Friday, November 13, 2009

Krog Bar - post from Abbie

Wednesday night, my husband and I went to Krog Bar downtown. We were headed to a business meeting, but we were early, and it just so happened that Krog Bar was nearby. It's not a large place, but it is cozy.
The first thing I saw, was a leg of pork on a stand. Proscuitto? PERFECT.
The wine list made my mouth water.
The olives were outstanding.
The cheese was to die for.
Krog Bar ... Menu
you gotta check it out.
I had the Notre Malbec, and my husband had the El Gatano Malbec. Spanish Olives, and Manchego for munchies. mmm
Even though it is on "Krog" street, there's more to the name:
"About the word "KROG" from Sweden: Krog is a little "better" than a pub or bar - krog is an old word for a restaurant that serves food as well as drinks, and would even sometimes have a band and a small dance floor."

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