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TWITs Bus Tour - Georgia Mountain Wineries - April 21, 2012

TWITs Bus Tour - Georgia Mountain Wineries - April 21, 2012

On a partly cloudy Saturday in April, the TWITs hopped into a Van, and took a tour of the Georgia Mountain Wineries.  We had a wonderful designated driver courtesy of Georgia Wine Tours, and the Van was brand-spanking-new (still had plastic wrap on the seatbelts). 

The first winery we visited was Montaluce.  The Winery and nearby lands are just beautiful!  The wine was decent, and I bought a bottle of Centurio.

  Next, we stopped for lunch at Wolf Mountain.  The views were breathtaking, and the sun came out to say hello while we were there.  Lunch was just delicious, and I bought a bottle of Instinct.

Finally, we visited Frogtown Cellars.  Frogtown, has by FAR, the best Red Wines (in my humble opinion).  We were given our own table/bar off to the left of the main bar, and Shona served us.  She is hilarious, and a good sport.  I bought a bottle of Tannat and a bottle of Touche. 
I also LOVE that they have Goldfish crackers for folks to munch on.  

At this point in the trip, we were supposed to visit Three Sisters Winery, but we were so tired and we also wanted to make it back in time for our Dinner Reservations, so we said Goodbye to the GA Mountains.  
We are thinking of traveling back in the Fall, after the leaves change. 

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