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South African Wines - February 23rd - The Lanes

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South African Wines - Wednesday, February 23rd - hosted by Mr & Mrs. Lane
We chose South African wines for this month's tasting, because we love them (and Valentine's Day is about celebrating love) AND it's Black History Month, which leads us into a discussion on the ISAW Foundation (non-profit) and the South African wineries it helps to support & bring awareness to.

Food served at this months wine club:
Mushrooms, Lamb Shank in mint sauce, carrots, feta dressing, hemp/chia/flax tortilla chips, chipotle salsa, red pepper spread, goat cheese, New Zealand/organic/grass-fed/cheddar cheese, green olives, milk chocolate with hazelnuts, dark chocolate bites, blister peanuts.

Tasting Notes:
1- 2006 M'Hudi Pinotage - $18.99 @ Wine Shoe (in Castleberry Hill) -DECANTED
color- purple, brick-brown, garnet
nose - smoky, citrus,
palate - smoke and citrus flavors
comments made - nice legs, medium body, excellent decanted wine

2- 2004 KWV Merlot - $11.99 @ Rhapsody Bottleshop - 90 pts
color - brownish garnet, brick red, cloudy
nose - lovely cocoa powder scent with slight floral and spice notes
palate - tart, orange & citrus, longer finish
comments made - might go well with a tomato based entre, amazing scent, pairs well with dark chocolate

3- 2009 Two Oceans Cabernet 60%/Merlot 40% blend - Western Cape - $7.99 @ Hillside Liquor
color - purple/brown, more garnety (?)
nose - funky smell at first, but then lightens into a mushroom/earthy scent, olive oil
palate -
smoother, shorter finish, dry, medium body (bottom side of medium)
comments - "nice legs, yeah it does, I love nice legs" , "very drinkable", pairs well with milk chocolate and hazelnuts

4- 2006 M'Hudi Pinotage - $18.99 @ Wine Shoe (this bottle wasn't decanted thus the difference)
color - opaque, rubier garnet, dark ruby
nose - woody-cedar, smoky
palate -
strawberry, cherry, smoke, medium bodied
comments - "OMG these legs are the best - Wow!"

5- 2009 Spier Pinotage - Western Cape - $9.99 @ Total Wine
color - more purplier (that's what they said)
nose - blackberry
palate - plum, cherry, tobacco, lighter body, shorter finish
comments - pairs well with red meat, grapey, slow lingering legs that pause down the glass after a swirl

6- 2009 Seven Sisters Bukettraube - Odelia - Western Cape - $13.99 Wine Shoe
color - "color of rapunzel", pale straw, nearly clear
nose - sea grape trees from Florida, lychee, apple,
palate - semi-dry, sweeter, honey/floral, pineapple, light, refreshing, slightly sweet
comments - summer picnic wine,

7- 2008 M'Hudi Sauvignon Blanc - Western Cape - $15.99 @ Wine Shoe
color - paler straw, clear
nose - green/clean, to borrow a word from ISAW's Stephen - "herbacious", green apple,
palate - grapefruit and apricot, hint of oak but not too oaky, deeper layers
comments - sticky legs, better than a New Zealand Sauvingnon Blanc!

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