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July 18, 2013 - Le Caveau Blind Tasting of Natural Wines - hosted by MrLes & Ms Melissa

July 18, 2013 - Le Caveau - Blind Tasting of Natural Wines - hosted by Mr Les & Ms Melissa

Theme:  Natural wines - We tasted these wines blind.
Clues we were given:  They could be from anywhere.  They will not be weird wines, but unadulterated.   This tasting will be really interesting, especially, blind because it will challenge what many think about certain varietal characteristics based on wines that have been 'doctored'. 

Eric, of Le Caveau, has been reading a lot about the subject as of late, and gave us a presentation about natural wines during the tasting.  We discussed how additives are allowed in the wines (98 known additives allowed in US wines, 77 in EU, 89 in Australia, and 69 in New Zealand).  We also saw photos side-by-side of vineyards maintained with organic fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and fungides, versus regular vineyard maintenance.  We learned about Biodynamic viticulture, and one of the more interesting methods they use involving a cow horn filled with fermented manure. Yeast is also something to consider.  Some vintners use native yeasts and/or natural yeasts versus commercial yeasts.  Read more about Natural Wines here.

1) 2011 Agnes et Rene Mosse "Magic of JuJu" $24.99
100% Chenin Blanc, 13.5% alcohol
TWITs tasting notes:  light nose, golden color (honey all over), almost invisible legs, faint pickles smell, very light and herbacious palate, melon flavors, more floral nose as it opens up, palate of almond butter and/or Butterfinger Candy

2) 2010 Eric Texier L'indigene Sulfureux "Eluney" $ 21.99
100% Grenache, 12.5% alcohol
TWITs tasting notes: pepper, cherries, woody, tar, some smoke, dark candy sweet, fresh manure, peat, burnt ash, petroleum, light wet grass, smokier nose as it breathes, 
palate is a softer wine, peppery, nice finish, creamy, herb, berries, nuts, 
Val guessed a Syrah, Abbie thought it reminded her of a Sant'Elena Tato (Cab/Merlot blend).

3) 2011 Louis Claude Desvignes Morgon Cote du Py
100% Gamay, 13% alcohol
TWITs tasting notes:  grape jello, jammy, cumquat, small yeast, thin legs, cotton candy, butterscotch
softer palate, cantaloupe, viscous, lighter with a lingering finish, licorice, smells like halloween

4) 2009 Domaine Derain St. Aubin "Le Ban" - $23.99
100% Pinot Noir, 14% alcohol
TWITs tasting notes: perm solution, ammonia, 
palate is berry, soft, like a light pinot noir

5) 2009 Campi Nuovi Montecucco - $39.99
100% Sangiovese
TWITs tasting notes:  fruity nose, oaky, clove, funky, lovely nose of pine,
softer berry finish, like Christmas, cinnamon, nutmeg, very warm, dry
Guesses:  Marilyn says Bordeaux, Abbie says Cab Franc, Val says New World.

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