Friday, June 26, 2009

Welcome to TWITs Wine Club Blog

TWITs stands for "The Wino's In Training."
We are a wine club in Atlanta, GA, founded by Ms. Sarah.
Then Ms. Sarah moved away, and Ms. Abbie inherited the wine club.
We meet once a month to taste different wines, to gossip, to snack, and to learn.
The role of Host/Hostess is rotated amongst the members each month. The Host will usually pick the varietal, region, or theme of that month's wine club.
Members attending will then each bring 1 bottle of wine to the event, (or couples can pair up to bring a more expensive bottle), and a blind tasting is conducted as we talk and take notes. At the end of the night, the wines are unveiled, names, prices, and where-to-buy are also disclosed.
We do the blind tasting method, not to guess the wines necessarily (although some of our members are quite good at it), but to enhance our senses as we taste wine.  What do we smell? taste? etc.
We try to stay within a wine budget of ~ $20 per bottle. This way it is affordable to attend TWITs Wine Club.  Couples attending TWITs can bring one bottle ~ $40, this helps to keep the tasting quantity manageable as our membership numbers have grown in size. 
There is no "fee" to join TWITs, and there is no membership requirements, so long as you are 21 yrs or older, and conduct yourself appropriately when at the TWITs events.
Once in a while, we will do a special event night. For example, Ms. Mina hosted a tasting with a sommelier Stephen Satterfield from ISAW (a non-profit). Steven introduced us to several wines from South Africa. The members attending split the cost of Steven's wine purchases for the event.
Sometimes a wine store or restaurant will host TWITs, they curate the wine selection provided, and again we each bring $ to cover the tasting, again trying to stay ~ $20/person.
We have also done events, where we hire a van or bus driver to take us around the Georgia Mountain Wineries nearby.  These special event costs are split amongst the attendees accordingly.
TWITs is all about having fun, trying wines, and growing your palate.


  1. Abbey, It is Dave Glick from last Friday. It was a pleasure to meet you and find out about your club. Please let me know how I can join or help. Best, Dave.

    1. Hello Dave! Sorry for the delay in replying. To join please email us at twitswineclub at gmail dot com