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Le Caveau - Bastille Day Tasting - 7/14/2012

Welcome back Susan Maschal of Ultimate Distributors on Bastille Day as we celebrate French Independence and taste through some vins des terroirs from the Bourgeois Family Selections portfolio.

1) 2010 Elicio Ventoux Blanc - $11.99
100% Vermentino
Raphael Trouiller uses his experience as a vigneron to produce Elicio in the south of the Rhone Valley.  "Elicio" is Latin "to reveal."  This wine is made from a careful selection of young vines growing on chalky and clay soils in the Southeast of the Rhone Valley. 100% Vermentino varietal that is aged in stainless steel tanks, which shows pure fulfilling flavors that evoke warm and fruity flavors of its sunny region.

2) 2011 Chateau de Saurs "La Jouvencelle" Gaillac Blanc - $18.99
Varietals:  Le Mauzac, Le Loin de L'oeil, Le Sauvignon
The Saurs Castle is located in the heart of the Gaillac AOC, one of the oldest ones in France which can be traced back to 6th Century, about 30 miles northeast of Toulouse, in the village of Lisle-sur-Tarn.  The soil is a well-balanced mix of clay, chalk, and gravel at the foot of the slopes.
Le Mauzac:  Characterized by apple and pear
Le Loin de L'oeil:  This ancient varietal is only found in Gaillac.  It brings freshness, with a flowery aromatic.
Le Sauvignon:  With a smoky note and citrus aromas.

3) 2011 Clos Teddi Patrimonio Rosé Corsica - $25.99
75% Niellucciu, 25% Sciaccerellu
(Nee-oh-LEE-chee-oh   -  Shock-oh-REH-loo)
Niellucciu is a clone of Sangiovese.
The Patrimonio area owes its quality to the climate of a region sheltered from the winds by the surrounding mountains, to soils of masses of fallen chalky rocks mingled with clay.  Clos Teddi spreads over 50 acres located in the AOC Patrimonio, which is the oldest recognized appellation in Corsica.  It is located in the desert of the Agriates, in an ancient archeological site.  Its exceptional soils, next to the sea are surrounded by mountains and enable organic farming.

4) 2009 Domaine de Cascavel "Le Cascavel" Ventoux Rouge - $17.99
40% Grenache, 40% Carignan, 20% Syrah
"Le Cascavel" means "the little bell" - and there is a little bell drawing on the label.  This is made by the same winemaker as the Elicio above.
Domaine de Cascavel is a small wine producing estate located in the Cotes du Ventoux AOC and has been operating in a biodynamic manner since 200.  The 30 acre vineyard grows on clay soils (argilo- carcaires) and allows for a perfect environment to produce Cotes-du-Ventoux wines.  The rising star of the Ventoux, this biodynamic estate (in conversion) produces small quantity, small yields, hand-crafted wines.  The wine is aged in cement tanks.

5) 2009 Domaine de Chateaumar "Cuvée Vincent" Côtes du Rhône Rouge - $17.99
100% Syrah
Named after their son "Vincent."
For many generations the vines at Domaine du Chateaumar have been cultivated by father and son.  Today it is Jean-Felix and Frederic Souret who manage the vineyard, always maintaining the greatest respect for nature.  A Custom Cuvee for the Bourgeois Family made from a single vineyard of Syrah vines.  Only 550 cases were made of this custom cuvee, 100% Syrah, from hillside vineyards, aged for 8 months in concrete tanks.

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