Friday, August 26, 2016

TWITs Albarino - August 26th, 2016 - hosted by Abbie & Matt

TWITs Albarino - August 26th, 2016 - hosted by Abbie & Matt

When:  Friday August 26th, 2016 - 7:00pm ET

Theme:  Albarino, a white grape varietal

Bring:  TWITs should bring a bottle of Albarino within the specified price range (Up to $20/bottle for Singles, between $20 - $40/bottle for Couples)

Food Pairings:
Saffron Salmon, Mustard sauces, Cheeses (Dubliner aged cheddar, Manchego, Goat Cheese with honey), watermelon, goat cheese stuffed peppadews, olives, gluten-free crackers, rosemary crackers, Romaine and Tomato salad, Spicy Thai ice cream,

Tasting Notes:
Welcome Wine:  2015 Pazo de Senorans Camino del Peregrino Albarino - $7.99 @ Jett Ferry Kroger

1) 2015 Burgans Albarino - $12 at Toco Giant, others found it around town for $14-15.
12.5% alcohol
light nose, delicate floral palate, minerality, less citrusy, apple, pear, herbacious, laundry detergent, refreshing, easy, floral, diet sprite, more complex.

2) 2014 Eladio Peneiro Envidia Cochina - $24 @ Le Caveau Fine Wines
12% alcohol, means the slow is beautiful, has photo of a snail on the label, uniquely shaped bottle.
perfumey, white floral, beer, funk, some stank, darker yellow color, toasted butter, oaked, yeasty, cider nose, mead-like, chalky, pinot grigio - like, more sophisticated, leather, saline neutral, rough finish, bug spray, don't love it.

3) 2015 Lagrima Bagoa do Mino - $24 @ Total Wine
13% alcohol
fruity, laundry detergent, crisp granny smith apples, pear, stone fruits, viscosity, licorice, gala apples, super dry, vanilla ice cream, sort of effervescent, sour, smells like Val's face cream.

4) 2013 Peitan Albarino, Minho River Galicia Spain - $19 Marietta Wines or Naked Wines
13% alcohol
honey, licorice, magic marker, soapy, tart, peach, so deep it may never be there, freshly erased white board - specifically expo brand, pineapple, liquor - a thin liquor, oxidized, bitter leaves, vermouth, bitter but rich, charcoal, good hot tub wine, trying its best to be fruity but it's plasticy, latex, nose completely different than the palate, this terroir is near an ancient Celtic fortress.

5) 2015 Val do Sesego O'pucha Arbo - $14.99 @ Total Wine
12.5% alcohol
lighter in color, mineral and chalk, juicy fruit gum nose, light, crisp, honey, straight up pinot grigio, Mott's applesauce, nose is different than the palate, larger finish, thicker, nose of cheddar cheese, mild cheddar not sharp, it feels in my mouth like a silk wave, not a liquid, more thick, liquid-esque.

6) 2015 La Cana Albarino - $17 @ Whole Foods
13% alcohol
stone fruits, non-existant nose, biscotti, floral, flower, no scent, lavendar, the most different, effervescent, christmas, citrus, lemon grass, green things, cardamom, lime nose, white flowers, best of the night, pair with fish tacos or seafood.

7) 2015 Imagery Albarino (Sonoma California) ~ $24 @ the Imagery Estate Winery
14.1% alcohol
floral soap, depth, sweeter, not too sweet, stone fruits, floral, more complex, fried ripe plantains, banana with grass, pineapple, tropical, mango, pithy, LOVE IT! most complex, tropical fruit punch, more acidic, more alcohol, bitter, dry, showing very well,
TWITs anecdote:  Corinna and Daniel got engaged at Benziger (per Rheinallt's recommendation), then they announced their engagement at Imagery.   And then later, Rheinallt officiated their wedding.

8) 2015 Quinta da Aveleda (Portugal) - $12 @ Toco Giant
11% alcohol
70% Loureiro, 30% Alvarinho
lemon meringue pie, smooth, vanilla, desserty, graham cracker crust, citrusy, lemon, lite lemonade, 2 dumpers, sparkling wine, tart, almost too tart, 10 molar sulfuric acid, worst wine of the night by far, fermented Mt Dew by the pool in 90 degree weather, I wouldn't serve it to my worst enemy, fruit piss.

9) 2015 Quinta da Aveleda Alvarinho (Portugal) - $14 @ Toco Juice Box
12% alcohol - 100% Alvarinho
pineapple, oaky afterbirth, Vicki dumped hers (1st time she's ever dumped one), bouquet of Ty-D-Bol, it's too much, stone fruits, the taste is worse than the smell, 2 dumps, swipe left! it's not for everyone, watered down lemonade from Chick-Fil-A, too citrusy, like caviar you buy at the gas station and we only go to the best gas stations, meh, crisp and palatable, would pair with fish (shellfish or mild fish), very bright, wakes you up, maybe with the right food? prawns or oysters, it might be good? the penultimate.

10) 2013 Terra D'Alter (Portugal) - $15 @ Minks
12.5% alcohol
nice nose, fishy, rotten, apricot, paper, more fruits, stone fruits, pineapple with pear, herbacious, cilantro, Matt dumped it, burnt tires, doing a donut on I-285 - which you should never do, sulfur, like a volcano and asphalt, tar, barbie doll heads, pairs well with the manchego.

The Lineup

JPP our newest TWIT

Our Imagery Lovebirds

Christy, JPP, and Marilyn having fun

Lauren's home made, vegan, Spicy Thai Coconut ice cream

JPP's Daddy feeding JPP (not wine though, he isn't ready yet)

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