Wednesday, November 9, 2011

We Did It - Sunday Sales!!!

Sunday Sales Referendum - Metro Atlanta

1)See the Google Map for Details
2)11 Alive News
3) AJC News - “The results of today’s election,” Georgia Food Industry Association lobbyist Kathy Kuzava said, “have shown that the vast majority of voters overwhelmingly support the opportunity to purchase all of their groceries, including beer and wine, seven days per week.”
Don't go dropping 12-packs on the checkout conveyer belt just yet. Stores that can offer the sales will be spotty throughout the area, and in places where voters approved, effective dates will vary, ranging from the second Sunday after election results get certified to perhaps as late as February.
My personal opinion, is why would you let someone drink alcohol in a restaurant on Sunday, with the danger of them driving home drunk... As opposed to letting them buy alcohol and drink at home on Sunday? Seriously, it's backwards thinking.
AND now that we CAN buy Alcohol on Sundays, doesn't mean we HAVE to. It just means we don't have to stop and go "oh crap today's Sunday, I guess I won't have any beer for when my friends come over to watch the Football game..."
I was rather disturbed by the Christian Coalition's effort to stop this from passing. WHY would this be a religious issue? It isn't about religion. If you don't want to buy Alcohol on Sunday, nobody is forcing you to, and it isn't part of a religious requirement. They need to choose their battles a bit more wisely, in my humble Wino opinion.

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