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ISAW Wines - March 18, 2009 - Hostess: Ms Mina

ISAW Wines - March 18, 2009 - Hostess: Ms Mina

ISAW Website.ISAW - International Society of Africans in Wine - is a non-profit organization founded in January 2008 by sommelier Stephen Satterfield. Their focus is training and development of skills for South Africans. In addition to the training, a plus is that the wines are exported world-wide. The money raised through the sale of the wine, is reinvested in the facilities, farmers, and community.
Note: ISAW is also on Facebook (become a fan), and some of the wines were also auctioned off at the High Museum event later that month (March 2009).
You might find some of the ISAW wines at Whole Foods or Ansley Kroger. Ask your local Wine Merchant for more details or to carry these wines.
Distributer -
Bacco Fine Wine
About Seven Sisters . About M'Hudi

Abbie's Tasting Notes:
We had the pleasure of Mr. Stephen Satterfield's presence as our own Wine Club Sommelier that evening. His eloquence and sharpened palate were a great honor to witness.

1) Seven Sisters - Yolanda (Chenin Blanc) - retails for approximately $14-15/bottle
pale yellow, smells like peachy/pear, light, moderate finish, dry, tart, good with cheese or fruit, late harvest, can grow in hot climate but also in cool climate to let acidity come thru.

2) M'Hudi Sauvignon Blanc (M'Hudi means "The Harvester") - retails for $16-17/bottle
sole black viticultural land owners in South Africa.
pale yellow/green, smells like green, light, sweeter, green/bitter, finish is dry,
Stephen says "herbacious"
pair with fruity/salty/fat content foods

3) 2006 M'Hudi Pinotage - retails for $17/bottle
scientist from South Africa, hybrid from Pinot Noir, first planted in South Africa.
dark burgundy color, tastes berry-like, blue and red berries, smoky, dried dill smell ? dry wine
pair with roasted or bbq chicken, something with sweet/tangy sauce

4) Seven Sisters - Dawn (Pinotage/Shiraz) - retails for $15/bottle
dry but nicely done, smells like strawberries, rhubarb, cooked/baked strawberries, floral notes maybe?
pair with roasted meats or bbq

5) 2008 Seven Sisters - Odelia (Bukettraube) - retails for $13-14/bottle
(pronounced 'boo-kuh-trobe') German grape but varietal usually found in South Africa, he has never had a German one.
clear, summery flavor, crazy aromatic, not too sweet, ripe fruit/peaches/honeysuckle smell, rose
pair with Blue Cheese or Thai.

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