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Petite Sirah - November 19, 2008 - Hostess: Ms Jennifer

Petite Sirah - November 19th, 2008 - Hostess: Ms Jennifer

Wikipedia: About Petite Sirah. Red Wine.
Yes, they really DO have a "PSIloveyou" organization for Petite Sirah.
Food Pairings: Mesquite Grilled Steak, roast duck, lamb, pot roast, rabbit, mustard, sweetbreads with mushrooms
Why Petite Sirah is different than Syrah.

Abbie's Tasting Notes:
1) 2006 Mendecino Courteny Benham Petite Sirah $14.99 @ Total Wine
ruby color, oak/leather aroma, apple and raspberry flavor, medium body, short/tart finish, Delicious!

2) 2005 Mendecino County Parducci Petite Sirah $11.99 @ Kroger
more tannic, violet ruby color, oak/leather smell, full body,finish is longer/tart, flavors of tart raspberry and plummy. not my favorite.

3) 2006 Bogle Graton County Petite Sirah $8.50 @ CostCo
ruby/purple color, leather and current/woody scent, smooth/tart flavor, medium body, short/tart/dry/ fuzzy-ish, puckery finish. not sure if I like it.

4) 2005 Guenoc Petit Sirah (Middleton, California area) $10.99 @ Whole Foods
ruby color, almost no smell, perhaps very mild scent of alcohol/clean/astringent smell, oaky violet flavors, medium body, med/tart finish, like it!

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