Saturday, February 25, 2017

Burgundy - hosted by Rheinallt and Valerie - February 25th

Burgundy Tasting - hosted by Rheinallt and Valerie.

WHEN?  Saturday February 25th, 7:30 pm

THEME:  Burgundy - a region in France
Bourgogne is the French word for Burgundy.

BRING:  The wines were curated for us, each person only needed to bring $30/person to cover the cost of the wines. Burgundy wines are often at a higher price point than our usual tasting regions, but we feel this tasting was much too special to miss.

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Burgundy Made Simple:
(Note: we focused on the Cote d'Or (The golden slopes) region. Cote d'Or is made up of 2 smaller regions Cote de Nuits and Cote de Beaune).

If it's a White Wine from Burgundy, it's a Chardonnay.
If it's a Red Wine from Burgundy, it's a Pinot Noir.

Burgundy Wine Classification:
1) Grand Cru (2%)
2) Premier Cru (18%)
3) Village appellation (30%)
4) AOC Bourgogne (50%)

There are over 2000 years of wine making in the Burgundy region.  First the Celts, then the Monks, the Dukes, etc.  Burgundy has survived 2 World Wars, and still the wine is being perfected.

There is a limestone escapement (or ridge) in Burgundy, that aids in the composition of the soil in the area.  The quality or composition of the soil determines the field (or climate - pronounced Klee-matt)'s classification.  (see diagram below).  This soil is perfect for growing Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, which is why those are the main two varietals in Burgundy's Cote d'Or region.

In Burgundy, when a father died, he would pass his vines onto his sons, equally.  And when they died, they passed the vines onto their sons, and so forth.  Thus, it is possible that within a given field, there are different owners per row, or per few rows.  The wine is then made by that owner (aka producer or vintner) from their row or rows of grapes.  This is why wine in Burgundy can be so much more expensive than other regions in France.  Also this is why you see so many different wine labels from the same area.  Each label has the vintage, producer, climate, etc.  Rheinallt did a great job of explaining how to read the labels.

Tasting Notes:
Welcome Wine:  2012 Domaine Alain Chavy Bourgogne $17.99 @ Le Caveau
13% alcohol, 100% Chardonnay, AOC classification

1) 2012 Jean Michel Gaunaux Meursalt $74.99 @ Le Caveau
13% alcohol, 100% Chardonnay, Village classification
Jean Michel was the producer, Gaunaux Meursalt is the climate.
peach, apricots, fruity, honeysuckle, salty, good salinity, oak, white melon, good minerality, not quite licorice maybe fennel and dill on the finish, "I'm so happy right now", "It's like really expensive pound cake", would pair well with oysters, mussels, escargot, sea bass.

2) 2013 Bruno Colin 'En Remilly' Chassagne-Montrachet 1er Cru Blanc $117.99 @ Le Caveau
13.5% alcohol, 100% Chardonnay, Premier Cru Classification
Bruno Colin is the producer, Chassagne-Montrachet is the climate. He has 8 rows of vines in this climate.  perfumey, orchids, effervescence, floral, lily of the valley, perfection! honey, thicker, acidic, early Saturday night wine, nectar of the Gods!

COMPARISON TASTINGs from different region
2.25) 2013 Lynmar Estate, Russian River Valley California, Quail Hill $60 @ Lynmar Estate
14.4% alcohol, 100% Chardonnay,
funky nose, saline, briny, oaky, tarragon notes.

2.5) 2012 Robert Mondavi Chardonnay - gift from a non-wino friend
Rheinallt wanted us to just smell this one, just to get the nose.
It was very different, not pleasant at all.

2.75) 2011 Demessey Bourgogne $15 @ Le Caveau (bargain bin section)
13% alcohol, 100% Chardonnay, AOC classification
light, quaffable, delightful,

3) 2013 Bruno Colin Santenay 1er Cru 'Les Gravieres' $68.99
13% alcohol 100% Pinot Noir, Premier Cru classification
nose of pinot, licorice, leather, haunting, cocoa bean chocolate, gentle perfume, strawberries, very ripe strawberries on the finish

4) 2014 Francois Lumpp 'A Vigne Rouge' Givry 1er Cru Rouge $48.99 @ Le Caveau
13% alcohol, 100% Pinot Noir, Premier Cru classification
Francois Lumpp (loooomp) is the producer, Givry is the climate.
more body, perfumey nose, white flowers, toasted marshmallow, more depth

5) 2013 Michel Guillard 'Reniard' Gevrey-Chambertin Vieilles Vignes Rouge $46.99 @ Le Caveau
13% alcohol, 100% Pinot Noir, Village Classification
Michel Guillard is the producer, Gevrey-Chambertin is the climate, Vieilles Vignes means Old Vines
strawberries, perfumey, richer, the finish lingers on your tongue, lilac on the nose, more ancient, earthy, more body.

6) 2013 Joseph Voillot Volnay Vieilles Vignes $68.99 @ Le Caveau
13% alcohol, 100% Pinot Noir, Village Classification
Joseph Voillot (vwah-loh) is the producer, Volnay is the climate, Vieilles Vignes means Old Vines
oaked, chewy, delicious, delightful

COMPARISON TASTING from different region
6.5) 2013 Lynmar Estate Pinot Noir - Quail Hill - $55 @ Lynmar Estate
14.4% alcohol, 100% Pinot Noir
pepper, chocolate, silky, graphite on the nose, acidic, strawberry, jammy (in a good way).

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