varietal: Brachetto
6.5% alcohol
Birbet is a classic celebratory wine, perfect for a toast or to complement desserts. It has a blooming cherry red color with soft ruby nuances and endless bubbles. Fragrant and aromatic, it sweetens the palate with notes of strawberry, raspberry, and blackberry. The taste is reminiscent of the Renaissance Era and crafted with expertise mirroring the elegant culture of the Piedmont.
Maturation: the wine is held in stainless steel tanks until bottling
Food Pairing: Dark Chocolate Truffles, plum tart, and fresh berries

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