Sunday, August 23, 2009

The glass says it all

Photograph of a piece done by Sarah Hobbs, seen in Atlanta Style and Design Summer 07 issue. This photo cracks me up with all the funny writings on the wine glasses.

"Why are you crying?" , "How much do you weigh?" , "I am deep in debt" , "Here alone? Did you get dumped?" , Can you loan me some money?" , "How much did you pay for that?" , "I'm asking for a divorce." , "Why aren't you married yet?" , "Do you see a therapist?" , "I have a really weird rash." , "What grades does your kid make?" , "We fought before you got here." , "What's that pill for?" , "Just soda? Are you pregnant?" , "How much do you make?" , "D you know what your problem is?" , "Guess how much I make?" , "I started seeing a shrink" , "I don't know why I invited them" , " I may lose my job." , " Are you two sleeping together?" , "Have you gained weight?" , "When are you going to have a baby?" , "We can't afford this house." , "Were you just talking about me?" , "Are those real?" , "Our sex life is non-existent."

It's the things you may hear people saying at a party, or things they may be thinking quietly to themselves. All most inappropriate, but funny none-the-less.


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